Hood wider than range - OK with upper cabinets?

buffalotinaNovember 17, 2012

I am trying to help a friend with choice of a range hood. Setup will be 30" dual fuel range (Heartland Legend, now discontinued, but a real looker). For now this is a retro fit, but range and hood will be reused in full remodel down the line. If the hood is 36" - i.e. 3" wider than the range on either side, is there any issue with having flanking upper cabinets? I have seen SO many pictures of range hoods with upper cabinets where the hood is the same width as the range, but not so many where the hood is wider. We are wondering if there any potential downsides to the use of the wider hood with upper cabinets. Obviously the edges of the uppers would not line up with the edges of the lowers, but I am not seeing that as being a major issue.

The thought is also to do a full height range hood (ie 18") with NO cabinet above the hood.

Any pictures of this type of setup: - full height hood wider than range with upper cabinets - would be much appreciated! Thank you!


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Actually, range hood 6" wider than range is almost conventional wisdom here on GW. Here is mine (36" hood, 30" range):

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Thanks. Yes, I agree wider hood is the best. Just wanted to see pictures because my hood does not have cabinets next to it. How do you like your Bluestar? I love the black and have been wishing for a while I had done black for mine (mine is blue).

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I too find the wider hood preferable. Here's ours, good luck!

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oldbat2be: I see you cleverly added some slim lower cabinets each side of the range, so now your uppers align with lowers. That backsplash is amazing. Is it tile?

Would love to see if anyone has pictures of a regular pro style stainless range hood wider than range, with flanking cabinets.

Thank you everyone!

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Hi Buffalotina,

I have a 30 inch wide range with a 36 inch wide hood. I have about a 2 inch gap (my choice) between the flanking cabinets and the hood.

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farncoise47: Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love it. I had not seen this as I have not been on kitchens in quite while but I remember you posting while I was doing my kitchen.

Your photo is very helpful. May I ask what your hood is and if you are happy with it? Thank you!

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Thanks, BT. I love that range. One of my favorite things!

I suppose the grass is always greener -- I kinda wish I had the boldness to get a colored range. But I played it safe. I do like it, I just sometimes get wistful....

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Angie, found your comment interesting. I have a bottle green Blue Star 30 RNB. Love the range, but like Tina have often thought may-be I should have gotten black or brown-black rather than green. I do like the green with the wood, and it restates the green used throughout our house, but still I sometimes think I should have gone with something more neutral, and that black or stainless would have been more "authentic" looking as we have a period looking kitchen.

Do not want to hijack Tina's thread -- may-be we should do a thread on color range -yes or no?

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Hi Buffalotina,

Yes, I remember your charming kitchen well.
It was one of my favorites.
I was very inspired by it when I first joined GW.
I even tried out a Blue Star range after seeing your kitchen.
I hope you are having lots of fun cooking on it.

My range hood is Best by Broad K42.
I've been very happy with it.
Link to the product sheet below.

For anyone who didn't get a change to see Buffalotina's beautiful vintage kitchen, here is a peak:

Here is a link that might be useful: Best K42 vent hood

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My first and current kitchens are below. Both have 36" ranges with 42" hoods.

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beekeeperswife: I am wondering what your current range and hood are? Both of your kitchens are awesome! Thank you! Tina

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I have a 36" Blue Star 6 burner rangetop. I have a 42" Independent vent hood w/ 1200 cfm fan. The hood is 27" deep. Independent is now defunct but I bought it from a distributor who had leftover units off eBay.

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I wish I had found GW before I signed on the dotted line or I would have gone wider than the cooktop.

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beekeeperswife: Were you able to find an independent blower for your hood or did you go third party? There is an independent hood on ebay right now which is really nice, but not sure where my friend could get the blower.

a2gemini: There are things in my kitchen that I know now from GW but which were not done as I would have liked. I know what you mean, this resource is invaluable!

Thank you all!

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Oh please do a thread on color ranges.

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