Can we talk Corner Sinks??

jraz_waDecember 2, 2008

I currently have a 42" corner sink cabinet with a 33" double bowl sink. In the new kitchen, I would like to add a second sink (also a corner sink) and move down to a 36" base. I have been scouring this forum and the internet in general in search of other people's corner sink setups and have come across some creative corner cabinets and sinks. I thought I would share those here for others who might be considering corner sinks.

This 46" cabinet by Omega Cabinetry has an 8" recess and bifold doors. I thought it was particularly clever.

And here is the drawing to see how they did it.

This corner sink looks pretty cool. I've never thought much of the "bat wing" design, but this I rather like. No angle cabinet required, though I have a hard time imagining what it would be like to work at - no parallel counter in front of you to lean on.

Here are a couple where the cabinet is recessed. My guess is those are at least 42" sink bases? Top one is from Bucks County Soapstone.

Vizslalover - I have had your corner sink picture in my "file" for a long time. If you're around, I'm curious what the little narrow cabinet is to the left of your sink. Can you open the oven door with someone at the sink if they scoot to the right a little?

And Buehl, is your prep sink in a 36" base? Same sort of question, can someone use the MW when someone else is at the sink? Do you have any filler between the two?

There are a few things that bother me about our current setup, and I'm trying to address those in the remodel:

- It is hard to use the cavernous space below efficiently...

That is one reason for moving to a 36" base. I'd rather have the 6" in a cabinet somewhere else in the run where the space can be better utilized.

- Even with our 42" sink base, we still can't really get more than one person at the sink...

So we're adding a second sink - we'll have one prep and one clean-up - and would like to use a 36" cabinet for both. This will give us more room elsewhere and it doesn't really change much in the way of accessiblity.

- Whatever is stored below is inaccessible to others when someone is at the sink (bad place for trash), and with corner sinks, it is harder to just shift out of the way...

I'm moving the trash out from under the sink to a cabinet that can be accessed even if someone is standing at either of the sinks. I'm also guessing that I shouldn't put the pull-out trash right next to the sink because with corner sinks, the accessibility of those cabinets is sometimes tricky as well if someone is at the sink?

Layout can be seen in this thread:

Rough layout for our double corner sink kitchen

I'd also love to hear what other people's experiences are

- Anyone with a 36" corner sink cabinet for the main sink that thinks it is too small?

- Has anyone recessed the sink in a 36" cabinet?

- Any creative storage solutions for corner sink bases?

- What do you store under them? Seems like trash and cleaners often go under sinks. I store my Costco papertowel supply under our current one. Anyone storing cookware? Food?

- Do you have drawers or doors next to your corner sinks? How accessible are they when someone is at the sink? We have doors next to our sink currently, and with the hinge on the sink side, it is pretty accessible. I'm thinking about moving to drawers, though, and that might be a different story.

- If your corner sink is cleanup, where is your dishwasher in relation to it? Do you have a cabinet separating dw and sink or are they adjacent? Any filler?


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I'm still here :) The small cabinet to the left of the sink is a 3" spice pullout which we have found very handy. Some people balk at putting the spices next to the range but we haven't noticed any huge issues so far (almost 2 years now).

It is possible to open the oven while someone is standing at the sink as long as they are conscious you're doing so and move over a bit.

Our kitchen is quite small, as you may have guessed, so we only have the one sink. Our DW is located to the right of the sink and is spaced off by a 12" drawer stack (which is obviously not especially accessible when someone is standing at the sink). We keep the kind of items you mentioned under the sink... cleaning supplies, soapstone oiling supplies etc.

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Thanks Vizslalover!

Are you happy with the 12" spacing between sink and DW? Do you think you could have done less?

Now I know why you've been in my file for so long - soapstone! We did it in our last kitchen remodel (wish that had been our last, but we moved, and alas, here I am again).

Oh, and the link to my layout thread above doesn't work due to a typo

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I'm not sure whether you've already seen this thread or not, about the pros and cons of corner sinks (mostly pros). In case you have not, I am linking it below.

I love my corner sink.

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Yes, we're happy with the 12" spacing. I don't think I would go less. In fact, we tried very hard to get a 15" drawer stack in there but it just wasn't do-able in our space. We have framed cabinets which means the actual drawers in a 12" drawer stack are only about 8" wide. However, we still really needed the drawer space so went with it anyway.

The 12" really is pretty much the minimum amount of space you need to comfortably load the DW. We have about 6" to the left (where the range is) with the spice pullout and filler and you have to move out of the way a bit to open the oven. I don't think it would be very comfortable to try and load a dishwasher that close.

Are you going to do soapstone again? We love ours and it was very satisfying for us since we DIY'd them.

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Vizsla - Thanks for that info. It's always nice to hear from someone who has the real set-up versus my cardboard and newspaper mock-up! =) I am definitely considering soapstone again. I had some scraps from our last kitchen (a DIY as well) that I brought to this house. I cut a countertop out of them for our half bath. Just working with it again got me hooked all over. Basically, if we go dark countertops, it will likely be soapstone. If we decide to go light, then it will probably be one of the recycled glass options (or maybe quartz...) and I will miss the DIY aspect of it. That was very rewarding.

Akchicago - Thanks for pointing out that thread. I had come across it this summer and made a mental note of some pics, but didn't save them anywhere and the thread didn't show up when I searched "corner sink". Much appreciated! You have your pull out trash right next to your sink - what is it like for someone to access it when someone is at the sink? How big is your sink base? Thanks!

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Jraz - In answer to your questions, I cannot remember the size of my sink base, but I just now measured the countertop of that section, and the front is 21" across and the back is 33" across if that makes any sense. I had my sink (rectangular single-bowl) custom-made to fit the base, because all the sinks I saw were either too big or too small. My sink is 27" x 17". There is absolutely no problem with someone accessing the pull-out trash. If I am at my sink, the trash can be accessed from my right easily. Also, if I am using the sink, I can pull out my trash without feeling hemmed-in. My sink is wide enough that two people can even squeeze in, e.g. is someone is rinsing at the sink and someone just wants to stick a glass under the faucet or something, there is no problem.

Here is a pic. Just to let it be known, my cat is NOT allowed on the counter and normally never goes there. But whenever she sees the camera, she needs to get in the picture no matter what. So she saw me with the camera, and jumped on the counter. Bad girl! (although at least it helps to judge proportion in the pic)

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