Pantry door handle opinions please

breezygirlDecember 18, 2013

Greetings! I took a small break from finishing the details on my kitchen over the summer to have fun with the kids and through the fall to concentrate on my new job as PTSO president at my son's school. I'm getting itchy now to complete the last little projects in the kitchen and around the rest of the house reno.

As I impatiently wait for my tile sample, my thoughts turned to the pantry door. I've been without a handle on the door for two years. Initially with my design, I thought the corner pantry door handle would smash into the stainless fridge so I researched softer, alternative door handles. I had the door installed with a ball catch instead of the traditional latch so my options are wide open. I settled on a leather strap similar to this:

Now that the kitchen is built, I see that the pantry door handle wouldn't impact the fridge so my options are open. My kitchen:


1. I could use the same polished chrome door handle levers I installed in the rest of the house. The con here is that it might look strange mixing metals with the polished nickel RH Aubrey pulls in the kitchen.

Seen here in the background:

2. I could use the 8" spare RH Aubrey pull I saved as a backup. The upside to this is that it would match the kitchen. The down side is that it would be the only vertically placed pull in the entire kitchen. It would, however, be right next to the fridge which obviously has a vertically oriented handle.

3. I could go with the leather strap anyway. It would be an interesting twist, but would it be too kitschy/fun? I seem to walk with one foot in the "let's have a little fun" side of the design spectrum with the other foot in the "I like clean, tight lines and don't want to fail at trying trying to use some whimsy so let's stay inside the box" side. Consequently, I don't always trust my judgement.

4. Something totally different.

5. And there's always the option of continuing to wait until the backsplash goes in.

Thoughts please! Thank you.

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So nice to see you posting again, I was wondering where you were.
I have an off beat suggestion. I think the door would look nice with a simple rectangular door plate. Just a place to rest your hand, give a push and trigger the ball catch. The flat, clean lines would play nice in your kitchen and would not detract from all the other beautiful lines. I think it could be fun too. If it were me I would have it engraved with a family favorite quote, probably âÂÂYou have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." â Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You'll Go.

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Well, I really like the Aubrey pulls, so I would use that, and not worry about vertical placement. Everything about your kitchen is so nice, I don't think you will make a wrong move.

Selfishly, I would love to know about your light fixtures. Can you share the make?

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I agree with using the Aubrey pull-- it is right next to the fridge which has a vertical pull on it, I really don't think it will seem awkward at all. Your kitchens gorgeous, nice to see it again.

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I like local's idea... esp. the saying!

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Micheline Smith

Maybe a glass door knob to echo the knobs in your kitchen?

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Hi Breezy
Having seen your kitchen, I am thinking the Aubrey pull as well.
You could go with a lever - but not sure I like the one that matches everything in the house - just doesn't look right.
I am on the road again - so limited access.
Can't wait to see your tile as well.

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I think the Aubrey would look great on that door.

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I like the Aubrey pull also. I love those light fixtures & two of them in that location looks great.
Glad your back!

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When I saw the subject of your post, I immediately thought of a crystal knob, although I usually don't think about crystal anything. Then when I saw the crystal knobs in your kitchen, I thought it again. It's worth considering. You already have a lot of pulls in that area.

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I think I would use the extra pull that you have.

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I like the Aubrey pull the best. Beautiful kitchen!

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Localeater--thanks! It's nice to be back. Feels comfortable. As far as the door, the hinges are standard so the door only opens out. It's just that it has a ball catch for a latch instead of the usual door knob latch configuration. I do like your idea if the door was a swinging one.

Bookworm--the pendants were discontinued almost two years ago. Unfortunately, one had some flaws in the cord and the glass that I didn't notice when they first arrived. At install I saw the damage and tried to get a replacement, only to find out I couldn't. I installed them anyway as the damage wasn't too bad. In the first couple of weeks, the shade on the damaged one began to crack. It's noticeable if you look, and I'm afraid that one day the glass will come crashing apart. So they will ultimately need to be replaced. I'm ticked because I love the perfect, curvy bell shape so much.

FFH and Mpagmom--Now I remember that I had considered that option also. I'm not sure why I didn't pursue that more.

A2--Hope your ankle has healed. I appreciate you weighing in as someone whose been in the kitchen has a better sense of the space.

And thanks to everyone else for the Aubrey votes. You convinced me. DH jumped at the chance to grab his drill last night (and he doesn't jump at much once he's settled down on the couch at 9pm) when I gave him the green light.

I like it. Not sure I'm head over heels, but it's done. Thank you all! It's nice to get input from other TKOs.

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Breezy- it looks nice and should work great. Love that DH pulled out the drill and just did it!
Ankle keeps improving and back on track for my Boston training.

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