Cabinet makers around Tampa/Clearwater FL?

beaglesdoitbetter1November 27, 2012

Hi Everyone :)
We're about to embark on a gut bathroom remodel in our FL house and I am going to need some cabinets. Wondering if anyone has any custom cabinet maker recommendations around the Tampa/Clearwater FL area. I think I need custom because I am having closet cabinets put in as well as bathroom cabinets (I wanted to bring Dutch Wood cabinets up from PA but the logistics of that are going to be far too complicated I think...)

Any suggestions?

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I don't know the names offhand, but there is a very large Amish colony in Sarasota which supports itself mostly by cabinetry.

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Goodness, maybe that should be my criteria in home-buying ... proximity to Amish workforce. LOL

No offense intended btw!

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thanks writersblock. Sarasota is a little over an hour from us, I can start to look there. If there is anything closer in the area, that would also be great too. We're going to slowly be doing 3 bathrooms and a kitchen here (not all at once) and it would be wonderful to have someone that is really close by who could work on all of those projects as they come up!

LOL, mtnrdredux, we didn't plan our home-buying to be near the Amish, it just worked out that way so far! Might not be a bad idea to have that as the criteria though!

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I lived in Tampa for 10 years and never found a custom shop that I was comfortable with. We had our Tampa kitchen done by Lowe's. We left three years ago so things might have changed since then.

I happen to live just around the block from the Amish cabinetmakers. There is Miller's Dutch Haus Furniture and Tater's (right next door to Dutch Haus). I believe they both have web sites. The person to talk to at Miller's is Lee. There are at least two GW-ers who used them and I believe they were both satisfied with their cabinets. The only reason we didn't use them is because we wanted frameless cabinets.

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Beagles, my brother and SIL live in Clearwater, and she made do with the stock cabinets that came with their house. She did find a talented woman who rearranged and refinished them to make a much better space, but having seen your current house, I doubt she's what you'd want. Considering their friends' homes, they all pretty much have regular stock/semi-custom cabinets, even if they are from companies like Plain and Fancy, so I just don't know anyone to recommend.

You might ask Tinker over in the decorating forum. That house is in the general area, and with all the research Tinker did, must have some ideas of who the good resources would be.

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Thanks jerzeegirl, I will check out those names.

Thanks writersblock. I am trying to be a little more laid back about this house but I still think I need to go custom to get what I am looking for.

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Can you get in touch with FloridaJoshua and see if he knows of anybody? And are you thinking of soapstone by any chance? You know how we love a good Florida Josh Soapstone installation!!!!

His email is (was)


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beekeeperswife, no soapstone for me. I'm thinking that the bathroom is going to be all white marble but I haven't gotten that far quite yet...

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I can definitely recommend a stone yard/fabricator. Custom Marble Works near Ybor City. The person to talk to is Ruth.

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I live in area...may not be what you are looking for but I just did a kitchen remodel and entire flooring. I'd highly recommend S&W Kitchens in Palm Harbor. I also used Flooring America in Dunedin who also does tiling -- both his tile and floor guys are expert craftsmen. I can also recommend a great painter and awesome interior designer...all that I've used so far and I'm not done yet! LOL!

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Thanks jerzeegirl, I will go see them when we get to that stage.

Thanks sbp59. Do they do custom cabinets? I have someone to do all the work already, the bathroom is part of a (very slowly proceeding) whole house remodel. My guy is very, very, very slow but very good and very inexpensive. I might need a painter to tackle some other rooms though, so I may ask you for that name.

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Somehow, I thought not.


You are getting lots of suggestions, but just remember he might know some cabinet makers if you don't get anywhere.

Enjoy that weather, you missed the first snow! But I'm sure your dh told you that!

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Yes, my DH mentioned the snow. His car got stuck 1/2 way up our driveway (not sure if you remember how steep it was). Not a good sign for the rest of winter!

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I live near Clearwater and used Knothole Creations for the custom cabinets in my kitchen. The cabinets are very good quality and have held up very good. I completely gutted and remodeled my kitchen in 2008. There are photos of my kitchen in the Finished Kitchen Blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knothole Creations

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Thanks monkeyjac! They are pretty close to us, we'll go and see them! Your kitchen looks awesome and their website looks good.

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