Will Tapmaster & Sidespray play well together?

Mags438December 24, 2013

Hi all, finishing up ordering my materials. I have a kitchen faucet set that comes with a side spray. I had planned on making the faucet hands-free using the Tapmaster 1775. The 1775 has a value for hot and cold water lines.

Looking at the tapmaster install instructions, the tapmaster attaches close to shutoff valves. The Sidespray install pic shows connection further up the line.

Does anyone have this type setup? Should install of both be done differently? how this should be altered to accommodate both functions? Thanks

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The side spray is usually attached to a line coming OUT of the faucet and not to the water lines leading to the faucet.

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Thanks bmorepanic. Here's what I'm seeing in the diagrams of faucet and hands-free. (Hope it loads ok). Should I be concerned about hooking them up together and getting all functionality. Thanks for your help.

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The tap master turns the water on or off TO the faucet lines. What you've shown will connect the sprayer to only the cold water line. I'd not seen one that operates that way. The sprayer switch turns on cold water to the sprayer independently of the setting of the faucet mixer - in other words, the faucet does not have to be on to operate the side spray.

IF you wanted the tap master to be able to kill the water to the side spray, attach the tap master control to the cold water line first, then the side spray, then the faucet.

I'm having some difficulty envisioning why I would do that. I think I'd connect the side spray, then the tap master control so it only affected the faucet = because the side spray can't turn itself on anyway.

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I want the faucet and tapmaster to play well with each other and don't want to include the Sidespray with the hands free. I will have to open up the faucet and make sure it has two cold lines per. I don't want to order tapmaster if I can't get it to play well.

So if I only get one cold water line, should connect the side spray lower first, then connect the tapmaster higher up on the cold line?

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FYI- I spoke with conservastore and they arranged a 3-way conversation with tapmaster technical support. Luckily for me, the tech support person put in something similar and it worked out fine, they say. Essentially, they said should not be an issue since one has to press the button on side spray to operate.


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