'Blue Louise' or 'Louise Blue' granite

drbeanie2000December 30, 2011

This is the most gorgeous granite I have ever seen. Does anyone know anything about it? I've done a search here but I can't find any past threads. I'm sure it is probably the most expensive granite in the world - tell me so, and I will try to stop drooling over it. Or tell me it's not, and I will scour my area for it!

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Hi beanie.

I just ran an Internet search for the forum and your granite. There are lots of results if you search that way. The search function here isn't the most functional. Pun intended! ;) LOL!

Pretty stone! Here you go....

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Louise, Louise Blue, Van Gogh

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No, it's not the most expensive commercially available granite. That honor would have to go to Blue Bahia. (Look at beaglesdoitbetter's kitchen for pure porn on that one.) There are lots of specialty stones that are extremely scarce and more expensive, but for those that you can actually find in a fairly large granite yard, Van Gogh aka, Blue Luise is going to be in the top tier of pricing.

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It's a quartzite. It's very hard and strong. Quartzites are composed mainly of quartz - it can be 90% or more - and quartz is a very hard mineral. Quartzite porosity varies so it might or might not need sealing. Our quartzite (Azul do Mar) didn't. Because bright blue stones aren't common, most stones that have a lot of blue are the higher cost ones. Our Azul do Mar slabs were $54 per square foot.

There was one kitchen around 5 years ago when I was doing mine that used Van Gogh just behind the range which was pretty striking.

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here are some images...

blue Bahia is another option

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The first picture boxer pups posted is the one I mentioned. I wish I could remember the poster's name to credit her. Blue Bahia is not a quartzite. It is a stone that has some calcium so it can etch like marble - only use it if you are okay with that.

Some other quartzites with blue are Azul Macaubas which has mostly white and aqua-blue usually with a fairly linear veining and our Azul do Mar which looks like the sea - a swirly mix of blue, aqua and a bit of green "water", some white "foam", and some brown bits of "seaweed":

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I think the first pic that boxerpup's posted is glycera's kitchen, IIRC. That granite is definitely swoonworthy!

I love love love but COULD NOT have have have. ;^)

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Wow! I don't usually like blue, but this could convert me. It's a work of art.

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Does anyone know where to buy this Blue Louise? We did our countertops in it, but can't find a backsplash that looks good, so want to do it in the same Blue Louise, but we can't find it. Thanks!

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