chrome faucet ok with SS appliances, sink?

adel97November 17, 2010

I didn't realize there is such a big price difference in chrome vs. SS faucets in the same style! I have chrome Grohe faucets in all my baths and love them, but the SS faucet I like for the kitchen would be an unexpected splurge (even at Would it look odd to have the kitchen faucet, soap dispenser and filtered water tap all in chrome with SS sink, appliances and cabinet pulls?

I should note, I am going for a contemporary, modern look and plan to use one of the white quartz products (Silestone yukon blanco or Caesastone organic white) on perimeter counters and brushed Cambrian granite on the island. Cabinets will be dark stained cherry, slab or shaker. I feel like SS would "go" better but I'm not a design maven.

If I do get the SS faucet, I will also have to spring for a SS soap dispenser and filtered water tap, so the difference will add up, but I don't want to make a serious design mistake. Is it?

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful opinions.

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I agree-I had wanted SS but decided on all chrome Grohe products because of the price difference. I too worried about having SS appliances with chrome faucets but I am ok with it and like it-even with the SS cabinet pulls. I've attached a photo that sorta shows our chrome faucet with SS stuff. I have the dark burgundy maple cabinets and Blanco SS sinks.

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Chrome is a classically excellent choice. This is one of those things that makes a difference to you in planning but won't be substantial enough of a difference once your beautiful kitchen is in.

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sammie, I love your kitchen! Your faucet does look great! Your palette seems very similar to mine. I will even have to have a similar cabinet-covered soffit over a pass-though in my kitchen over the sink because of the HVAC. Is your kitchen on FKB yet? ( I couldn't find it.) Wold you mind telling me what your backsplash is?

sabjimata, thank you for the reality check!

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I did read somewhere that chrome is the way to go when water is involved.
I have stainless appliances, chrome faucet and will have polished nickel cabinet hardware.

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FWIW, some food for thought while you are deciding:

1) Chrome will look just fine with your SS appliances and sink, and in fact, will add a little sparkle which is nice (we chose the polished chrome finish for our ceiling fan, despite choosing SN handles for our cabs--the fan co.'s SN/BN finish was very dull-looking and a very muddy color at that that--it looks awesome in the chrome, much more special than it would have in the other, drab finish).

2) Most of the faucets I've seen do look prettier in chrome than they do in SS or SN.


3) Chrome does show spotting more readily than SS, so you might be wiping it down more often to keep that shiny, clean look. I've chosen some things for our home, knowing that they will require a little more "upkeep" or attention in order to remain nice, while rejecting others as being, not worth the effort (for me).

4) Grohe's SS is SS through and through--we chose SS for our Ladylux Cafe faucet because we felt the finish would hold up best through the inevitable bumps and banging that occur when we wash stuff in our sink (e.g. "buffing" out some of the "damage" if need be).

Hope this helps--you can't go wrong either way! :-)

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I was going to go with chrome too. I liked the bling factor it added to the kitchen. But when I was at the showroom checking them out, I hated the fingerprints I saw. I decided we were doing stainless right then. I didn't want to be driven crazy by the spots and fingerprints.

Whatever you choose will look great though.

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"I didn't realize there is such a big price difference in chrome vs. SS faucets in the same style!"

A chrome finished faucet is a brass faucet with a layer of chrome plating.

A stainless steel faucet is solid stainless steel, not a plated article.

Steel is markedly harder to make small intricate shapes from then brass.

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I wanted stainless and we bought a Ladylux that had a stainless pull-out head. I found that I saved about $100 over what was asking by searching the net for the model we wanted. I had read complaints of splashing when using the tall models, so the Ladylux that had a very low rise looked wonderful to us. I will have to go through a ton of unfilled receipts to find where I got it, but if you're interested I can look it up.

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sharonite: Thanks. The backsplash is called midiblanco....if you do a search of sammiecanada I put all my details under a title called finally finished....I haven't done the FKB because we aren't quite finished-just got the electrical plugs changed to dark ones in the peninsula etc. (and of course still have the ugly orange blanket as a curtain)! I also sent you a private email.

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I think chrome is classic and a great choice! It looks good no matter what color appliances you choose :-)

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I did chrome and am so glad I did! It adds a sparkle that I think works so well in a modern kitchen. I have stainless appliances, sink and toekicks.

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Some recipes for stainless are very bright and light, while others are gray.
Some recipes for chrome are very bright and light, while others are tinny or grayish.

Sometimes it's not solid stainless steel, but they call it stainless steel.
Usually, if it's called a "finish" it's a layer of stainless using PVD.
The manufacturer will tell you if you ask.
A few manufacturers make all three types:
1/ plated chrome finish on something else like brass
2/ plated stainless finish on something else like brass
3/ solid stainless steel through and through
I have seen stainless finish faucets where the plating process produced different hues on different parts. The body and the handspray.

Under the finish, the article might be brass or a plastic part which could be high quality resin or low quality plastics.
The handspray is where they most often use a lighter weight material, not brass.

For a very high quality product, I might trust the manufacturing and feel comfortable ordering sight unseen. Not for a mid range manufacturer like Kohler.


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I'm feeling good about chrome around my sink, thanks to everyone who replied. I now quite like the thought that they will add a little bling...

The Grohe chrome faucets are shiny and beautiful, very solid, so I have no fears about that. Another plus about going with all chrome is that it will be easier to match the soap dispenser and water filter tap as chromes are morel likely to look similar than the various manufacturers' SS or SS finishes.

Thanks everyone!

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Glad you made a decision sharonite. One more decision off your list!

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