Finished: Curvy Kitchen (picture heavy)

badgergalDecember 15, 2011

My kitchen has been finished for a couple of weeks now and I love every inch of it. My kitchen was originally a u-shaped space 10ft 8in x11. We decreased the width of an entryway from 6 ft. 10 in. to 5 ft. and thereby increase the 10 ft. 8 in. wall to about 13 ft. I can"t believe how much more spacious my kitchen is with the new layout. I have 51 inches between my cook top wall and my island and 42 inches between my fridge wall and island. I'm not sure how much more counter top area I have but it certainly is more functional than previously. I thought I had lots of cupboards before but even though my kitchen now has some curved and angled cabinets, I have much more storage space (and I haven't even put things on the top shelves yet).

My new appliances are not high end but I love them. I have a 36in. Dacor gas cook top, a 30 in. GE Profile electric wall oven with convection and a 30 in. GE Profile Advantium 120. I love having the cook top and ovens separated. I can't believe how nice the heat control is on the gas cook top. My refrigerator is a counter depth Samsung french door.

The Venta hood dual blowers and halogen lights are awesome.

My cabinets were made by Amish cabinet makers who have a small shop about 80 miles from my home.I made one preliminary trip to their shop and then a second trip with my blue prints. They hired a driver when it was time to come and do the in house measurements and the delivery/install. All of the rest of my communications with them was through written letters. It took them five weeks to build the cabinets. Four guys came at 6 a.m. for the install and finished it 10 hours later.

The cabinets are natural,select cherry with a satin finish,

Counter tops are Verde Peacock granite. The sink is a 60/40 low divide Blanco Performa Silgranite (Anthracite). Grohe Lady Lux Cafe faucet.

The backsplash tile is a combination of glass, stone and stainless.

I had to have wood added to some areas of my kitchen floor and then a complete sand and refinish. My floors are natural ash with some cherry accents.

I was extremely fortunate to have the entire remodel go off without any problems or issues. I am thankful for all the insights, information and knowledge that I acquired through this forum.

I don't have a very good camera so picture quality and colors are not the best. Also I tried making all the pictures smaller but some still came out big.


New Kitchen:

With flash:

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Va-va-voom!!! I like the curves, which says a lot coming from someone in love with straight lines. Your kitchen reminds me of the ones I saw in Johnny English's (is that his name??) book. You know, the designer who does everything curvy in the kitchen. Only I like yours much better. What led you to the curves?

Your space looks modern, fresh, and comforting all at the same time. So nice to see the kitchen that goes with the great tile I remember you posting.

Can you please give the details on your lighting and pulls?

(((((going to look back at your pics again now.....)))))

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Johnny Grey is his name. He's British. Hey, I was kinda close. ;)

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Woooow, that is one sexy kitchen! Very pleasing to the eye, and what great function as well!!

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Wow! Very pretty... love the curves, and the shape of your island!

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Gorgeous! Love the curves and the backsplash.

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Cool curves! I'm not one to usually like out of the box, but this is a job well well done!

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Oh, that is gorgeous!! I was looking forward to seeing the pics when I started reading, because my new kitchen will be about the same size, but was I surprised!! Mine has three walls, or I would be in line at that Amish man's shop tomorrow.....

How much detail did you have to provide the cabinet maker? We will be close to a Mennonite cabinet maker in our new house.

Thanks, and congrtulations!

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What a wonderful transformation. Beautiful!!!

This is one of those kitchens where the designer did a "bang-up" job with the new layout.

I really love the curves in the island


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Looks great - and it all went smoothly?! - lucky, lucky you - enjoy your new space!

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I've been waiting for the reveal! Beauuutifully done! Such a statement kitchen - not traditional or expected - It has a furniture look, you can tell your cabinet makers take great pride in their work. Enjoy!!!

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Excellent job! I like the curves and the fact that it's not white. Contemporary yet tasteful. There is only one criticism, but I'm sure you already know it. That space above the fridge is terrible for storing wine, unless your goal is to make vinegar.

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Wow, love the curves!! Your cabinetmaker is so talented!

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Love the curves. I designed mine that way, back in 2004-2005, but you have even "Outcurved Me"!

It sure is nice not bumping into sharp corners, isn't it?
We love the curved doors on our cabinets too.

Nice Job!


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Wow! So much to love: the curves, the backsplash, the pendants, the quality cabinets. Well done!

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breezy pointed out the similarity , I had that book out of the library for weeks and loved his work. You out did him for sure. Should send pics to him :) He would love the organic movement and the organization of the cabs interiors is stunningly clever.

Great job...will have to look more to get the full impact. c

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That's just fantastic!
The curved cabinets and the island are great.
Excellent, excellent job.
I'm sure you'll enjoy this year's Christmas dinner a little more than usuall.

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Oh, it's gorgeous. Best to you!

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Gorgeous! So unique and truly special -- enjoy!

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I like it a lot, and it's not too time specific to 2011--it fits in well with the architecture of the house.

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I have been coveting that beautiful wall oven! First, I'd have to have a wall, so it's not out of the question, just not in the timeline. [LOL]

I am not a granite fan. No big deal. I just don't like specks nor cold surfaces. I find the curves soften your kitchen and make it so organically warm! I am really impressed with the effect. Particularly with the natural woods, I think. Many trendy items that will way outlast any trends with their quality and thought.

Absolutely beautiful.
I could just settle in.


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I love the taller cabinets without the soffit and I love the natural cherry cabinets in the curvy style with the recessed door panels to keep it simple and elegant, along the hardware that goes perfectly. The counters and floors add to the appeal of the cabinets. I love the floors also. Thanks for sharing.

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I love it! LOVE the curves, the glass, and of course... the hood! (I have the same hood). Love the light natural tones, the natural light, and can I say again how very very much I love the curves. FANTASTIC!

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Are you going to leave it the stain color or paint them white?

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GORGEOUS! And nice choice to knock down that wall - the kitchen feels like a nice place to be, cook, socialize, as opposed to somewhere you have to be to make a meal happen. I want to hang out in your new kitchen!

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Beautiful kitchen and I love the curved counters/island. I'm not a big fan of wood cabinets (personal choice) but I would buy a house with this kitchen. I like the angled floor, the granite and the colour of the cabinets.

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Now THAT is a perfect marriage of shapes, finishes, and massing. It looks organic, not just on its own, but especially in the context of your house.

Never before has one foot lost in an entryway allowed such a masterpiece. Happy holidays and curvy congrats.

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You've gone from ordinary (nice/functional) to extraordinary. Love everything about it. It's a fun, warm kitchen that has such a nice organic flow to it. So curvy, cabinets, hardware, counters, exhaust, lights-fit together so well. Would love to cook in your kitchen. Lots of room to prep by the sink then turn around and you're right by the stove. Open, airy, functional and artsy. I can see why you love every inch of it. You did a wonderful job designing it down to the small details. It is one of my favorite kitchens.

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That's the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

There are so many beautiful features of your kitchen (the tile backsplash is a perfect partner to your granite) but without a doubt, your cabinets steal the show. They are hands down gorgeous! The cabinet makers are incredible craftsmen. Or are they artists? To transform a hunk of wood into something so uniquely beautiful ... wow, wow, wow.

(I hope my remodel goes as smoothly as yours did.)

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Very mod, very distinctive, and terrifically unique. Somebody had real vision!

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hey! i remember seeing your "curvy kitchen" mid phase! wow, you are done already! i am impressed, didn't seem that long ago we saw mid phase pics. looks great and truly one of a kind. enjoy your new kitchen this christmas!

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You had me at "curvy". LOVE the cabinets and all the other beautiful touches! I keep scrolling back up to take another look.

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I like the cabs and other choices and think the hood and pendants really bring it all together.
I like the new layout and open plan so much more.....

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I love everything about it. It's gorgeous. I agree with lisa-a, the wood is stunning all curved like that. Enjoy!

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Wow! A great looking kitchen, curves and all! I love the granite and backsplash, love all the pretty wood ... so many great touches. Congrats on a job well done!

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I will just second, third and fourth what everyone has already said - YOUR KITCHEN IS AMAZING. I can not decide if I am more taken with the tile back splash or the curvy island. What fine workmanship. Enjoy your new kitchen!!!

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WOW-It's so gorgeous.The curves and the craftsmanship and the angles. The counters are beautiful and I love the vertical BS. It's like a waterfall. Congratulations and enjoy!!!

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Thank you everyone for you compliments.
Breezy, you asked what led me to make my kitchen curvy. I can assure you it wasn't Johnny Grey because I actually never even heard of him. I did look him up though, so now I am a little more knowledgeable than I was yesterday. My last 3 houses all had small u-shaped kitchens and I just wanted to get out of the box. I decided to remove one leg of the u and do things a little out of the ordinary. When I found out that the Amish cabinet maker could do curves that was it. I had to have them.
You asked about my lights and pull. The pulls are made by Hickory Hardware. They are the Greenwich Collection. They are one of the few I could find in a variety of lengths (3 in. to 19 in.) and different finishes.
My pendant lights are called Otto from Tech Lighting. Mine are smoke but they come in other colors such as steel blue, amber, amethyst etc. They are hand blown glass and look great both on and off. Here is a close up of one.

My dinette chandelier and morning room semi-flush lights are Kichler Quinn with an antique pewter finish.
The under cabinet lights are Kichler direct wire(built in transformer)LEDs

springroz, You asked about how much detail the Amish needed.
I don't know if they needed them or not but I had professional blue prints made and they had copies. These guys would not just build the cabinets off the blue prints. They wanted the kitchen gutted and then they came to my house to measure. They drew everything out on the floor. I gave them the manufacturer's full specs for the sink and all the appliances. I had to decide what I wanted at that time for cabinet and drawer organization. I was surprised to see that they gave me those items such as the reva shelf trash pull out and peg system at their cost- no up charge.
I cant stress enough how great the cabinet maker was and he was only about 30 years old.

jscout, I did learn on here that above the fridge is not good for wine storage. In this house the wine doesn't stick around long enough to turn into vinegar!

cindyklein, No paint will ever touch my cabinets as long as I live here. Maybe the next person who lives in this house will want to paint them. To me the grain and the finish is too beautiful to cover up.

Thanks again everyone. Good luck to all of you who still have not completed your kitchen.

Happy holidays!

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Wow, I'm so jealous! I love the island especially. We're in the process of trying to figure out what to do within our limited kitchen space to make it something more personal without being a hugely over-budget expense. I wish I could get a hand of your designer!

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Badgergal - I saw that you commented about living in the midwest in another thread and wanted to track down your kitchen. And boy, is it gorgeous! I know that the "midwest" covers a lot of territory, but going out on a limb here and asking where your cabinet makers were located. It looks like they did such a good job, absolutely no question about the fact that they are custom, huh?

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The curvessssssssssss! And that natural cherry. Beautiful craftsmanship - so respectful and loving of the nature of the wood itself.
And what an incredible way to use the space! Thanks for sharing this.

Here is a link that might be useful: reminds me of Berkeley Mills kitchens

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What happened to your dishwasher? Is it hiding or did you remove it?

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Dishwasher is hiding to the right of the sink. Trash pullout is the left door under the sink.

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Badgergal, I absolutely love your kitchen! I love the way your pendants match up with the backsplash and the curves.

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Wow, I absolutely love your kitchen. One thing that I think makes your curves work so very well is that you have both concave and convex, particularly with that open shelving on the island. It just looks more finished that way.

Woodgrain is gorgeous. Love the vertical use of the tile behind your stove. Feels like a waterfall and again adds to the movement in your kitchen. Great job!

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I am a square girl, but this is impressive! Very nice styling! It really works.

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Just joined gardenweb and have been looking at finished kitchen postings.
Love, love, love your kitchen. It has to be one of the most unique ones I have seen. The curves, the tile, the wood, all of it is gorgeous. The form and the function of the space are both fantastic. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Best looking island I've ever seen. Excellent!

I also like the diagonal flooring planks, even though it was already like that before the renovation. And the new backsplash.

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I have to repeat what others have said, "Wow"! I have never seen a kitchen with curved cabinetry before. I love it. The wood is so beautiful. I like the way you put the tile vertically behind that fabulous vent hood. Your granite is beautiful too.

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Oh, that is sooooo pretty! I wish I could find a cabinet maker here in CA that could do that but wouldn't charge an arm and a leg. :)

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I have loved looking at pics of this kitchen for months. Am now looking for curved cabinet pulls. Can you tell me where you got yours?

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Lapba- I sent you an email about the pulls. Let me know if you don't receive it and I will post a thread about it.
Here is a close up picture of them.

Also adding another shot of the kitchen to show how nicely the color of the cabinets is darkening.

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I love your kitchen!! Very much the color scheme we are going for. I keep coming back to look at your pictures. Just beautiful.

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badgergal, thanks so much. I didn't get the email. Would love a post.

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What model is your MW?

    Bookmark   June 23, 2012 at 11:50AM
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