Extra wide stiles in upper corners and by fridge?

thepeppermintleafDecember 19, 2013

I have tried finding posts about this, but couldn't find anything. We will be doing custom cabinets (making the boxes ourselves and having a local Amish man doing the doors), and I added an extra 3" piece of trim in the corner uppers and to the upper cabinet box by the fridge. We are getting ready to order so I am going over all the details.

The original reason I did this was so that the 2 uppers flanking the range would be the same size - 24.5" (the range could not move due to gas line). Then I needed to make the 2 uppers flanking the sink also be the same size (for symmetry).

Also, I thought it would have the benefit of preventing the cabinet doors from banging into each other (or into the fridge cabinet) as much since there would be some extra space. I know we will lose some of the access into those cabinets by having a wider trim piece.

My question- does anyone think this will look weird in real life? Any other negatives? Has anyone added this extra wide stile/trim piece and could share some pics or experiences?

Here are some pics to give a better idea:

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Sophie Wheeler

" I know we will lose some of the access into those cabinets by having a wider trim piece." Just to clarify you're doing a wide stile here rather than an extended stile. If so, then you won't really lose any space at all. Just double check your clearances at corners for the depth of your hardware as well. That's especially important for he bases.

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If I think I know the difference b/w the terms, it will be a wide stile (so the actual cabinet frame will extend to the edge of the extended 3" piece). We wouldn't be losing space, just access to it due to the smaller door opening. I don't think there should be clearance issues w/ the uppers in this case...

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Wide stiles are used often for clearance or to make doors smaller as you have done. Most often an extended stile is used in the corner though. Extended ages it easier to compensate for out of square walls. As you show it, if the wall is out it will need be accounted for else where.

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I think it looks nice and balanced! We can't wait to see your work-in-progress pictures and your finished pictures!

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Thanks! I will definitely post more pics once we start building! Maybe it would be best to leave the spacing as is but make 1" of it at the end an extended stile to compensate for any issues installing.

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