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NonSymmetricalDecember 4, 2012

Hello, I am hoping you can help me. I recently had my kitchen cabinet refaced with full overlay and I just found out myself that the cabinet doors were not symmetrical to one another especially if they are paired for the opening together so they are supposed to be symmetrical. I questioned the reface person and he told me that this 3/4 inch or 1 inch differences in width of the doors are typical/normal and he was trying to make the full overlay work with what he had that no one will notice the difference. I was quite bothered by this because I noticed the difference and my son as well as several others noticed the differences too. I was even more disturbed with the fact that he never consulted me about the differences in door sizes. Apparently, he ordered the wrong size doors, did not account for angles or hinges and now trying to make the doors work somehow and hoping that we won't notice. I think is this so unethical and so wrong. What are you thoughts on this and the non-symmetrical doors when the pairs should be symmetrical? Appreciate your thoughts on this. How do I report him or make sure he will re-do the doors for me so they are right?

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That doesn't sound correct. I wouldn't pay until the problem is fixed.

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Have you tried adjusting the door hinges? Most cabinet door hinges are adjustable right-to-left, and top-to-bottom. When my cabinets were being installed, I noticed that some of the doors were not square, or there was a large gap between doors. My contractor, who was still installing the doors, assured me he would adjust the hinges of each one so it hung straight, and so that two doors would meet correctly, and he did. I think you just take a screwdriver and play with the hinges in the two spots where they can be adjusted (right-to-left and top-to-bottom) until they are correct.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video on How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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If by asymmetrical you mean that one of a pair of doors is actually a little wider than the other, then that is quite different than the doors not being hung exactly the same and needing to adjust the hinges. I hope you can stop the final payment until the problem is corrected. Post pictures if you can so we can see exactly what the problem is.

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My GC cheaped out on my hinges and his installer left noticeable gaps between my full overlay doors. My wonderful KD brought in someone else, on her nickel, and he replaced the hinges and adjusted the doors. And I'd thought I had to settle for the way they originally looked.

If the sets of doors are not the same size, it's just flat-out wrong and you should have recourse.

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"an inch to 3/4""

Is he insane to think you'd nod and smile at that?

Don't pay him.
If it's wrong, it's wrong.
"No one" might notice, but you're not no one. You're noticing even that minute. Horse hooey.

Either he fixes it or you don't pay. This is supposed to be an economical way to update your kitchen, not create a 1/2-assed job that looks like a redo.

Two doors in a cabinet are the same size, meeting in the middle or with a matching exposure/reveal.

You are correct. Stand firm. I'd put stickies on the ones that are wrong. Just in case he can't tell the difference.

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