Anyone purchase Martha Stewart cabinets?

chitowngal82December 5, 2010

Hi, I'm new here and we are just about to start getting serious about our kitchen renovation. Total gut job, and we've been planning/researching/deciding for almost a year now to find things that fit in with our design and budget. I'm looking forward to posting frequently and hearing all of what you all have to say!

We are seriously leaning towards the new Martha cabinets at HD, and have read decent things about them on the board. BUT, I really would love to hear from folks who have ordered/installed these on what they think. Are they as good as they claim to be? Are you happy with them? Are you glad you bought them? What don't you like about them?


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I came a day away from ordering them then changed my mind. I was planning on the purestyle Skylands, which are just beautiful and I love the crystaline uppers you can only get with that style, but the purestyle scared me away. I realized I couldn't repaint them in the future if I wanted to, and also wonderedwhat whould happen if I changed hardware? With wood I could putty in the old holes, and touch up with paint, but what in the world do you do with purestyle? And I do want white cabinets.
The price on these cabnets are wonderful- the least expensive quote- even with the all plywood upgrade. I just couldn't pull the trigger and have yet to make a decision on any other brand.
I look forward to watching your post, and wish you the very best in your decision.

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I remodeled my kitchen and installed the Martha Stewart Dunemere cabinets last month. I have been very happy through the entire process. There were delivered packaged so well it took me 9 hours to open all the boxes. Every cabinet was in perfect condition. I did receive one filler piece that was the wrong color, but Home Depot had a replacement ordered and I received it 3 days later. My contractor had no problems installing them. He made a mistake installing one of my handles on the top plate of the sink base and even though it was his fault, HD got a new piece for free. If you order her cabinets, I'd give some serious thoughts to saving some money by buying your own crown molding or other extras and painting them yourself. The color I bought Sharkley Grey. After I had my cabinets installed I figured out I forgot to order enough finished shelves for this awkward corner in my kitchen. I took a scrap to Benjamin Moore and they matched it and I purchased a stock shelf at Home Depot and painted it. It matched perfectly. If I had known that I would have saved some money and painted my own crown molding and all the shelves. I love my cabinets and I'm very happy with them.

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I have not, but I love looking at them! Sorry! I believe they are an off shoot of Thomasville. They have upgrades available so that is a plus. I have shared her literature with my cabinet maker, and he liked her details. The man at HD said to add another 40 to 50% to the standard price for any kind of bell or whistle. I wonder if her line will run specials?

One thing I noticed though in the literature is that she never features a kitchen with a fridge in it!

Here is a link that might be useful: More Martha kitchen tips

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Masterbrand Cabinets makes both the Martha Stewart and Thomasville cabinets sold at HD. The also make the Diamond brand sold at Lowes, Aristokraft and several other brands you're probably familiar with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Masterbrand Cabinets to Produce Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry Line

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There was a special when I purchased mine. Free sink base, free glass doors, $500 off if you spent a certain amount ( can't remember) and Martha bonus dollars off the total and HD doubled the Martha bonus dollars. I'll have to dig out my invoice to get the exact totals. I suggest you ask at HD, they usually know what the discounts will be in the future.

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Thanks for the info--I appreciate it. We are planning on getting most of our selections ordered after the holidays, and then get the project started in March. Yay--I can't wait! I just need to decide if this our right option, but I am leaning towards yes. This is not our "forever" house, and I feel like these are a good compromise of quality/stye/value. I'll keep you posted on our progress!

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I bought her cabinets @ HD in Arizona last
September - including installation.
It is April and the whole process continues to
be a nightmare. The cabinets are poorly built,
staples missing their targets, paint missing,
just crappy. This on top of HD not coordinating
the process-no one in charge-not knowing what
is going on- seven months later and they are
only 3/4 finished. BE VERY CAREFUL who you
chose to execute your job and which cabinet
brand you select. Martha would freak if she saw
what her name is Associated with.

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We have been wanting to redo our outdated 60/70's kitchen for some time. I wanted a real cottage-y "Martha Stewart" kind of look. I had been looking at HD at the Martha Stewart cabinets and also considered Ikea cabinets, (but didn't want the hassle of the assembly.) We had a tiny budget, and I had almost decided to just repurpose our existing cabinets, when lo and behold, I am searching Craig's List and come across 21 BRAND NEW Martha Stewart Dundemere Purestyle Picket Fence cabinets for only $2000.!!

I bought them over the phone, sight unseen!

The guy delivered them all to us, for only $150...what a deal, cause they are SOO HEAVY!! It was like "Christmas" the day they arrived!!

They are a VAST improvement over what we had, but had I paid full price for them ($15-$18 thousand probably?), I wouldn't have been quite as happy. I would say the overall quality is GOOD, not GREAT. I believe they might have actually been "seconds", so that might explain the very slight misalignment of a few drawers, doors. I doubt anyone else will notice, and the quiet close doors/drawers and all the pull out shelves are AWESOME! I got the 81 inch, huge tall pantry, and it is THE BOMB!! LOVE IT!!

It has been a challenge to design our kitchen w/island around what we got in the "lot" of 21, but I did it! I only had to hire a cabinet maker to make one small 9 inch open shelf filler cabinet, and a dishwasher end panel, which I then painted with the matching HD Martha Stewart paint. We actually are going to have 7 cabinets left over, which I plan to relist on Craig's List, and may recoup a part of my initial cabinet investment back!!

We did a lot of the work ourselves (I painted the kitchen HD Martha Stewart "Enamelware") and with the help of an out of work construction friend. I did a LOT of bargain shopping for all the appliances and materials to complete the kitchen. We were able to put in Martha Stewart cabinets, order granite, all new stainless steel appliances, and awesome Ikea farm sink, faucets, new laminate flooring through out (kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, pantry), new lighting, hardware, AND we removed a wall...and stay within our little budget of under $10,000. Pretty good..I say!!

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We're 85% done installing our new Martha Stewart cabinets. We are putting them in a laundry room and choose Dunemere profile. I am very happy with them so far, we did upgrade them to plywood as opposed to MDF for the inside (my husband would probably tell me I'm saying that wrong) but anyway, they all arrived in perfect condition with no issues at all.

We're very pleased for what it is worth. They have a soft close feature and seem to be made very well for the price point. I've heard a few 'slams' on them and I'm not sure why. Yes, you can get more superior quality but after doing our research, they are as good or better when you compare them with cabinets at this price point.

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I purchased and installed MS cabinets Sept. 2010. Wish I hadn't. They are already coming apart. The coating is beginning to peel. I wasted 10k. If I had it to do over, I would have purchased wooden.

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I'm thinking of purchasing them myself. Apparently they are made by the same company that makes KitchenCraft - Masterbrand. Glad to hear everyone's feedback.

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