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AnnaADecember 15, 2012

Here in Portland, the mall shooting has knocked us off our feet, hitting too close to home.

At an absolute loss for words in knowing how to send thoughts of care to all those grieving such profound loss in Newtown, CT.

Sending thoughts & prayers of care and concern across the miles tonight.

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Shocked and saddened, another senseless tragic act that will forever change the course of too many lives. I too have them in my thoughts and prayers.

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echo berlingirl....so sad :(

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Too tragic to even put into words:(

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What a sad, senseless tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to all those grieving.

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My heart goes out to all those involved in those senseless tragedies. My heart is breaking for the parents of the children as well as the families of the adults. This Christmas will be a time of hurt and every Christmas from now on will be a reminder.

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If you believe that changes are needed, consider signing this petition:

Here is a link that might be useful: petition

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Bagelk--you saved me some googling time. I heard about the petition briefly on CNN the other day and wanted to sign it. Thank you.

I wept Friday when I found out just after I put my own first grader on the bus to school. I cannot imagine how any of those parents are surviving.

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Ditto, bagelk - thank you for the link.

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There should be a petition against the psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs that almost everyone of these 'shooters' since (and including Columbine) were either on or coming off of. A little factoid hardly ever mentioned in the media is that these chemicals can and do cause exactly this type of hyper-violent behavior, esp. in adolescents and young adults. Guns don't kill people any more than spoons make people fat. Interesting that this crap almost always happen in 'gun free zones'. Should be called 'victim zones'. My heart is so heavy with this stuff I can hardly think about it. Those poor parents...

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Words simply don't cover my feelings for all those many people who are beyond sad and for whom this Christmas memory will never be erased. God bless us one and all.

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