Blanco drop-in sink

mononoke1December 30, 2012

I ordered a blanco under mount already, but just today I stopped by a show room, learned the blanco drop-in sink can be installed like under mount. I lbegan to like the idea that faucet hole is on sink, no need to draw a hole in granite.

What do you think? I

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I have a blanco sink that we originally had as a drop in sink. When we did our kitchen over, I had the plumber very carefully remove the sink so we could have it undermounted in our new granite counters. It turned out fine. The only issue we have is that we had a hole drilled for a soap dispenser and because the sink is under the granite we need an extra long dispenser and I haven't got to that yet. I love the sink undermounted. So much easier to clean the counters. Just brush crumbs, etc. directly in the sink -- no caulk or anything around the edge of the sink to get stained, etc.

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The holes were still on the edge of the sink? Not on granite?

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Mononoke1 - I am confused by your post. A hole for your faucet will have to be drilled in your granite regardless of whether the sink is drop-in or undermount. There is no difference between undermount and drop-in with respect to drilling a hole for your faucet in your countertop. Was there something else you were looking for regarding a drop-in sink?

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See the link above, so the hole of faucet is not in the countertop.

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That is the international site. Is that sink available in the US (or are you international?) I haven't seen that sink on the Blanco America site.

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Thanks for showing this mononoke1. It is as you describe. This might offer a solution to changing out sinks without removal of the countertop, IF the Blanco design allows for attaching it to the side and back of cabinets, and I guess, a silicone or some such bead between sink and countertop for closure of gap and further attachment.

Nice find.

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Thanks, I've never seen those inset sinks by Blanco. I wonder though, whether that inset area at the faucet would be a cleaning chore - with water spots, splashes, suds and the like.

As Cathy725 pointed out, the line appears to be available only in Europe, but did you see it in a showroom in the U.S.?

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our sink already had the hole popped out when we had it first installed for a soap dispenser. We did not have to use that hole, but we wanted a soap dispenser installed for our new kitchen. To overmount the sink onto the granite I don't think you would have to drill a hole in the granite. It would depend how you had the granite fabricator cut the granite for your installation.

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@cathy725, no, I found it in a showroom here (in U.S.). A sales associate introduced it to me, and I thought it is very nice design. Blanco website also states top mount (dropin) sink can be installed as under mount.

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