one 36" or two 30" induction cooktops?

repacNovember 15, 2012

We're trying to decide between one Wolf 36" cooktop (5 hobs) or two 30" cooktops (4 hobs each). The reason to go with the two 30" units is 1) to increase the number of hobs (currently have a cooktop on which we frequently use all 6 burners), and 2) for a symmetrical look with two 30" cooktops centered over two 30" ovens (side by side).

The 36" cooktop has an advantage of one 11" hob, but it would have to be installed over one oven primarily (can't be centered over both ovens because of electrical configuration of the ovens). KD suggested two 30" cooktops for symmetry, though she isn't footing the bill. ;) Thoughts on the appearance of a 36" cooktop not centered over one 30" oven, with another oven next to it with empty counter above it?

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Don't forget the electrical requirements of what you are proposing. A 36" hob will need a new 50 amp circuit, while two 30" ones will need 2 circuits. Add in the two circuits for the wall ovens, and you are talking 4 brand new circuits that pull a LOT lot of power? How big is your current breaker box? Would you have to upsize the service to the home to be able to do this? You're talking at least 160 amps out of a standard 200 amp service here if the wall ovens only need 30 amp circuits. That's borderline doable even in a new home. In an older home, you'll probably need all new panel, and maybe even a new service drop from the pole.

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Excellent point about the electric service that I hadn't considered. If it needs upgrading, that would certainly make this mostly cosmetic issue a non-issue. Thanks for the advice.

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If you can work with the electric service requirements, another suggestion is to consider a 30 inch cooktop centered over one of your ovens and a 15 inch Wolf cooktop over the other oven (positioned to leave space between the two cooktops). You would get 6 hobs and save a little money - though not much most likely. We are putting in a 15 inch Wolf induction alongside a 30 inch gas cooktop during our remodel. The induction cooktops are so sleek and low profile, I really don't think you need to worry about an odd appearance if they are not centered.

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MarinaGal: We looked into a 30" plus a 15", but the 15" only comes with the stainless frame that sits above the counter whereas we want the frameless cooktop. It is a nice option to have the 15", just wish they would make it in the frameless style too!

As you point out, the low profile of the induction frameless I hope will minimize the lack of symmetry.

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Could you put your oven somewhere else entirely? Our cooktop's over drawers, same as on the side, and the clean, unbroken lines look very nice.

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rosie, we have considered changing the location of one or both ovens. The issue is that we're doing an update, not a total gut and redo, so that creates limitations on sizes and locations. We might be able to change out one oven with a 30" cabinet next to it. However, the cooktop would still extend over one cabinet or the other, but it could be centered then. It would not line up, though, with the lines that divide the cabinets and ovens below. Do you think that would be a more pleasing look, though?

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