Help! Counter too high?

jacki7December 13, 2012

We've got a bit of a appreciated..

When prepping the tops of our cabinets for countertops, we discovered there wasn't enough clearance on the wall for our outlets between the counter and the raised bar. A little back research and I discovered the cabinets were too high. The custom cabinet guy shimmed them up an inch in anticipation of tile flooring. We never said anything about tile. He installed the cabinets on top of our hardwood floor.

We also put down 1 1/8" plywood instead of 3/4" in anticipation of a fatter lip on the stone.

We could go with a shorter lip, but it would only save us 3/8". The problem is the cabinets. Once the stone is on they will be almost 37.5". I'm 5'5". They seem really high.

What would you do? Have the cabinet guy uninstall and reinstall all the cabs? I'm a wuss when it comes to asking for that sort of thing. It's hard to know what the countertops will feel like when their in and I'm using them.

I'm a newbie - this is our first remodel adventure and our first big problem :)

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First of all you need to get want YOU want regardless. Remember he works for you, you are paying him. You make the decisions. He should have asked.

As for the height. My perimeter counters are the stardard 36" high. My island is 37.5". I posted here as I was concerned about the difference. Apparently many purposely raise or lower parts of their counters. The height of those using the kitchen is important to consider.

For me I ended up liking the difference, but wouldn't want the whole kitchen that height. I'm 5'5".

What about the flooring?

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If you counters are too high your range and dishwasher may not fit correctly. You better check the appliance specs. They usually give the necessary space requirements

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My finished counters will be even taller than yours but I am 6'1'. My contractor and I went through a lot of discussion about how to make the higher counters happen, because that is what I want.

My opinion? Don't fiddle with the stone. Plain and simple the cab guy needs to fix his mistake of shimming them up. Is the hardwood floor going to be the finished floor level? Tell him that, and tell him you never said anything about tiling so he needs to reinstall the cabinets at standard height for your finished floor height.

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