Specific sink questions

opphopNovember 22, 2013

Before our soapstone fabricator installs our counter tops, I need some opinions about the sink area.

I want a single bowl, 32" sink and was set on using the Kraus stainless undermount I bought a couple months ago. Today I saw a dark gray granite composite sink and thought it might look great with the soapstone and have a similar silky feel. Opinions? Does the darker composite hold up over time?

Would I want undermount or self-rimming if I went with composite?

When the fabricator cuts the faucet hole(s), I'm wondering if I should plan on an under-sink drinking water filter with dispenser. Is it a gimmick or wonderful?

Is an instantaneous hot water dispenser like those sold for around $299 next to the garbage disposals at Home Depot worth it?

Is a built-in soap dispenser a good or bad idea?

At our house we're used to separate hot and cold water handles and separate sprayer nozzle. This is a 125 year old house so I'm trying to decide if the single lever faucet with integrated sprayer would look too modern or should I stick with traditional hot/cold handles. Does the single handle make life that much better?

Last, any ideas on finding reasonably priced subway tiles for a backsplash that look hand painted with slight color variations between tiles? I'm looking for a light sage green shade in a size like a 3 x 6".

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I'd go undermount, no matter which sink and a single-lever faucet.

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Single lever with an integrated sprayer is much more functional, in my opinion. You can get a traditional style. I have the Waterstone traditional pull down faucet. It is very expensive and worth it, but if you look at it you can get the idea of how a single lever faucet can have a traditional look.

The instant hot is great. There are the obvious uses like for tea and French press coffee, but it is also great for mixing the chicken broth concentrate that I sometimes use, adding hot water to something already cooking on the stove and for soaking a really dirty pan.

The undercounter water filter is a good idea. We have the instant hot/water filter faucet as one faucet with two handles. We didn't order it that way--they sent the double rather than the single instant hot to us by mistake. But I am glad we kept it. We did not have room for a filter under the sink which is why we didn't order and our water is good anyway. But with only one sink in the kitchen, someone can use the other faucet to get a cold drink while the main faucet is in use.

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Here you go...my Soapstone with undermount Silgranite Precis in Anthracite, a more traditional single handle Ghroe Brigeford faucet, and a filtered water faucet.

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ctycdm, Perfect - love it!! Thanks.
You didn't go for the soap dispenser...any regrets?

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No regrets on soap dispenser, never had one so don't miss one.

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Ctcdm, is your cold water faucet also a grohe and what undercounter water filtration do you use? I agree the under mount is better and the précis in a color is a good choice.

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Filter is Everpure, which we've had for 26 years, works great. No, Grohe did not make a water filler to match, and had a heck of a time finding anything to coordinate in finish and style. Ended up with an inexpensive off brand that I found at a plumbing supply.... close enough for now

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