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nnylidojNovember 4, 2013

Hello here - longtime reader, first time poster...we are building a new house and have finally received a copy of our kitchen design as it fits within the bounds of our overall house floor plan. i'm concerned about the distance between the peninsula and the mudroom / wall. 45" seems awful tight for seating as well as a major walkway to the family room.

The first thought is to bring the peninsula in a bit, making the distance to the island 39" vs. 42" on each side, but the other thing I want to do is actually stretch my island so that I can fit both my electric oven and microwave drawer in the Island rather than the oven and the garbage cabinet.

I'm attaching a picture of the overall kitchen as designed, and then the picture showing how it fits into the bigger picture. I welcome any and all thoughts!

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Here is the kitchen within the bounds of the house.

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You may wish to re-post your blueprints after you obscure your name on them.


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No expert here, and I'm sure somebody with more experience will come along soon. A few thoughts.

Read Buehl's "New to Kitchens" post, then update with the additional information listed.

Absolutely agree that 45" with a barstool will obstruct traffic in the hallway. Also would not further narrow the space between peninsula and island.

Would you consider redoing the walls? Make the kitchen open to the DR, with the peninsula on that side. Put a wall where you currently have a peninsula drawn. Move your fridge to the end of that wall, so it's easily accessible from DR and what I'm assuming is a LR.

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As with most architectural plans, this is a pretty weak kitchen, I am sorry to tell you. This was an architect trying to create a cool hexagon shaped kitchen, not a functional one.

The corner range makes no sense, it doesn't have nearly enough room to the right. At the very least, I would move it around to the short wall if I can do that and still have 18" to the left of the range (are you going with a 30" or 36"? 30 would fit better)

Then, I'd remove the weird angled peninsula all together. For more connection with what I am guessing is the family room, I'd look at taking down the upper cabs to the right of the sink and opening that wall up. Extend the peninsula straight out to about the first bend in the current design, or even with the DR wall. Then you can make a nice, long rectangular island.

But even that, is not a GREAT plan, just a little tweak of what you've currently got. (ideally, I'd like to see the range on the long wall and the sink on the short) An entire first floor plan might help others come up with a better use of space.

Have you posted the plans on the "building a home" forum. They often have great suggestions over there. But you need thick skin. If they see problems, they won't sugar coat it for you.

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Thank you for your thoughts. In my designer's defense, I was the one that asked for the corner range and was in love with the design until I saw it in the bigger scheme of things

I guess now is the time to rethink the layout - framing is being completed this week.

(I'll refrain from sending it to the new house board, given where we are right now...I really don't want that 20/20 hindsight vision)

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What if I were to get rid of the corner range, and instead go back to having the range on the short wall? I could lose the peninsula and then just make the bar into a long, narrow bar...I think at a max it could be 3' wide, (leaving 48" between the island and the range, 48" between the back cabinets and the island, and 42" between the sink and the island. It could be 6-7' long, with a seat on the end and 3 along the back.

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Best place for primary prep is counter run between sink and range. That counter run is too small in this layout.

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With the constraints you have...I would move the peninsula back into the kitchen a little and do this. Microwave on one side of fridge, prep sink on the other. Main sink is moved to other corner, leaving you nice view over main prep area and ability to visit with guests, while using main sink. Dishwasher is moved over enough, not to hit your leg, while you're using it.

Also, I took off the edges of the island, so you don't bump into them, with angled layout. A mobile work island might work even better. Hope this helps :)

From Kitchen plans

From [Farmhouse plans]( From [Farmhouse plans](

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Can you move the top entry to the right and have 2 L's in the kitchen?

On the left L, near the DR entry you can have the fridge, then trash and prep sink and after the corner, the range. Maybe a pass through to DR so the prep sink wouldn't face the wall. On the right L have the electric oven, main sink, DW, and the peninsula moved into the kitchen as others suggested. Island would have to be smaller when peninsula is moved, but with the MW there I guess it can be your snack zone.

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