Kohler Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Sink

loveall8November 4, 2012

Hello everyone! I would really appreciate any input especially from anyone who has the Kohler Whitehaven Under-mount Self-Trim Apron sink in their kitchen or has installed one.

My home is being finished and the kitchen sink base cabinet is standard sized: 36'' long, 24' wide, 34 1/2' tall, 6' faux drawer front with a 3/8' reveal, and 24' inch doors with a minor gap under the faux drawer.

The measurements of the apron is 17cm or 6 11/16' tall. In the instruction manual it specifically states that 'The distance from the top edge of the cabinet to the top of the cabinet doors must be at least 6 7/8' or 17.5cm to install this sink.

By comparing my cabinet measurements to the dimensions of the apron, it would not fit! Am I not measuring this accurately? Since the Self-Trimming sink was designed to fit standard cabinets without having to change them out, shouldn't it fit?

I hope someone with this sink can maybe measure their cabinet and see if the dimensions are the same so I can go ahead and order this wonderful sink!

Thanks in advanced :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Whitehaven Self-Trim Sink Dimensions

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I measured mine....from the top edge of the cabinet to the top of the door is 11" , and from the bottom edge of the sink apron to the door is 2 1/4" . I am not 100% certain which measurement Kohler is talking about.

My cabinets are inset, and custom for the sink, so I hope this helps!


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Thanks for the feedback springoz!

My mistake, I should have stated that I was talking about the Whitehaven with a short apron. I think I may have to get a custom cabinet made :(

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Who makes the cabinet? Do you have a printed spec? It sounds like something is off. If the lower doors are 24 & the drawer is 6 = 30", where is the reveal? The face frame is usually 30". While the whitehaven is made to fit a standard base, different manufacturers have different drawer opening and different door reveals.

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Thanks for the response robbcs3! The home is being built by KB homes and they use RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions for the cabinets in the home. I found a diagram of the sink base hopefully you can take a look. After you mentioned that every manufacturer has different openings and etc., I am starting to realize I may have to remove the doors and order new ones for the sink to fit.

The photo or diagram is of low quality so I apologize in advanced.

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I see now that these cabinets are frameless, which adds more challenges to installing this sink. This diagram does not show the openings, just the fronts, which add up to more than 34 1/2" so they are not specific enough. In order to fit the sink there would need to be 1/2" between the drawer front and door, which is unlikely in frameless construction.

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6 11/16 apron minus 7/16 thickness of the rim that will sit on top of the cabinet equals 6 1/4 inches.

6 11/16 - 7/16 = 6 1/4

6'' faux drawer front + 3/8" reveal equals 6 3/8"

Assuming all of the figures given are very accurate, then you should have 1/8" space between the bottom of the sink apron and the top of the doors.

Too close for comfort.

So...possible remedies would be to mount the doors just a little (1/4'') lower...but that will probably not look too good as the bottom won't line up with the rest of the cabs in the run.

Better option--add a little height to the top of the all the cabinets in that run...whatever you need...1/4 to 3/4'' thick boards so the sink will sit a little higher and give you the clearance that you need. (effectively, what you're doing here is increasing the '3/8" reveal) Get moulding finished to match the cabs that can be applied to cover the boards that are raising the countertop. If you're at least average height, raising the countertop just a tad shouldn't make much of any difference comfort wise. (Probably lots less expensive solution vs having a cab custom made.)

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robbcs3, I did not know there were framed and frameless types of cabinets! Thanks for the additional information.

ci_lantro, You have given me hope for this sink to fit in my kitchen! I am going to go ahead and order the sink and see if my contractor and countertop installer can make it work. May I ask where you found information on the 7/16 thickness of the rim that is giving me more space to work with?

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Drawing at the bottom right hand corner, Page 2 of the pdf that you linked in the first post.

I don't think you're going to have any significant problems getting the sink to work for you.

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"6 11/16 apron minus 7/16 thickness of the rim that will sit on top of the cabinet equals 6 1/4 inches."

The rim does not sit on top of the cabinet. It sits flush with the top of the cabinet. You are trying to fit a 6 3/4" apron into a 6 3/8" inch space. I do think the door dimensions on your drawings have been rounded up, but I dont not see how this will work without additional modifications.

This sink will work with mostly all face frame type cabinetry. I don't think it is designed for standard frameless.

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Sorry for the late response robbcs3! I appreciate all the input you have given me.

I have still been contemplating whether or not to purchase the apron sink and to test my luck with the fit.. I have 1 week left to make my final decision. I have done a lot of thinking and realized that since I am getting Ceasarstone quartz countertops with a mitred edge, the cabinets will have plywood which will give me just enough space to install the apron sink. The mitred edge will also hide the plywood. The only remaining issue will be whether or not the fabricators will be able to cut the counters to fit the apron sink since it is an under-mount.

I found a photo of how my apron sink and counter will probably be fitted:

(It does look a bit odd but I can live with it if it means that I can get the apron sink I really want!)

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