Sink too big?

rjl443November 16, 2012

After much much agonizing, I ordered this sink

BLANCO PERFORMA 1-3/4 Medium Bowl

for our main cleanup area (a peninsula half wall facing the dining room - total wall is 24 dishwasher - 36 sink cabinet - 37 corner cabinet.

& this for our island

Blanco Precis Large Bowl - Biscotti

I got the Performa and it looks HUGE, I mean GIGANTIC. Beautiful but huge. I am not sure if it is too much for our kitchen.

I got them both in Biscotti because I love that color and I think it goes well with the granite we sorta chose (Colonial Cream). Would it also go well with Kashmir Gold?

Will it not look so huge once it's in?



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Here is our layout:

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We just had the Blanco Siligranit Cafe Brown 1-3/4 sink installed in our kitchen last week and the bar sink installed in our island. The 1-3/4 sink is awesome! After managing with regular sized double sinks for 25 years, we are loving that we can fill the smaller bowl with sudsy water (so not to waste water) but have the space to wash large items when needed. We are very happy with our choice.

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I also have the Performa Medium 1 3/4 sink and love it. My sink is installed in an island that is 90 inches long. I only have 17 inches on the left of my sink and my dishwasher and a small cabinet are to the right. I don't feel like the sink is too big for my space. If I figured correctly your sink run is 97 inches plus a little more for countertop overhang on the one end. So your space is almost the same size as mine but you sink will be centered more in your space.
Here is a not too great picture to give you some idea how the sink looks on my 90 inch long run. And also a close up so you can see how it looks installed.

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OMG that is a beautiful sink! You are right our run is about 97 inches and a little overhang. I just never had a sink this big and also never had an island sink to go with it also. I love love love the color though and I don't want to send it back!

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Since we have two current owners weighing in here, are you able to find a small dish drainer to fit in the small side? We are probably getting this sink too!

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I can only tell you that we have the BlancoPrecis Super Single which is 32"x19" overall (i.e. 1" narrower than your Performa). When we pulled it out of the box, it seemed really big, and our kitchen is really small. Once installed, it didn't look as big at all. And now, having lived with it for more than a year, I can attest that if I could have, I would have liked an even bigger size sink. Your Performa sink is not too big.

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Unless I am reading your link and the sink specs wrong, I think it says that sink is 37 1/2" wide and requires a 42" sink base. I don't think you can fit a 37 1/2" sink into your 36" base?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink specs

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Sorry now I think I'm scaring you unnecessarily. I don't think that's the right link above... The site is a bit confusing to me but here are all the specs in the link below. There is one for a stainless performa medium that's only 33" wide and fits the 36" base. That's probably the same as yours.... link to all their specs below.

Bottom line, if it fits your sink base then IMO it's impossible to have too big of a sink. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: All blanco sink specs

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The Performa medium 1 3/4 is not the same sink as linked above by taggie. It fits in a 36 inch cabinet.
Williamsem I do not use a dish drainer so can't help you out with info on one that fits in the small side. I use the small side for my garbage disposal so I don't drain dishes in that side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Performa Medium 1 3/4

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I have a small galley kitchen with two 8 ft runs that include all appliances so not a lot of counter space. I have a Super Single (which is similar in size to yours) in a 36" base and it looks great and is wonderful. Your sink is not too big!

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This is a great thread, and is making me feel better! I'm looking at the exact same sink and was wondering/worrying about it being too big. My current sink is only about 3 inches larger that the larger portion of the sink so I was worried about the size, but then again, my sink is kind of small and I'd want something bigger if it will fit. I love the idea of this sink!!! My family tends to leave dishes on the counter because we only have the one sink and if the dishes are in the sink you can't fill a pitcher with water, rinse veggies, etc. I'm looking forward to having a sink to put dirty dishes in and a sink free for washing veggies, filling pitchers, etc. Also it will be great for washing dishes by hand!! I am still debating whether to put the disposal on the larger side (where the dirty dishes would mostly be) or the smaller side.

Where did you order your sink??

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I'm willing to bet that those of us who have a large sink (mine is a 36" single), have not once thought to themselves "My sink is just too big." Impossible! You'll love it.

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I agree with Poohpup. I love how big my Blanco sink is (30" wide, single bowl.)

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I have a 30" SS single in a medium(12x10')kitchen, it's very handy and no more water,water everywhere ! I too worried when I saw the size of the box. I worried about it taking up too much room visually and where the faucets would fit. It is one of the best things I put in the kitchen.

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For those of you with a Super Single, what do you do with your smaller side? Is it only big enough for utensils? Contemplating the SS and the 1-3/4. I do like having a larger bowl on one side.

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Momand3boys - the Super Single is a single bowl sink that is 30" or 33" wide depending on which Super Single model it is. There is no "smaller side". Those of us who love our single bowl sinks don't want a smaller side; we just want one bowl, one drain, and no intrusive divider.

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Oh, I thought it was the one that has a small raised ledge on one side with a little divider with a small bit piece cut out of it for draining. Is that one a different style?

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Found the name of it. It's a Blanco Performa Cascade Super Single bowl. It has the small ledge on the side. Not sure if I would use it that often. Specs say its for a colander. I don't use a colander all that often. What else would you use it for?

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Performa Cascade SS

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Moand3boys - I apologize, cause I re-read my post and I sounded testy! Too much food hangover and holiday festivities I think. I believe there are several people on this forum who have low-divide sinks, and the OP is talking about her low divide sink. You can do a search for "low divide" or for "cascade" or for "performa". I did one of those searches for you, and I will link the search results below.

Also, I am sorry that we have taken this thread OT. To the OP, I agree with the other posters that your sink will not be too big.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search Results for Low Divide Sink

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akchicago - none taken. Glad I looked it up anyways, I think it might be too deep for me. Thanks for the link!

But anyways, all of the above sinks are really nice and I think any one that you go with ajl443, will look just fine.

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