Can I see photos of double edge seams for granite/marble?

pipDecember 9, 2010

We just had our quartzite counters installed today, and they have a double edge with square corners. Because we chose a light, somewhat swirly type of granite (madre perla), the double edge seam is somewhat visible. I pointed this out to the fabricator when they were being installed and he told me that the stone was "very difficult to work with" and they could not match it perfectly.

I'd love to see other's double edge seams to see if I am just being too picky, or if I should discuss this further with my fabricator/GC. Sorry I can't post pics, my electrician hasn't come yet so I can't get a proper photo yet. I'll try to post a photo when I can get some lighting on the subject.


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Hi pip...

I'm not sure what you mean by "double"...but I do have a square edge with a somewhat busy granite. The seam is visible if you "really look", but for the most part it matches up pretty well. It's right in the center of the outward facing edge... Hope my pictures help you.


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Here's mine.

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Thanks KA and marcydc! You both have gorgeous stones!! I really can't see your seams.

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Here are a couple photos. Am I being too picky about this seam?

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I don't know about the seam, but I'd sure love to see more pictures of that quartzite. It looks incredible! I am not sure how they could have matched it up better than they did. It looks like there is a lot of variation in the color of the stone throughout the thickness of the slab. It would have been nice if they warned you in advance though and given you the option of going with a laminated edge or not.

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I don't have any closeups of my countertops, but had to post and tell you that we have Costa Esmeralda granite, and it too is rather light-colored and swirly. When the granite was first installed, the kitchen was bare, didn't even have the new floor done, nothing else was done... DH and DS (who ironically had shown little to no interest in the kitchen remodel to this point) were both quick to exclaim, "Oh, wow, somebody messed up on that granite! Look at that seam along the edge! That's awful!" Secretly I too was kind of feeling that way. But swallowing that feeling, I explained to them that this edge was more in keeping with the overall kitchen design than the bullnosed edges on the granite we'd had put in our 3 bathrooms two years prior. Of course, inside I was still thinking to myself, "Ohmygosh, WHAT have I done?!?!" Now, 2 years later, it seems invisible! Not because we have gotten used to it, but because once everything else is in place, not just the tile, floor, paint, etc., but dishes, and towels, etc., the seam seems to mysteriously evaporate. I can look at my counter right now and see it clear as day, but you don't "see" it ever somehow....

Anyway- hope this helps!

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