Cliq or Barker for kitchen cabinets?

three0h2December 26, 2012

I was fully prepared to order six square cabinets for my kitchen remodel from Cliq Studios, but now I'm very seriously thinking about Barker Cabinets. I want a great cabinet for a great price. I want a painted finish, and Barker only offers Pure White which I don't want. So, what would you do: the already painted Cliq cabinets or the unfinished Barker cabinets?

Barker sounds like they have a great product and they are made here in Oregon, with pacific NW grown material, and without Formaldehyde, but they would be unfinished. Cliq seems to have sufficient plywood construction boxes, and they are painted, but I get the impression that they are just good for the price.

My father is a builder/remodeler, and he will be doing the remodeling. If we choose the unfinished cabinets, he will be painting them. As I type this, I'm hoping that I get many responses telling me how great the Barker cabinets will be, and telling me that we'll be able to tackle the painting and get a perfect, strong finish. But, be honest, please. :)

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Here is a link to a beautiful Cliq kitchen that belongs to Lisa_wi. If you search for cliq barker gardenweb, you'll see several discussions that should help you, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lisa's Cliq kitchen

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Thanks for the link. I have seen it before, and referenced it often. I have searched a lot, and I'm pretty sure I've read every discussion even slightly mentioning either of the two, as well as any searches that pull up 6square. Based on these searches, I'm right now definitely leaning toward Barker cabinets due to formaldehyde and off gassing issues, as well as quality. We have a baby.

I think I'm just curious what people think about ordering the decent, chinese-made, but painted 6-square vs the quality, usa-constructed, but unfinished Barker cabinets.

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Threeoh2, I've also been looking at both options. I would suggest ordering a full door from Cliq to check the durability. The feedback here has been great (from Lisa_wi and at least one other poster.) But when I ordered the corner samples from Cliq, the paint on the Linen sample chipped off way too easily for my comfort level; I was just stacking the samples to move them out of the way and I wound up with a big chunk of paint in my hands. It's possible that wasn't typical, since this was just a corner sample. But if I were seriously considering the painted Cliq options, I'd definitely order a full door and see how it held up to normal use. For my part, I'd already sort of talked myself into stained cabinets because of budget as well as durability issues in a small house with 2 large rough boys... hope that helps!

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We had the same indecisiveness but Barker won us over, we went with their white. I explained in another thread why we did this but I can't find it (still learning on how to use this forum).

I will tell you that we are still waiting for ours and we ordered right after thanksgiving so do factor that in when you decide on remodeling timeframe. We are fortunate to have a more flexible timeframe but we were told it's going to be another couple weeks because of the holidays so it'll be almost 2 months before we get ours. I will update more once we get it and post pics so save my username somehow.

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We have Cliq in our newly remodeled kitchen (finished in early October) and love the cabinets. Ours are Dayton Painted White.

At our annual Xmas party in early December we had more than a few people ask if they were custom cabinets because they look so nice. I was very pleased by that!

I never looked at Barker, so I can't describe the difference between the two, but I'm satisfied with Cliq. We ordered two samples and they were tossed all over the house for a few weeks while we packed up our kitchen and prepared for construction to start. And then once construction started the samples were thrown around by the construction crew as well while we continued to debate whether to get Painted White or Painted Linen. They held up well - not a chip to be found despite being thrown on the floor, walked on, and generally treated as scrap - and I promptly placed my order so the cabinets would arrive just in time for the contractor to begin installing.

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One big difference between these 2 is that Barker's cabinets are frameless whereas Cliq's are framed. We initially considered both but ruled out Cliq for that reason early on. We were going to go with Barker before we tweaked our layout and saw that Ikea would work for us. It may not matter to you, but our space is not enormous and there were a few spots where the frameless make a huge difference.

On the customer service side, I never got past the samples & quotes stage with either, but I must say Barker was fantastic - quick to respond, answered lots of questions thoroughly.

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Thank you for your responses. The more I think about it, the more I'm sold on the Barker cabinets. Our timeline is flexible, and they are local to us, so shipping to us will be nearly nothing. I'm sure I would have been happy with the cliq, and the painted cabinets could possibly still win over, but I just love everything about the construction of the barker cabinets, and the completely custom sizes.

Thanks dee850 for bringing up the framed/frameless issue. I'm surprised that I actually hadn't even considered this, but we actually have a rather small kitchen and should take that into account as well.

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Chad Barker will make you feel like you are his only customer. I'm installing (and finishing) unfinished maple paint grade cabinets and the quality is excellent. My husband is NOT handy, and he put together all the cabinets in a couple of hours. My painter is spraying the doors and trim, but we will hand brush the sink stretcher and decorative bookcase top rail. I did the finishing on the drawer boxes, but I think you can opt to have them finished at the factory if you want. All the hardware is high quality Blum and you get the great soft close, higher capacity glides. Love Barker Cabinets!

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grlwprls, Will you please post pics when you're finished! Interested in Baker myself!

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I see that you have decided on Barker, so I'm a little late to the party, but I am so glad you decided on Barker. At the risk of sounding too strident, I just want to express that if it is a choice between a Chinese company that imports and a company that employs American workers and makes the product here, I think -- most other things being equal -- the made-in-America factor can't be underestimated. My opinion anyway. I have found that planning and purchasing products for my smallish renovation, so much is made in China. And venerable American company names. They just don't manufacture here. I'm sure this is true with others, but I always consider where the things I am buying are made, and pay a little more for something made here. Bravo for Barker!

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I thought I would update this thread. Since Barker is local to me I took a short drive to visit their small showroom. I'm so glad I did! I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of the cabinets. And, as mentioned here on GW, their customer service is fantastic. I met Chad and he seems to really take pride in having a quality product. I'm excited to put these cabinets in my new kitchen. I'm waiting for them to design a new cabinet that I need, and then I'll be placing my order. In the meantime, I need to decide on a door style. In case anyone is curious, it looks like they will be adding a new creamier white to the offered finishes (although, I'm going to save money and paint mine myself).

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Can you share with us what other types of cabinets they are going to offer and when? Also any idea when another color in creamy white will be available?


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They frequently add new cabinets to the website. In my case, I really need an angled base cabinet to put at the end of a run next to a door. Without it, I loose very valuable counter space. Upon telling Chad that I would have to modify one of his existing cabinets to make one, he told me he would see about adding one. When I was there the other day, he said he was going to try to make it happen.

They are also working on some molding to put in front of the toe kick that would give the cabinetry more of a furniture look.

According to facebook, the creamy white should be available in a few weeks or so.

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You made the right decision by picking BARKER over the CLIQ cabinets. My good friend purchased cabinets from CLIQ for a remodel here in Thousand Oaks, CA and he has gone through the ringer trying to work with their customer service on problems with the quality of the cabinet finishes. My opinion is that CLIQ just wants to pump out cabinets and is willing to sacrifice repeat customers based on satisfaction for volume sales.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cliqstudios

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