How do you sharpen your knives?

lucas_tx_gwNovember 22, 2013

Interested in hearing everyone's tips and tricks.


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The AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. It's a manual sharpener that won the equipment test at Cook's Illustrated. I've used it for years. It even works on serrated knives. It takes about 20 strokes to sharpen a knife I love this gadget and it costs less than $10. You can buy it at a lot of places,but theres a link to Amazon below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon

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We have a steel for touch ups. I bought DH a stone and he watched Youtube videos and now he does all our knives. It is amazing how well he does and our knives are extremely sharp. You can do serrated on a stone too ! He watched a video for that also :) It isn't hard and you won't believe how well your knives will perform. I recently had 3 knives made especially for me by my son't sous chef , a budding knife smith. They are fantastic and DH has continued the honing of the blades. I will link the stone we have below. You need to get a water stone with 2 on each side. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Norton combi stone 1000/4000

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I send mine to Kershaw

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Manmade sharpening stone, about 600 grit. Wet. A few passes is all it takes if used regularly.

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I take mine to the lawn mower repair shops. Landscapers get their blades sharpened all the time. They charge $2 per knife.

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I take mine to the hardware store or to a mobile knife sharpener once a year.

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I use the same sharpener EAM44 uses. Everyone who uses my knives comment how much they love my sharp knives. And once I had a caterer who was thrilled when he found my sharpener and promptly sharpened all his knives he was using to serve.

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I take mine to the butcher at my local grocer. He sharpens them while I shop. Just don't ask him Thanksgiving week! He'll even sharpen my $6 Oxo Good Grips paring knife :)

Edited to add: for FREE!

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Fascinating! I haven't lived in a neighborhood with a roving knife sharpener in my entire life.

I recently had a damaged blade reground and resharpened by Murray Carter. Unbelievably good service and sharpness. Not for any old sharpening, but good to know should you need regrinding or have a rare knife. Also a good source for "how to sharpen" information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Murray Carter

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Thanks to all who have contributed. Interesting variety of methods!

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Finally had ours done at the local hardware store for $3/knife (they were really, really bad).

So that's what a sharp knife feels like. We had forgotten.

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Thank you for the link to Murray Carter. I spent a happy time reading and watching videos. Fascinating.

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Glad you're enjoying the link!

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We're lucky. We have an authorized Wusthof outlet that I bring my knives to once every couple of years or so. They charge $3/knife and $5 for serrated. Totally worth it. We bought our knives from them. We use the steel that comes with the block and that works if you use it on a daily basis.

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Cheers RockPine! Great minds think alike.

Just one clarification for those of you using a "sharpening" steel - your knives will cut better when you're done using it but it doesn't sharpen the blade, it realigns the cutting edge and makes it straight. It can't reshape a dull blade that's worn down. A dull blade requires a sharpener that can cut away metal and restore the 20-degree angle of each side of the edge.

If all you're using is a steel, you're in for an epiphany if you actually sharpen your blades some day. My mother used to tell me "there's nothing more dangerous in a kitchen than a dull blade," and by that she wasn't referring to a dim chef :)

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Ah, but there is something more dangerous: a newly-sharpened blade. I get so used to using brute force to cut (back when I didn't sharpen my knives) that a clean, smooth slice through food goes faster than my fingers are expecting. Fortunately, it's a clean, smooth slice that heals neatly. Now I put a little notice and a fresh bandaid in the drawer for a few days just after they're sharpened so all the "sous-chefs" here are aware.

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Great post. We've been calling a local guy who comes to my office, picks up the knives, brings them back next day for 50 cents/inch. We do it every six months or so. Damn, he's retiring after this Christmas and moving to Kansas. Who retires to Kansas?

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I took the advice of @EAM44 and purchased the Accusharp device on amazon. Arrived within two days and my knives haven't felt this good in years. Thanks so much for starting the post and planting the seed. Happy thanksgiving, All.

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Elraes Miller

Mongrol...I use wet sandpaper to get rid of scratches and polish the stainless steel sink. May try it on a couple of knives. Think it would work for scissors too?

There were door to door knife and scissor guys around when my kids were small. I took them up on it whenever they showed up. Thread reminded me they are near extinction. If a stranger knocking on doors wasn't fear now, would be a welcomed offering.

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