Anything new on Kohler stages?

sjsh_momDecember 7, 2010

I have been debating whether to get the Kohler Stages 45. Any new reviews? Is the SS really streaky? Does it always look messy? IS the ledge too shallow to dry dishes and what not?

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laura mcleod

I don't know if this qualifies as a new review, but we have had ours since the summer and love it. The SS seems to perform the same as the other SS elements in our kitchen - it can get streaky but can be cleaned no problem. We dry dishes on the shelf so we have not found it to be too shallow. We love the functionality of the sink and the looks - HTH!

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So good to see. It looks beautiful. Have you tried to fit any dish drying baskets in the sink or shelf? Thanks for letting me know.

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laura mcleod

Yes, we have used dish drying basket on the shelf.

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laurainlincoln, I just want to say that I'm so envious of your faucets. It's awesome to see them in a not-too-modern kitchen. My husband wants that faucet so badly.

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laura mcleod

wi-sailorgirl - is your hubby OCD like mine? ;-)

My DH took one look at the Stages/Karbon video on the Kohler site - with all of the little organizable and stackable bowls and trays and was in love. He is crazy about that kind of thing!

We have loved the faucets - they are crazy functional and I think they are unexpected in our traditional kitchen which I like. Anything to make the daily dish-washing gulag a little more palatable...

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Laurainlincoln, Great timing! I have bought the kohler, but still worried a bit about the huge-ness of it. Kitchen installation happening this week on a 1930's whole house renovation. big project (and headache too!)
so, number 1: In this picture is your dishwasher to the right? I realized I should have the deep sink closest to the DW, and the shallow shelf on the opposite side. 2: I am plumbed for only one faucet, do you think one big faucet (not the karbon) would work for a 45" sink? did you always plan on having two? Would you center the faucet on the 45 inch sink or on the 30" bowl? 2. love your counter top, what is it?

My layout is very similar, sink under large bank of windows. Thank you so much for posting this! Very helpful to see! Donna

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laura mcleod

Hi donna - I think you will love the sink, the hugeness is much less noticeable once it is down in the counter. When the box arrived, I almost passed out - it was gigantic (my GC kept calling it my kitchen bathtub!) but once it was installed it was really low key and kind of disappears. I love the functionality of it and I think the scale will be right under a large bank of windows like you are going to have.

Our DW is to the right because of where our dishes were going to be in the uppers. I do like having DW next to deep sink on the right and then I air dry other items to the left on the shelf.

I definitely think you could have one faucet for the sink providing it gives you some range. There is a kitchen on here (somewhere) that has this sink with one faucet and my memory is that it worked well for her.

We were originally planning on one faucet and a farmhouse sink but that all went out the window when hubby saw the Stages/Karbon video on the Kohler site! :-) We had to change it all on the fly but it worked out fine.

How to center the faucet is a tough one and probably depends also on your window layout - since you will see the vertical faucet against the windows, I would make sure placement makes sense from that perspective. There are others on GW that have much better expertise in this area so maybe post a direct question about that? There may even be some threads about faucet placement, so you could try a search. But in general I would say if you are concerned about the range of your single faucet - centering it on the entire sink might give you the most options.

The counter is quartzite Madre Perola - I have really enjoyed it! Hope that helps :-)

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LaurainLincoln - I am about to purchase the Stages 45 for my kitchen reno and I have a couple questions. First, did you have any issues with the installation of the countertop? I was concerned that the long, thin piece in front may be weak or need seams? How wide is that strip in front on your beautiful countertop? Also, did you shop for deals? Where did you purchase the 45? were you happy with service? Thanks so much, I am sweating bullets about everything from cabinet hardware to faucets? Who knew this would be so difficult!

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LaurainLincoln, Thank you for the helpful info. I laughed about your DH falling in love with the Kohler video. I watched it and was hook, line and sinker right off the bat. It Had me at hello! ha.
You're right about the placement of the faucet. I think it will look weird to place it anywhere but dead center on the window. I'm researching faucets now for one that has 10-12 inch range, and good sprayer. I remember seeing a picture of a faucet with a stages sink on this site. I'll find it again.
To Typeproof....I haven't installed yet so I'm curious too about the installation issues. The plumbing rep said to make sure the fabricator is very careful with install because the cutting board, etc. must slide with ease within the frame. I burst into tears a couple times a day with this house renov. It's really a lot to manage, even with a decent GC. Thanks all! Donna

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Not to hijack this thread, but I'm with you Donna! Tears are flowing! I dont have a GC, have ripped out the entire first floor, piles of hardwood everywhere and a kitchen thats poking along. I tell people it looks like an episode of Hoarders around here as everything has been displaced.
I am ordering this sink without having seen it in person. Can you tell me if the corners are zero radius? Its hard to tell from the photos. Hopefully you can post some pictures after installation.

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Typeproof, I have seen the 30 inch stages sink in person, and this is embarassing but I don't really know what zero radius is! I can tell you that it is beautiful and sleek, I loved how all the components slid back and forth easily. There is a q & a on one of the kohler websites, I posted a question regarding installation and I got an answer back in a couple of days, you can try posting that question.

The way you describe your first floor sounds just like mine looks. While I very much 'like' my GC, this project has been limping along for awhile now. I loved the quote by someone on this site that said they had reached the point where they could have made a human already! beyond
9 months. hilarious. well good luck, once I figure out how to post pictures I will. for now I'll keep checking out what everyone else is doing. Great group of people here. In the meantime, I should be decorating this bare tree instead of researching the latest awesome faucet. Happy Holidays!

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laura mcleod

Hi Donna - I hear you about the tears!! (I stood in the corner of my living room silently bawling when the fabricator was cutting the 4 (!) holes for our faucets, there were five of us standing around trying to figure out to place everything with the sink, the windows, etc.. it was a total cluster)

Hang in there with your project - it will get done and you will have years and years (of dry eyes) to enjoy it... :)

typeprof - we didn't have any issues with installation (well, except my own "issues") - the fabricator did not seem overly worried about the size. There is about 3.75in of counter in front of the sink, and no seams for at least 20-30 inches on either side of the sink.

We bought our sink and facuets at Faucet Direct. We had a great experience with them, no shipping charges and great prices, everything arrived in perfect condition.

I don't know what zero radius corners are either!

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I believe zero radius is where everthing comes together at 90 degree angles--no curves between sides and bottom. This appears to be a zero radius sink. Attached is a PDF from the Kohler website with sink dimensions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler 45 dimensions PDF

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I, too, am smack-dab in the middle of wondering about this sink precisely: what timing!

Did anyone find the other photo of the large stages in action? I would love to see a link to it.

I have seen the sink in person, and its little sister too. The edges on the sink are quite sharp. I don't know if they are literally "zero radius" (or whether "zero radius" is itself literally right-angled), but the right angles all come together quite sharply. There is a little small curvature but not much. I am guessing that cleaning the joins might be a bit of a problem: Laurainlincoln -- can you tell us your experience please cleaning up in the corners?

The lady who sells me my plumbing supplies, and is herself quite evidently OCD, is completely gaga about this sink. All the little square cup-thingies - wow; she is over-the-top excited about them. I actually trust her a lot so just because they don't quite do it for me doesn't mean I'm not willing to go with it.

If you want to leave unwashed dishes soaking til you've time to attend to them, do you put a dishpan in one corner? Is that the plan? Does anyone else worry about dishes "walking" along the bottom when just set in such a large space?

How does that side-drain really work? Is it just for setting a dish drainer on so that water can be swept into the sink? Of do you set veggies there while dripping? I know this is a really dumb question, but can someone tell me how they would be using this side drainer?

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laura mcleod

Hi aliris - I have found the sink easy to clean - no problems there. By side
drain do you mean the shelf? I use the shelf like a counter that conveniently drains into the sink - so raw meat packaging goes there, colanders that are draining - dirty dishes went there in a dish drainer for a while but then I got tired of looking at it all the time. :) We use the sink grid on the bottom so no issues with the dishes sliding around. For soaking I just fill the pot itself and leave it in the corner of the sink - I can easily use the rest of the sink as normal because of the size - hope that helps!

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I've been using mine since Junish. LOVE IT. Here is the review I posted in August. Not much has changed -- I still really am glad that I put it in. The one faucet works quite well. I found a Sterilite basin that actually fits onto the ledge as a dishpan. I wouldn't hesitate for one moment to get it again!

Here is a link that might be useful: my stages review in August

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Hi all. I talked with my plumbing supplier this morning and asked her if this was a zero-radius sink, she went to look at, came back and said that the corners at the top of the sink are essentially zero; but the bottom corners of the sink have a slight curve to them which would make them easier to clean. sounds great to me. tonight I will try to figure out posting pictures so I can ask you about the window sill I want to put in. Isn't this fun? (seriously, GW is my sanity!) Thanks everyone!

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Wow what great follow up posts. I saw the smaller version and love it except I will be going with the 45 =). My only concern is that I wish they had made the shelf ledge a little bigger with the 45. I have been trying to entertain the idea of another sink but keep coming back to this one. How beautiful....cant believe I am drooling over the sink.

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Laura, I chuckled each time I read your post.....about silently bawling as the fabricator cut holes in the stone. That's exactly my life right now. My poor husband....he tries to understand, he's just so pragmatic. I am so not. anyway ~ thanks for sharing that! (P.s. love the cabinet hardware you chose!)

I'm living on now, looking for a faucet I like with the longest spout reach as I will place faucet in middle of sink. Narrowing down to Hansgroh 06460 with 11" reach; Showhouse Ascent also 11" reach; Schon 10" reach; Blanco 10" reach. to be continued........

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donnaclover -- rjr220 mentioned "loving" her Grohe K4.

rjr -- have you any postings of your kitchen available to look at? It looks awfully pretty from these glimpses.

sjsh_mom -- I've seen the smaller version and it's pretty darn big as well!

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Aliris -- here's the photobucket link to my kitchen. Love it -- the functionality of it is amazing, thanks to this forum!

Here is a link that might be useful: finished kitchen

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Thanks, rjr! I really love the way your kitchen looks. The cabinets are gorgeous, and it really does seem very, very intuitively organized. Congratulations on weaning yourself from the step stool! It must be very nice to gather your domain in your arms....

and thank you for reminding me about a rack for pans. Those things drive me crazy. How amazing to think one could plan their own special little house for them.

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I'm getting the smaller version for my prep area and can't wait to start using it!! Especially love how the cutting board extends the workspace on the counters.

Can someone tell me if the cutting board fits flush with the counters when it sits in the sink?

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laura mcleod

hi muskokascp - it does sit flush with the counter, although there is a tiny gap between the board and the counter but I had not had that be a problem. It looks like this -

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laurainlincoln, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen!...but blathering aside, I was wondering if you and your hubby use the sink at the same time, or is it truly more of a one-user sink? I have a small kitchen and am still flip-flopping between getting one large sink like this one or about whether to get a small prep sink and 25-30" clean-up sink, so I can prep while someone's cleaning in the clean-up sink. How do you two use the sink (since it's both your clean-up and prep sink) for cleaning and prepping, if that's not too dumb a question? Would it have been better to have the sink split into two equal sides (not that it's available; just a theoretical question...)

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laura mcleod

hi jenny - We definitely use the sink together but we are not always prepping together (maybe one of us is prepping while the other is filling the dog bowl, wetting the sponge, washing hands, filling the water pitcher etc..) For us the functionality is tremendous with the large sink and two faucets. I have never had a prep sink so it's hard for me to compare functionality - but me and DH can definitely work side by side with the sink, but again for us the 2 faucets is key... okay, not sure this helps at all!! :-)

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I've been using my Stages 45 for a couple of weeks now. I bought a dark chrome dish drainer (at Target) which fits in the shelf section perfectly. My Delta Leland faucet in brilliance stainless is centered on the deep basin. This means it isn't centered precisely in the middle of the window, but I don't think anyone will ever notice that.

The pull-down works fine and reaches all areas of the sink. I'm not too crazy about trying to keep the sink "clean looking," but it's slowly getting some patina to it so isn't bothering me as much as it did the first few days. I love the grate at the bottom of the sink.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Stages 45. I haven't even used all the accessories yet, we're sort of camping out with no furniture right now so cooking complicated meals is not happening. I bought an Insinkerator Septic Assist disposal and it's a nice fit. I added the "silver saver" stopper (bought separately) to keep spoons from sliding down the drain, it works very well.

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laurainlincoln & rjr220 - thanks for posting pics of your Stages45 in action. Kohler should pay you a commission because I am sold! I appreciate seeing how rjr220 adjusted the topr drawer below the shelf.

rjr220- my layout is similar to yours in that my sink will be on a quasi pennisula with bar seating directly across, with the difference that my pennisula is even more open/exposed. This sink fits the bill for me because it serves prep/clean up dish storage in an organized fashion. My question - does you faucet spray all over? I've never had a sink so "exposed" before.
thanks for the pics again. My cabinets will be ordered this week!

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I am obsessed by this sink. It is killing me that I do not have one. This kitchen has the 33" as a prep sink on the island with a different style faucet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stages 33

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