Corningware and Lids

olivertwistkitchenDecember 10, 2012

So I will have drawers for my pots/pans and probably a separate shallower drawer for the lids.

But what about corningware bowls?
These will be in an upper cabinet. Can anyone post pictures of an organizational system to store these glass lids in an upper?

Right now I have something like this
It's functional, just wondering if I can "upgrade" in the reno.


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Are the Corningware dishes sitting on their bottoms or on theor sides?

If they are on their bottoms, I would put the lids upside down on the dish, then stack the next one on top.

I don't know if I would put glass lids vertically in an upper. In MY house, they would fall on me!! On edge in a lower with dividers would be best, IMO.


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I'm still organizing my kitchen but right now I have my casserole dishes in a drawer not stacked as I have enough room.

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I agree with Nancy. I stack the few I have with lids upside down. Those lid organizers have always seemed like a fussy mess waiting to tangle up. I'd probably have the whole thing yanked out each time I tried to get a lid as I'm always in a hurry. Plus, they seem to take up a lot of space. Just my two pennies! And I tend not to go for lots of gadgety things so take that for what it's worth.

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Hmm. Maybe I just have too much corningware? I have 4 separate stacks of bowls where they're all nesting, so that's why I can't store the lids with them.

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I have lots of Corningware. For the everyday pieces, I do as was mentioned. I turn the glass lid upside down and stack another bowl on top of the overturned lid. There are some pieces that I rarely use, so those get stored in a cabinet that is less accessible. I do the same with my pots and pans. It just seems more organized and easier overall. The only thing I keep separate are plastic Corningware lids and clear bowls; I stack them separately.

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Sophie Wheeler

I wouldn't put them in an upper. I'd put them in a deep drawer, with an interior pull out drawer above it tha theld the lids.

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