Need advice on quality and price of sink and faucet

cmowenNovember 1, 2012

I just got a quote on the zero radius sink and pro style sprayer faucet I like and they were each around $1000 a piece?!!! Online, I have found similar sinks and faucets for about half the price. Are thousand dollar faucets worth it? I am making some splurges in my kitchen reno but wondering if these two splurges would be worth it. Thoughts?

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I can't imagine what a 1K faucet or sink would do over any other. What's the brand?

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It's not necessary to spend that much on either piece to get good quality. However, both of the pieces you named easily can be that much. A zero radius sink from Julien, for example, which is a handmade sink will be in that range. Many of the high end faucets -- Rohl, Waterworks, Dornbracht -- also will be in that range. If I were to spend that I'd want to be sure the faucet was super heavy (which means it is made with brass vs plastic) and that it was very special.

Perhaps you would post the sink and faucet you're looking at. There are many very sharp folks here who might know where to get better prices.

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there is a huge variety in sinks/faucets these days.Set your budget and then get the best in your price point. cheap faucets will work,they'll just need replacing parts or total pullout and new placed in.You don't want to replace sink. Spend the lion's share of dollars avail on a great sink.

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I have a Waterstone faucet which is in the price range you are discussing.

It is far superior to any other faucet I have ever owned in terms of quality, contruction, ease of installation and durability. It's solid brass so it weighs a ton.

A faucet is the most used equipment in the kitchen with it being operated a few dozen times a day so for me, it was worth busting the budget to buy it.

Certainly you can spend far less. You will also get far less.

No one is ever sorry they bought the best.

Good luck! Doc

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"Spend the lion's share of dollars avail on a great sink."
I agree with herb flavor. The size of the sink, deepness and material will all affect your personal comfort level... for years. Think about your needs. Do you just rinse a few dishes and use the DW 3x a day. Do you own large pots, cookie sheets, grill racks that take up room ? Do you like to throw everything in the sink after a party and deal with it the next day ?

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On the sink front, I agree it's worthwhile to pay what it takes to get a sink that's the size / shape you want. But at least for stainless, sinks at the high end of the price range can cost 3x or 4x apparently similar sinks at the bottom end of the price range. I haven't seen any evidence that a $1000 18 gauge stainless sink is substantially better than a $400 18 gauge stainless I got the cheap one for our kitchen. It's been in about 4 months so far and working great.

I do agree with other people though that faucets can be worth more. Having bought cheap faucets for our shower ($150ish), I have no doubt that paying more for a faucet with more robust internal parts is worth the money. (Though it's true a kitchen faucet is much easier to replace if necessary than a shower faucet.) If you have a plumber that you trust, you might ask them to weigh in on the specific items that you're looking at -- or just post the specific items here and let the GW brain trust work its magic :)

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Thank you so much guys. Really great thoughts. This was my first post and I haven't gotten so advanced as to how to post links yet. Considering this is my first question with 16 weeks of construction ahead of me.... I will figure it out and put my final choices up here. Again, many thanks!

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You haven't given us the information to answer accurately your question. Can you tell us the names of the faucet and sink? I think, depending on the style, it might be worth it for the faucet, or if it is the type of faucet that can be seen by so many manufacturers, it might not be worth it. But for the sink, I think you would definitely be overpaying. A sink has no mechanical parts, and if you get a 16-gauge sink, the metal is thick enough that it won't sound tinny or dent (as an aside, all stainless steel sinks scratch, regardless of how much you paid for it). Many of the high-end sink names like Kohler or Franke source their stainless steel from China the same way the no-name brands do. That's not to say it's bad to source the stainless from China, but your question was regarding price. You can get a 16-gauge stainless steel 0-radius sink by Kraus or by Ticor for half the price you are looking at, and it will come with a sink grid (to protect against those scratches).

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Less expensive sinks and faucets I have liked are ticor and Vigo. Actually, Vigo has my favorite style faucet of all brands The high-priced ones are kohler and hansgrohe.

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cmowen, many GW'ers have the Ticor sinks and I don't think I have ever seen a bad review. We have 4 of them (main sink, prep sink, coffee bar, and at the Tiki bar). LOVE my Ticor S405D which is my main sink. Love. As a bonus it was well less than half the price of my mom's very similarly sized Kindred she bought more than 12 years ago. I fell in love initially with her sink, but it was discontinued which put me on an all out search for another. So thankful I found these sinks. I have no experience with their faucets, we went with Moen.

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There is a new tariff on stainless sinks imported from China, so expect any from that source to rise in price dramatically, as in practically double.

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My sink was purchased through my fabricator at near cost, I have the Nantucket Pro Series (16 gauge) with an offset drain for $350 and I purchased a Grohe Lady Lux faucet , $345 online from Faucets for Cheap. which I love. An offset drain will give you more storage space below the sink. I can't compare to the higher end products but I have no complaints.

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I purchased a Ticor sink from overstock and have been very happy with it for the last two years. We purchased Grohe for the kitchen and it has been fine. Our contractor recommended Grohe said that it was the one place to not skimp. My brother purchased a less expensive model faucet and was changing it out pretty quickly after realizing a slow leak under onto his cabinets. I could have even gone nicer for the faucet....

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I have a Krauss SS sink w/grid. Love it! Bought from Overstock. Also have a Vigo w/grid in a rental - do not
like it as much as the Krauss. It seems to scratch easily and never quite looks as "clean" as my Krauss....
I have Grohe bridge faucet with the Vigo, looks great but much prefer my Kohler K-647 Simplice Pull down that's with the Krauss... much more practical but still looks good.

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One of my sisters has a Grohe Lady Lux pull-out (don't know which model) and she absolutely adores it. She bought a second one to keep stored, in case she ever needs parts and they're not available. The style didn't suit us, so we're going with a Kohler pull-down for our renovation.

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