Does anyone have a Rohl Modern Lux Wide pulldown?

CT_NewbieNovember 17, 2013

Hi! We had our Rohl Modern Lux Wide pull-down installed. The plumber had a lot of problems with it because it was coming out as a dribble but he couldn't find anything wrong. He took it apart and put it back together and the flow was better and then he had to run off. However, when I compare it to my Tri-flow regular faucet of 1.5GPM, the Modern seems a little weaker and it is supposed to be 1.8GPM. (It said 1.8GPMs on the box but yet online there was one page that mentioned 2.2GPM, not sure if that was a typo) Is flow a little weaker always because it arcs vs. comes straight down? Should a difference of .3 GPM be noticeable?

I read one can get a low flow 1.5GPM filter but I don't recall ordering it and one would think that the plumber would have noticed if one were in there.

Please advise as I need to know if I should insist on a return. The contractor looking at it and said it was a little weak but the spray was fine but that was before we knew the actual GPMs. He didn't say that we should call the plumber back in. I emailed him with the GPMs and my concerns and I left a message for the rep that sold me the faucet. But would love your opinion

Thank you!

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