What comes first?

emilyarthurDecember 2, 2012

My hardwood floors are being installed starting this Monday. Question: do I have the cabinets installed and then stain the floors? Or stain the floors and then install the cabinetry and range?

We are installing a 60" blue star, weighs 1,300lbs...contractor wants to stain and then install everything...painter/husband want to install everything and then stain. Who is right? The range is on legs so I think we have to stain first to properly stain floor under the range, right?

Thanks for the help!!!!

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We put in cabinets then stained. Then put in the appliances. I don't knowmifmtheremis a wrong way.

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Our hardwood floors were refinished plus we added new flooring in our family room. The floors were sanded, stained and had two finish coats applied before cabinets were installed. Once the kitchen was finished, the final finish coat was applied to the floor. We had did a Swedish finish with three finish coats.

The contractor laid protection on the floors before they started working on the kitchen again and we didn't have any problems. Before they do the final finish coat, they lightly sand the floors again so they can take care of any miner scratches that might happen during construction. But you will want them to put something down to protect the floors while they work on the kitchen.

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This topic comes up every few months. I'll link a similar thread from September where I answered how we did it. (The OP isn't exactly what you're asking, but similar.) Generally, the consensus seems to be wood floor installed and stained first, then cabs. To me, this just seems so much easier and less risky. Plus, all of your floor is stained, not just what is visible.

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar thread with answers

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Thanks! I think we will have the floors done first...we've got to move this along!! Next week is 6 months without a kitchen!!!!

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