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maysfDecember 29, 2012

I'm new to the forum. I have been reading through the kitchen forums for a couple of weeks, and I find it very helpful. This is my first post. We are planning a major remodel, and we are nearly final on the layout plan. The kitchen is my area where I care about the most. I cook at least 2 meals a day for my family. I enjoy cooking, and value functionality and practicality. As you can see, behind the kitchen is the laundry/mud room, where I plan to have some small appliances, such as juicer, blender, coffee maker, bread maker. The idea is to have the noisy appliances in a separate room, since this is the main complaint we heard from some friends with open kitchen designs. Next to it is a pantry for storage. The Island size is drawn as 3'x8', but I'm thinking of changing it to 4'x8', with seating for 4. I also plan to bump the wall behind the refrigerator a few inches to accommodate a standard size, french door refrigerator, since this has a larger capacity than most counter depths. Note that the entry hallway is in the bottom right corner below the dining room wall. Please provide any feedback to the design.

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is the dining part to the right of kitchen the only or main dining setup in the home?

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Yes. It is. I don't think we will need a formal dinning room. Although we have a formal living room and a family which we think we will need.

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hmmmm...without knowing more,I'd say the main dining zone is being compromised. The visual line for all diners at any type of gathering is into the kitchen in all its glory and off to the pantry/back utility area. This looks like a not so small home,and that's the reason to look hard at this...are you comfortable with the setup to make this a permanent arrangement? I'd imagine you have a few other ways to do this.

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I'd consider putting in a prep sink on the lower corner of the island by the frig.

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I agree with the views from the dining area. I would reorient the kitchen and it's island to give a view of something other than the sink and utility area.

I would also have an entrance to the laundry/loud appliance room from the kitchen proper in your case. I have a feeling that walking around the corner to use the blender and then back is going to get old fast, and your noisy appliances will end up in the kitchen anyway. I think this is a potentially good idea you have for noise reduction that will be scuttled by the inconvenience of using it as laid out on this plan.

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Thanks for the feedbacks.
Herbflavor: we had a few different layouts where dinning area in different area. Each layout has pros and cons. I had been changing back and forth for a year, finally chose this one. It is unusual dinning area. It is a good point about the view. There used to be a wall b/w dinning and kitchen, a door from the entry hall and another door from the kitchen to the dinning room (yes, was a room, now it is an Area). the kitchen was narrower (fridge can't fit on the wall where the range is) With the wall. but we like it to be open. So we open it up. Maybe we need a frosty glass door for the laundry room rather than a glass door. Any suggestions?
Remodelfla: I was thinking about the pre sink. Then I thought I would prepare (washing and chopping) on the counter b/w main sink and range. I will still reconsider it though.
Palimpsest: i am not 100% sure what do you mean by reorient the kitchen. do you mean rotate the island so the seatings are facing to the sink and yard window? I am back and forth on this one. It is better view for people sit on the island seatings, but if I am cooking, then I couldn't see everyone. I am still undecided about the island direction.

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the wall between dining zone and foyer can offer a split walk thru. create a 7 ft wall in the middle and approximately 3 ft passages at the sides-for utility area and foyer entry. The wall,on dining side can be decorated with sconces or whatever to enhance the area. Actually the passage at utility side can probably be 32 in..but somewhere around 32-39 inches anyway.Extend the right side of pantry cubicle wall to meet the dining wall and the pantry actually expands-more rectangular[can place the "noisy' stuff now on counter there]...or instead place a desk setup along the gained wall in pantry...I'd remove it from the kitchen area.With the removal of desk,why not turn the island so that seated people gaze out the windows. Try a single large sink instead of the double,and add a small sink where desk was,maybe small wine fridge[near family room]...or microwave drawer setup.

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Is the dining an all interior space? Ie no windows? I agree about the views there. I don't mind it not being formal, but the views would not make for a relaxing meal. You'd have to make sure you have the doors all closed or the view is of the utility and same with the kitchen you have a nice clear view of the mess in the kitchen and if now windows to look out on the other side ....

Have you considered swapping the dining and kitchen? Put nice large windows in the dining area and you'll get lots of light in the dining area and also a view out from the kitchen to the outside when you prep on the island.

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Herbflavor: the small noisy appliances and a sink used to be in the pantry room, the pantry wall was 2-21/2' to the left. Thus laundry was smaller. Then I changed it. What is the advantages do you see with bigger pantry, sink and noisy stuff there? I may consider to close the dinning area a bit. I do like to have a desk near kitchen so I can multi tasking while cooking. I may consider rotate the island.
Lyfia: yes, dinning area is the middle of the house, no windows. I had a layout as you described. I thought that was our final design. Then a few days later, I realized that I really want my kitchen be near by the window(s). Any suggestion to improve the view of dinning area? .

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Maysf consider how much time you actually spend looking out the windows when in the kitchen vs. Sitting at a dining table. If you want the natural light use solar tubes into the kitchen. If you make a wall of windows for the dining area and orient an island so you can see out from either angle through the dining windows then you have windows by proxy in your kitchen. My friends have that arrangement and it is a great view from the island when prepping and washing dishes.

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