Appliances too close!

ponyboatNovember 15, 2012

Hi, I am about to make an offer on a house that has a kitchen that was just remodeled. It is very nicely done, but unfortunately despite being a huge space, the cleaning and cooking area is crammed together. The range is on a center island, which is separated by 3 feet from the dishwasher, directly across. I don't want to do a major remodel, and since the granite is a very good quality, I would rather not move the range out of the island and onto a side wall which would require a new top on the island. Short of that, does anyone have a suggestion for how to make this kitchen flow better? I thought about moving the dishwasher, which would leave the granite intact, but then it is too far from the sink (there is a corner lazy susan cabinet I don't want to lose). FYI moving the island further away won't work as there is only 3 feet on the other side as well. I could only attach one photo but there is a wall with just cabinets and more countertop, no appliances, on the far wall. Would replacing the dishwasher with drawers help at all? Thanks!

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Fori is not pleased

I was thinking, "cool layout! Everything is convenient!".

I love having the sink and range close together--and the dishwasher. But there is the bloody shin issue. I would (and do) get the drawer dishwasher. It's nice to keep it open a little bit as you work. You just stick things in as you dirty them cooking.

Give it a try. You might find it's great. But I do agree the DW drawers would make it work better.

It's pretty enough that you can make it work. Make an offer! :)

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IF you are considering moving the range out of the island...could you switch the base cabinet on the shorter wall with the range, put in a recessed butcher block counter in the island where the "hole" will be? You would have to cut into the counter on the short wall to fit the range, though.

Personally, I would not put in an offer b/c of two bigger issues - both relating to the range in the island:

(1) There is no venting above the range (that I can see, anyway). It would be expensive to put a range hood in at this point. Even if the range has a downdraft, I wouldn't want it - I've used a range w/a downdraft and the downdraft was not very effective (it was a Dacor range + downdraft - designed to work together & supposedly one of the best on the market.)

(2) An even bigger issue is the lack of an adequate "buffer zone" b/w the back of the range and the edge of the island...especially with such a narrow aisle behind the island! (I'd want at least 18", preferably 24" with such a narrow aisle...well, even with an adequate aisle I'd want 18" to 24"...)

Will there be only one person working in the kitchen at a time? This is really a one-person kitchen... can attach as many photos as you want to a post. Check out the "Read Me" thread. Scroll down to the "Posting Pictures" topic for more information about posting pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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I would have to be replacing the island anyway. Because as pictured, it's a BIG safety hazard. (Not to mention the nastiness that that pendant (and everything else) will be accumulating because there is no vent! YECH!)

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Thanks! I know it is hard to tell, but that pendant light is not directly over the stove, it is to the left. I would plan on replacing all the lighting in there with can lights. It's hard to tell from this photo, but I was actually thinking about swinging the island out and attaching it as a peninsula to the other bank of cabinets (the room is huge, there is a whole other section with a table in it). It would be like two L's - make a square out of your thumbs and index fingers, then pull your hands apart.

Buehl makes a good point about the safety zone behind the island. RIght now there is 6" of countertop behind the range, and then 3 feet of aisle between the island and the other counters. If I do the swingy thing, the back of that island becomes a peninsula, but it backs up to a 5 foot wide cased opening and about 8 feet of open floor space so should be good.

There is a downdraft, I have one now and hate them too. Totally useless. As it is electric which I also hate, at some point down the line I would replace it with gas and put a proper range hood in. The new placement off to the side would actually lend itself fine to a nice looking hood.

So I think I might make the offer...

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"...If I do the swingy thing, the back of that island becomes a peninsula, but it backs up to a 5 foot wide cased opening and about 8 feet of open floor space..."

The only way to make it safer, is to have at least 18", preferably 24" of counter behind the range - are you planning to add that when you swing it around? A doorway is even worse w/inadequate spacing - coming around the door & running into the peninsula w/range could be a "surprise" to someone.

IF you also add seating, them make sure it has 24" of space behind the range.

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