Range Niche plus OTR Microwave?

olivertwistkitchenDecember 12, 2012

I love the look of those niches behind the range/oven.
We are also planning an OTR microwave (please don't try to talk me out of that, my mind is set and it is what I currently have and am very happy). All the pics I see of range niches have hoods above them, not microwaves. Has anyone seen a range niche with a microwave above? I just want to make sure it won't look too busy.


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It's not compatible, either logistically or visually. If you want a niche, you need to move to a hood and put the MW elsewhere.

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Check out Jodi in so calif's kitchen, her niche looks very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: scroll down

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But jodi in so. calif" s range is a a countertop cooktop flush withthe front counter edge. A free standing range has a general measured depth of 29.75- not sure if this includes the handle but would sound about right for protusion out from counter edge. I would measure out from wall and up from floor- the control panel height may not give you enough room to place a functional niche. By functional , I mean the interior height of the niche.

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Sophie Wheeler

The space between the top of a range and an OTR is only about 6". Not enough room for a niche or a decorative backsplash element or a pot filler or any of the other fou-fou add ons that GW loves.

If you want any of the above, you need a hood, and at least a slide in range. Or a cooktop and wall oven. OTR's aren't great vents or MW's, but they are sometimes the only choice for a small kitchen. And when you have a small kitchen, you have to make some sacrifices that larger kitchend don't have to.

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Sorry if I wasn't specific enough. I'm not planning on any kind of range. I will have a separate cooktop. I just thought the niche was always called a "range niche".

Jodi's example is a good one, that's actually the only one I'd found on my own! But I was hoping for a bigger niche, just wondering if it's been done before.

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Is your cooktop 30" wide or 36" wide?

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36" GE smooth electric cooktop (not induction)

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If your cooktop is 36", you cannot have a 30" OTR Microwave over it. That is against Code and a fire hazard. This is serious, very serious. Do not try to hang a 30" MW over a 36" cooktop.

There are just a few 36" OTR MWs made - they are actually just 30" MW's with "wings" on either side so that they can be hung over a 36" cooktop. They are no more powerful than a 30" OTR MW, and will not exhaust on the outside burners. But, since you are so determined to have an OTR MW, clearly you are not interested in exhaust capabilities.

You can do a search on the ajmadison website for 36" OTR MWs. There are two, a Kitchenaid and a GE. They cost as much as, if not more than, a proper hood, $800 for the GE, and $944 for the Kitchenaid.

Here is a link that might be useful: 36-inch OTR MWs

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Yes, I am well aware of the need for a 36" microwave. I wasn't asking about that. I was only asking if anyone had a picture of a kitchen that had an OTR microwave AND a nook above the stove. Thanks.

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I am confused by several comments here regarding "not enough room". Regardless if it's a cooktop, rangetop, or range, as long as there is not a tall built-in backsplash on the range, I do not see how there would not be enough room for olivertwist to put in the desired niche. I certainly hope there is more than 6" between the top of the range/cooktop and the microwave or how would you fit any pots and pans on top? The niche may not be very tall since the OTR microwave usually sits lower than a vent hood, but I would imagine a niche could still be built there. If standard distance between counter and upper cabinet is 18", I can't see why a 10-16" high niche would not fit.

olivertwist, perhaps you can try photoshopping (even with a simple tool like Paint or Gimp) an OTR microwave into any images you might have of over the range/cooktop niches. I think Jodi's is an excellent example and looks quite nice.

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Sophie Wheeler

Unless it is specifyied that is is a "pro-style" range without a backguard, the default "range" type is the typical consumr grade freestanding range. A range of that type has a backguard that is typically 48" from the floor. That means that the spacing between the backguard and the OTR is only 6" if it's the typical installation of an OTR where it's level with the bottom of the cabinets that are 54" above the floor.

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The OP has said she is installing a 36" cooktop and the initial references to a range were in error. Regardless, I don't this this idea is a good one, but it's the OP's kitchen and her decision for what she wants.

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My two cents (for what its's worth)
You like it, you do it!! It's your kitchen! be as creative and unique as you are and you want to be!

Ok, if i have in my head what I think you are wanting here are my thoughts:

Installation wise, I would raise the MW higher than the bottom being flush with the bottom of cabinets. Also I would recess the MW into the wall, making the front as flush as possible with the cabinets while still allowing the door to open. Jodi's MW appears to be treated this way. I think this would alleviate the 'heaviness' of the MW and seem 'lighter' above the open space of the niche. The design of the MW you decide on can also play a large role in this.

I would personally do my best to create a mock up of it. Mock ups/cardboard boxes are my salvation :)

I think it's a great idea. And like I said, you like it, you do it :)

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The photoshop is a great idea. No idea how to do that.

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Just found this post. I would have loved to have a wider niche but the back wall is a supporting/exterior wall and the contractor would not cut away any more than just between the two studs, which fortunately were exactly center to the cooktop.


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