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julia_249December 14, 2012

Hi every one. I bought a house recently it was bank owned for a while so they get red of all the appliances that were there.
So I'm looking for pretty much all the kitchen appliances plus washer and dryer. For resale purpose we considered high end ones. They suggested Thermador, kitchenaid Viking and wolf.
However the last two some of them they said they are only known for their cooktops and ovens but not for refrigerator and dishwashers.
Could u please help me with your experience
We kind of interested in Thermador specially with their free dishwasher and hood , that will save us some money .
For the refrigerator we have 48 wide place for it so unfortunately no French door is bigger than 42 so they recommended the free columns one which I like it since it is a different system from freezer.
As for the cook top we prefer induction ones I two year old baby and I don't trust gas cook tops so induction has a fantastic child safety system
But there are two types of induction the freedom induction top that has no burners juts flat piece of glass you can cook any where on it and the one with burners which is less expensive and has no metal edges which make it easier fro cleaning.
As for the dishwasher it comes free if you buy the oven but it is has only two racks . Do you think it worths to pay extra 200$ and get the third rack?!
As for the washer and dryer the suggested whirlpools they said it is the best rated one but I noticed a rubber material on the washer that other brands like kenmore doesnot have it. The disadvantage is that the water will gather inside it and bad smell will ba there.
Appreciate your help

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You may want to post more information about how you cook/use your kitchen and how long are you planning to stay in this house? If you are going to be there for a number of years, you should buy appliances that match the way you cook, not for resale value. Also, what sort of neighborhood is this house in? If this is a high end neighborhood where all the neighbors have high end appliances you should strive to fit within that dynamic. If most neighbors have lower or middle end appliances, then you will not get much for high end stuff if you sell.

Finally, you might want to run a few searches on this forum and the appliance forum as there are many threads addressing the appliances you asked questions about.

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Check out the appliance forum.

Dishwasher - definitely a Miele and the higher level ones have a little device that cracks the door at the end of the cycle - it is pretty cool! We have a 2-3 year old one that works great. Splurge and either buy the Miele tabs or the Finish tabs - Do not use Cascade and do not rinse the dishes - they need the dirt for the sensors to work properly and to activate the low phosphate soaps.

For fun - watch this 1 minute video - which has nothing to do with buying appliances but will make you smile while shopping. I used this to break up my classes I was teaching last year.

Washer/Dryer - We have the Miele also - but as with any European washer - it uses very little water - so balancing the right amount of soap and water can be tricky.

Here is what I did for ovens - one is the GE advantium speed oven and the other is a Wolf oven - If you do this, make sure they coordinate the handles and would go with the L series oven over the E to make it more high end.

I didn't like the Wolf speed oven. I did like the Miele speed oven but the cavity of the regular oven was a bit smaller.

I also loved the Electruolux ovens - they are so sexy with 3 gliding racks (the Wolf only has one but they are getting me 2 more)

A lot of folks also like the Blue Star ovens - they have the biggest cavity and you can put a full sheet pan in a 30 inch oven. The downside is there is no self cleaning function, so if you are messy - forget this option (but made in my home town)

Cooktops - I assume you want gas - but if not - the penultimate induction might be the new Thermador zoneless cooktop and its parent - the Gag.. You can put the pans anywhere on the surface and it also will keep the memory if you take off the pan and put it back on within a time limit.

I have the Wolf induction and I definitely get some buzzing - but the buzzing may be more a function of the vessels vs the cooktop itself. I have all high end vessels but the layers may be causing the buzzing - it is most noticeable when I the pots are cold and less noticeable after they are warm and hardly noticeable with the vent fan running.

I would recommend going to a demonstration center and actually trying the different cooktops.

Have fun shopping.

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I have the Miele 36" induction and 2 Miele ovens. I cannot say enough about how much I love my appliances. And for some reason I cannot completely understand, my cooking/baking has been elevated. I also have the Bosch dishwaser, which works great and a Vent A Hood above the cooktop. If you go to a company like AJ Madison, you can negotiate for a bulk discount. THat way you are not obligated to buy all the same brand of appliances. We saved a ton of money doing that. Good luck!

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I think the Thermador columns would be great! I'd prefer that to a french door in a 42" space as I think the freezer would be easier to get in and out of.

If you get the DW free, then sure go for the Thermador but if you look around on these forums you will find the most support for Miele. Their DW's are amazing. I had one with the third rack in my last house and LOVED it. I really did like the cutlery rack -- wasn't sure but quickly became a BIG fan of it. Now I have the ASKO dishwasher. It does an amazing job of cleaning and is practically silent but I don't like the rack system as much of the Miele.

I love gas cooking so I didn't consider an induction cooktop. Remember your little ones won't be little for long so you should consider that in your long rank planning. I currently have the WOLF 48" dual fuel range and cannot say enough about it. Not sure what your cabinet configuration will allow?? sounds like a drop in? people seem to love induction. I personally would opt for the easier to clean situation.

re: washer and dryer, make sure what you get has an internal water heater otherwise you may have to deal with mold issues. Have heard great things about the Whirlpools. I have a Miele set and love it but they aren't stackable so bear that in mind if you plan to stack and also they don't have steam (maybe the current models do?). A lot of people like the Elux set but I didn't like the door at all.

good luck

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Yes, do a google search "gardenweb best (insert appliance here)" You'll get a whole list of threads going back a few years. Look at the dates, because a few things have changed/improved over the years.

I've based my purchases on my needs and the rec's from that forum and am very happy, so far. I have major budget restrictions, so am buying over the years.

Bosch 800 series dishwasher- LOVE this thing! So quiet and fantastic cleaning.
If you can afford one of the top Miele DW, they are well reviewed on the forum. Kitchen Aid is too, but doesn't have the name cache, if that's important.

Fridge, LIebherr is probably liked the best. Sub-Z and Thermador are also liked by a lot of users but have more negative reviews than the first. I got an Electrolux all fridge that is wonderful.

Wall ovens- Gaggenau and Wolf probably top the high end rec's. Miele, Bosch, Thermador and Electrolux come in high. Then you get to consider speed or steam ovens. There are so many options! I'm coveting the Gag but only luck will get it into my kitchen :)

With Induction cooktops, you'll see the same names pop up as above. Size, hob and controls arrangement will be the deciding factors for you.

One thing you may have noticed is that Viking doesn't come up anywhere. There have been significant quality issues in the past. I've read that they have been addressed, but there are still other appliances recommended over them.

Also, you will note that a suite isn't recommended. Buying based on function is the way to go.

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Off topic to A2--how are you getting two extra gliding racks for the Wolf? I assume you're paying, right? If so, could you tell me how much? I've been thinking about trying to rustle up a couple more for my L series doubles. I like them much better than the non-gliding, especially in the lower oven since I ran the self-clean in September. Thanks!

And sorry for going off topic, OP!

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Julia - sorry to hijack - but a good point - The Wolf only comes with one glider -The Elux Icon has 3 gliders and is quite "sexy" if you want more medium range. I also have an Elux fridge - it is great and all of the drawers glide wonderfully.

Bee - I sent you an email about the racks.

Even I can get lucky occasionally! (But not as lucky as snagging a cruise and all of your other wonderful contests!
Wolf also suggests removing the racks and the hardware before self cleaning to avoid your issue.
You can't use a glider on the very bottom position - but I figured I could go 2, 4, 6 spots and use 3 gliders...

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I couldn't resist the Thermador deal, bought the whole kit & kaboodle: 48" side-by-side frig, Masterpiece series induction 36" cooktop (it's completely smooth), combination wall oven/microwave/warming drawer, low profile island hood & Topaz dishwasher (spent the $200 to upgrade). Just recently installed, we haven't moved back into the kitchen yet so can't attest to the quality, but everything sure looks great! My only concern so far is the dishwasher - I didn't research beforehand, so didn't realize that the spray arms are plastic; seem very flimsy to me. Maybe that's how they all are now & hopefully will be fine, but the Kitchenaid we replaced had metal arms & seemed considerably more substantial.

Oh, forgot that we've also boiled water on the induction cooktop...love it!

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