Granite sink opening too small...options?

sieggyDecember 15, 2012

We were so excited that our granite finally arrived 2 days ago. It is really beautiful. Tonight after a long week of work, I came home and started trying to put things away in our remodel/new kitchen. I purchased a Koehler stages sink with a fitted cutting board and other accessories that fit on its inside rim. As I was unboxing the pieces it became quite obvious, they were not going to fit. The prep sink also has a fitted cutting board and it fits but barely. I checked the template for the stages sink and it does not appear they used it to cut the hole. the sink hole is 5/8 inch smaller than the template. They were given the template and offered the whole sink when they came to measure. They had the whole prep sink but I suspect they cut the hole too small there also though it is more functional than the larger sink. I planned my whole island around the stages sink. It was over a 1k and now it has been reduced to a sink a quarter the cost. Can anything be done with the granite? We love our granite and I am sick over this.

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I cannot imagine that this cannot be fixed. The hole is too small, not too large correct? Is this a DIY project on the sink that you are putting in personally? Can you share a picture for the granite "experts" on here to evaluate? Sorry, so many questions, I can feel your stress in your post.

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"They were given the template and offered the whole sink when they came to measure."

And either they chose not to use it, or they used it and screwed it up. Call them and tell them that the counter cutting does not match the template they were given and ad a result the sink is not usable the way it should be.

Have them take the slab off and recut and repolish the sink opening.

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I am a fabricator.

Sink screw ups suck but it sounds like you did everything right. Assuming thats true then the fabricator is obligated to correct the mistake. Hopefully you still owe him a final payment that you can withhold until the problem is corrected. If he is reputable operator he should fix it no questions asked and get the work done in just a few days.

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