Budget kitchen renovation-white cabinets and brown countertop

lilymilaNovember 29, 2012

I would like to thank everyone for inspiring me to tackle this project. This is my first kitchen renovation in my first house. Its almost done and I finally got to use the kitchen tonight. Countertop was installed on the 27th after 5 weeks of delay, and then things moved along quickly. I still need the lower cabinet hardware and backsplash (still can't decide). I kept the foot print of the original kitchen, got rid of the raised bar, which made the space felt more open. The two splurges were Dura supreme cabinets and quartz countertop. I kept the old floor because it runs into the rest of the house and would be too expensive to replace the floor in all the rooms. My plan is to hire a professional to clean the floor tile grout line. I am at around 19.5k right now and once the backsplash is installed, I will be slightly over the 20k budget I set for myself.

The California builder special, ewww

6 weeks later

I love the lack of grout on the countertop, the huge single bowl sink that can finally accommodate large pans, and the fact that my mixer is no longer wedged between the upper cabinets and countertop.

cabinet-Durasupreme in homestead door style and classic white paint

countertop-Caesarstone wild rice from UGMC

fauce-Hansgrohe allegro e from Costco

sink-Kraus from expressdecor

hardware-Amerock westerly from Amazon

LED-Environmental light



range-Frigidaire gallery


paint-zephyr hill (Sherwin Williams paint, but the color is from Pratt and Lambert)

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Nice job. Wish we had done something like your kitchen. I hate ours. Time to sell the house and move on.

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What an improvement! Thank you for sharing.

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Wow, love the transformation!
We live in CA too and see many a kitchen like your old one. You did a beautiful job with the new one. Enjoy!

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Very nice! I bet the tile counter was a PIA to clean. I love the quartz you picked, looks great with the white cabs and floor tile. Great job!

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Looks great, enjoy!

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I love it! Great job!

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Beautiful! I love the clean lines!

I missed your backsplash threads (I was in reno insanity for most of September/October/early November and didn't come to the board much) have you thought about painted glass? I'm kind of digging your chartreuse green cutting board with that counter...

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Great choices and a great kitchen!

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Thanks everyone, I hated the old countertop, everything gets stuck in the grout line. I would have been happy with anything smooth over tiles. We have hard water here, so the faucet was on its last leg. The cabinets weren't in bad shape, but it was the cheap builder type with stiles between the doors and no back panel.

Mjsee, the cutting board is from Joseph Joseph. There are 4 and they are arranged like index cards. They are convenient, but easily scratched by knives.

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I never used to find the cat on the countertop, but now she likes it too.

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lilymila--I was commenting on the color of the green one... it might be fun as a backsplash...like the one I've linked below without the grout lines. (NO idea what that would cost. But...it could be fun!)

Here is a link that might be useful: houzz chartreuse green bs

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That looks great mjsee. I have to go to the tile store this weekend. I don't remember seeing something this color at the tile store as I was focusing more on grays and whites.

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Love the brown counters with the white, plus they match your kitty just purrfectly.

I've used Stanley Steemer to clean and seal our kitchen tile grout. They do a great job, and the PO's of our house installed WHITE grout lines in the kitchen. If they can get ours clean, they can do anything. Speaking of which, I need to schedule them!

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Nice! And only (haha) 6 wks? That seems fast to me but I'm sure it didn't on your end.

I love that countertop... very pretty. I've admired it in the store. Looks good and matches the cat, too!

That green would be fabulous in your kitchen. Or blue.

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Great job on your kitchen - it looks so friendly and fun!
What a transformation and kept it reasonable!!
Now on to that backsplash - can't wait to see what you find on your shopping expedition!

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Fabulous transformation. Cute kitty too. No wonder she loves that countertop, the quartz is spectacular. I've never seen the wild rice before. It's just perfect with your fresh white cabinets. Congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen!

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gsciencechick-What did they use to get the grout clean? What kind of special machine did they use? Did they seal the tile afterwards?

Deedle-The construction only took 1.5 weeks since there were no structural changes. Most of that time were just waiting for the countertop. I had to look at the almost functional kitchen and not be able to use it for 5 weeks.

Wild rice is one of the newer color. There is also a gray quartz with the same pattern and softness call shitake. It's also very pretty.

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