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MardoNovember 8, 2012

I'm finalizing cabinetry in my new house build and will incorporate several features that are Rev-a-shelf-like (they may not end up being that actual brand). With all the choices of items they offer I'm thinking of using some of their 'kitchen' accessories in my bathroom, eg. tilt out drawers under each sink for toothbrush/paste/razor, etc. This got me thinking of how other GW'ers have used Rev-a-shelf (or similar) products in their kitchens, baths, laundry. I want this new home to be a functional-organizational masterpiece!!

Which ones worked out beyond your expectations and others were sorta gimmicky? Would love to see any pics of how you used them in a standard or creative way in your home.

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Hate to be Debbie Downer, but if you are still in your planning stages, and have not ordered your cabinets yet, I would strongly urge you to consider how changing your cabinet configuration would help you avoid the need for after market things like this. In my opinion they're at best a fix for an otherwise bad configuration, and not something to plan into your design.

I turned to rev-a-shelf after the cabinets went in to solve a couple of unforseen problems. The solutions are o.k., and I mean just o.k. One is a pullout spice rack for a 9" cabinet that the contents would be unreachable otherwise due to the placement of the cabinet (end of a run in a corner -- is 90" from the person and 24" out), the spices at time tend to drop off the sides and are very difficult to retrieve from in the space (and they prevent the cabinet from closing when back there).

I also store my cookware on a two-tiered rev-a-shelf pullout in a base cabinet. Yeah, it's a far cry better than getting on my knees and digging out the pots, pans, and lids, but oh how I envy those with drawers for their cookware! The rev-a-shelf wire bottoms let the lids fall through - not all the way through, but enough to cause the baskets to get stuck. The handles of the cookware frequently shift to get stuck on the stiles again preventing the basket from pulling out. This is a multiple times per day aggravation that could have been prevented with better planning (found GW after my cabinet order was already placed).

To be fair, the mechanics of the rev-a-shelf are excellent, the ball bearings on the glides are still operating like the day I got them (two years later) despite filling the two-tier pullout with heavy cookware. Same with the spice pullout -- the cabinet door which is mounted to the front of the rev-a-shelf assembly is a tight fitting full overlay and the cabinet door still sits exactly where it's supposed to which means nothing has bent or sagged yet -- both units are very well made, just very subpar to what I could have had if I had thought through everything thoroughly before ordering the cabinets.

I know it doesn't sound like this is what you're looking for -- seems like you're looking for glowing reviews and ways that people would opt for the rev-a-shelf type things as a design feature. I advise against that. They do what they say they will, but I would only use them to fix an existing problem and not work them into the design in the first place.

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Thanks Kris_ma. I should have been a little more clear about items I was considering. My kitchen design rocks (IMHO) and has loads of drawers and built in pull outs, etc. I'll have more than enough storage and there are no void areas anywhere. Rev-a-shelf-like things I was considering are
- spice rack in drawer = I have a 6" drawer on island and one near cooktop that I think I'd like to try my smaller spice bottles there
- drawer knife storage - good feature or should I stick with a knife stand on counter
- make up vanity - base cabinet grooming storage (hairdryer, curling irons, etc)
- fold down ironing board - to put in master walk in closet or laundry room - are they sturdy to withstand some ironing pressure? can they be swiveled easily? unfold easily?

Yes I suppose I'm hoping for positive reviews on these types of features, but as always are trusting GW'ers to tell it like it is based on their real life experiences in their own homes. That's where the real product value lies.

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I love their double trash pullout; mechanics as mentioned above are excellent, have a smaller sized one due to the innards of the cabinet. We are a family of 5, use one bin for trash, the other for recycles. Take out trash once every day - day and a half, recycles about every other day, works fine for us, no chance for anything to be there long enough to smell. Had their pull-out towel bar - pain in the neck to install because of screw placement, never glided smoothly. Got another brand; longer, wider so towels hang nicer, cheaper, better install, much happier. Have their drawer inserts; great items! Solidly built, I used my husbands table saw to trim them to fit. Love them!

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This Old House mag actually recommends you go with after market items as they are less expensive than manufacturer upgrades and of the same or better quality. These products can't fix a bad layout, but they weren't intended to. They offer customization to standard cabinets.

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OP did not mention trash pull-outs, but we also got the Rev-A-Shelf trash pullouts like @sandy_zone6 did. (Our model is linked below). One bin will hold trash, the other will hold plastics for recycling. Husband is thrilled. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Double Soft-Close w/Tandem Heavy Duty Slides Waste Containers

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We have the toothbrush tilt-outs. We like them. They use the space that would otherwise be a flat, unopenable panel under the sink area.

You can use them for toothbrushes and paste, or the cleaning sponges, or... One caution, make sure the "spring" mechanism you get for the tilt out isn't too forceful because it can launch your toothbrush (in particular) out of the tray and fall down into whatever you have under the cabinet.

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This expensive little ditty is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen. It's outragously expensive because the trash cans are aluminum -- which IMO has worked out amazingly well. Trash is icky. Aluminum is washable. No odor. I have small versions of these and they fit underneath one third of a large silgranite sink.

What's wonderful is that above these two pullout cans is a plastic ledge and onto that ledge fit a couple food service storage containers, those square ones with colored push-down lids. Very easy to open, even one-handed. So this means that I have everything in one convenient place: trash in the smaller aluminum bin, recycling in the larger, and plastic boxes above for compost. These come in and out of the pull out drawer easily, so on the counter for cleanup, back down when done (sometimes).

These things were expensive and I cannot really imagine what caused me to follow through with such a luxury. I can't say I anticipated how wonderful they would be in advance, but they're part of the kitchen's workable-glory, for me. FWIW I have another large plastic pullout elsewhere in the kitchen for dry recycling, the kind that shows up in drifts in the mailbox ;). So that relieves volume in the aluminum recycling can.

Still, these are small, I think 10 and 20 litres - but that's Ok with me. My outdoor cans are close by and I don't really want trash to build up inside in larger volumes than this. There's enough as-is to be smelly sometimes, and it's really easy to take both out. There are metal wire handles that work great too.

So though I didn't anticipate this, I am finding that this extremely high-quality splurge is an instance of being "pound-wise". It is much better quality than the other trash pullouts I see. But I also use it differently. In this location, high volume, sloppy, compact - it's been a fantastic buy.

That said, I do agree with the comment to be careful about relying on cute after-market organizing to make up for design deficiencies. Figure out before-hand, somehow, what you want so you don't have to scramble afterwards.

I was just thinking I wish I had another of the 6" pullouts but you need to be careful with those things. The available space inside them is a little weird. I use mine for oils and the like, but that means the tall bottles are very vulnerable to falling over when you pull out the pullout. I can only get two shelves in mine because some of those bottles are so tall. Plus mine has never pulled out very smoothly -- that's an installation problem. The installers just never could get it right and I gave up in the end, but it hasn't gotten better. Gotta pick your battles...

Here is a link that might be useful: Double aluminum RAS pullout trash containers.

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Since everyone is showing theirs, I may as well add mine. The trash pullouts I mentioned above are shown in the link below. We have the smaller 27 qt ones. I keep 7 trash and 7 recycle bags thrown in the bottom under the current bag in use. Pull the stuff out, pull up the next bag. I opted for the gray cans. As stated, we are a family of 5 with 2 always hungry teens and one pre-teen and these work very well for us. Would I like larger? Sure, but don't need larger, nor would we have the space for larger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Rev-A-Shalf trash bins

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I'm often just specifying these when it's RAS or Hafele but have put about everything in somewhere for someone personally.
Only do them as aftermarket if I can't get them from factory or it is a (talented) DIY on a budget and then I'm careful which ones. If an installer is getting paid the factory is cheaper and better way to get them in the long run.
- spice rack in drawer = Good item, put em in most kitchens, I personally prefer the plastic one but seem to use more wooden ones
- drawer knife storage - wave style ones are better than RAS or Hafele and less money- try cutleryandmore or williams sonoma...
- make up vanity - base cabinet grooming storage works best just as in the picture anything else, do without the ss bin for hair dryer, if your not putting it in hot avoid that- surprisingly tough install- I'd avoid
- fold down ironing board - OK there is a brand that just does ironing boards that seems better- it's late and can't remember name. Have put in several of the drawer ironing boards from RAS though and those are fine

Other stuff-

-tray dividers- these I do aftermarket all the time-RAS-cheap, easy install, easy to change, really useful for large fry pans, cutting boards, platters...- The "all drawer" folks don't know what they are missing without at least one base cabinet with these (mixed with a ro and shelf), might be my second favorite accessory (next to adjustable drawer dividers) I use the short singles in bases and full depth fridge cabinets- the double fits in a wall cabinet (note the hafele wood insert one can be made to fit odd places niceley)
-as noted the top end RAS trash pullouts are the best, worth every penny- they now also have a good bottom glide one for vanities (and with a little creative ordering and cabinet work for offices.)
-hafele chrome pullout towel bar is better, don't like the plastic ones with fat fingers
-under sink trash often use a hafele with door opener but sometimes the RAS as above- watch placement on the SS double bin shown- set it too far back and you can't get the second pail out
-on the door trash- round RAS- square hafele
-cutlery inserts and other drawer inserts- more options in hafele
-also under sink have been using the Hafele Portero (and in odd cabinets like where there was a gas cutoff) for oils, vinegar etc.
-pull out pantry- hafele
-blind corners- Hafele Lemans, for budget the RAS half moon pull out (often the opening size is the deciding factor though). Won't put in the RAS wire basket blind corner thingy ever again - haven't tried the Hafele magic corner. RAS discontinued one that fit in smaller openings that was sturdy and easy.
-wall susans- Hafele twister (for budget just get shelves and go to BBand Beyond)
-base susans- hafele Suzi Q with frameless or inset- otherwise the best the factory offers- never aftermarket.
-base pullouts- Hafele has better options (new Smart Cab is worth a look- easy install), careful with base pullouts with glides on only one side, for wooden ones I'm usually specking something I designed or using one from the factory or doing something on site with rollouts and drawers, RAS as a last resort
-filler pullouts- RAS (particularly the SS perf ones)

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Jakuval and others thank you SO much. Exactly the pro/con insight I was looking for. Always happy to more from others.

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I had a knife holder from Brookhaven - but was worthless - I ended up buying one from our local vacuum store and it is so much better.
I used a Rev-a-shelf silverware inset. It looks built in - but in reality is was trimmed down to fit

I used a lot of GrumpyDave's favorite bins throughout the kitchen - it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle figuring out the configuration.

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Speaking strictly for myself, it would drive me insane to have to open a drawer every time I wanted a knife.

As with most such decisions, it all depends on how much and what kind of cooking you do, how many different knives you really use and how often. Stand in your prep area and act out the motions for the kinds of knife work you most often do.

Bear in mind as you look at tidy, nifty-looking innards of cabinets and drawers that some participants in the Kitchens forum don't really cook much from scratch [not referring to anyone in this thread]. Visualize yourself using setups that seem appealing and see if they fit your way of cooking/food prep/cleanup/storage.

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