Backsplash before kitchen is finished

SapphireMoonDecember 5, 2012

Today the floor company I picked started on my floors and backsplash. They got the floors prepped today and got the backsplash up. They'll install the floor and grout the backsplash tomorrow.

Last Friday the guys that are working on my kitchen put my pendants up and some of the door and drawer pull on. They needed to get shorter screws to put the rest of the drawer pulls on. They finished putting in my UCL but haven't tried to see if they are going to work. I didn't have a dimmer switch.

Update of Friday's water disaster... Everything seems to have dried fine. I don't see any discoloration or feel any difference in the cabinets. We had a few warm days with the sun facing the brick, so that helped dry the outside wall.
Thanks again for all the help with that!


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Hi Vicky! YOur backsplash looks great! Very pretty! Can you tell me the size of your peninsula? How far out from the wall does it extend? I am doing a peninsula as well and debating on whether to do two smaller pendants, or one slightly larger one. Thank you!

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Thank you...
The peninsula is 54" from the wall. We had to shorten it to that in order to get the fridge into the kitchen.

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Oh, put those of us who wait until after everything is done to pick tile to shame. You go!

Looking good!

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Wow, this looks fabulous, I love the accent stripe!

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Looks wonderful! The backsplash marries it all together. Enjoy!

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