Pictures of message, calendar areas?

kelliaNovember 17, 2012

Does anyone have any pictures of the area of the kitchen where the calendar, messages, mail and that sort of thing go? I'd like something that looks nice since it is necessary in this house! I was debating if I want cork board, magnetic board, chalk board, etc.

Thanks for any ideas!

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We bought the Ikea Kvissle wall magazine rack for our mail, school work, etc. We haven't hung it yet because our kitchen is not completely done yet. Once we paint we plan to hang it right inside our back door next to a rack with about 4 hooks that we hang our coats on as we come in the door. (This is our main door as our garage is detached and we come in the back door)

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I like Three by Three Seattle magnetic products. I have a magazine rack for mail and just a small magnetic strip and it keep me organized. I find their website more expensive then elsewhere, I get them at Amazon or The Container Store.

Mine are both stainless (and magnetic!) to match the appliances.

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