can one reach across a 4 foot wide peninsula to reach a faucet?

scrappy25November 13, 2012

Imagine a 4 foot wide peninsula (or island). with a sink on one side. Can one reach across from the other side to fill teapot or coffee cup, rather than having to walk around? Does anyone have this setup and can you comment on whether you just reach across, or walk around?

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I'd need to know:
1.) Depth of the sink
2.) Height, arm length, and
3.) Species of the reacher (bonobo, chimpanzee, etc...)

A 48" peninsula that has a 20" deep sink with the faucet mounted behind it (another 3" perhaps) brings that faucet about 24" away from the reacher. Assuming the faucet rotates enough to reach my cup, I could probably do it, and I'm 5'3" with only a fraction of the reach of a chimpanzee.

BUT if you have to perform primate acrobatics in the kitchen, there's an issue with your layout. Have you considered back-to-back sinks?

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