Calling AboutToGetDusty: Info on your backsplash frame

mommy2nkNovember 27, 2012

Hi AboutToGetDusty,

I saw in a recent post a picture of your backsplash frame over your range and I fell in love!!! It looks so beautiful and I was hoping to get some more information from you on it. I am leaning towards white/whiteish subway tile as the over all backsplash with something framed above the range. My granite is going to be satin Maroon Cohiba which is very dark. The color is kind of blackish, brownish, charcoalish, it's kind of hard to describe. What I noticed about the more recent slabs vs. what I had seen last year is that they look more dark charcoal now. I still love the look but it is throwing me off on ideas for the frame above the range. Your's really caught my interest as a possibility. Whatever information you can give me I would really appreciate ie: sizing, how it was assembled, etc. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Thanks, mommy2nk! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I'm sitting here working at the computer and I keep staring at my mosaic. It was love at first sight and still makes me swoon :-) It's Artistic Tile's Granada Smoke Glass and Stone Water Jet Mosaic. I love that it has cool greys and warm beige...pulls everything together in my house.
It was really pricey, but luckily I found a perfect white undulated field tile for $3.50/sqft for the rest of the backsplash, so in the end it worked out budget-wise. Artistic Tile was great to work with. Make sure you look at the links I provide. It does not come in a 20x20 square (like I originally thought). To make the square for behind the range, I needed two and then my talented contractor pieced everything together. He laid everything out - it was like a puzzle! So I'd make sure whoever is doing the installation is especially skilled! I bought pencils in smoke from Artistic to frame the piece. The contractor put a sealer on it, and I just clean it with dish soap and water (so far so good, and I cook a lot!)
Artistic posts a different kitchen with the mosaic used all over as the backsplash - check it out! Good luck - I'll be curious to see what you wind up doing. Happy kitchen planning :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Artistic Tile mosaic specs

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Here's the main Web page for the mosaic...

Here is a link that might be useful: Artistic Tile's Granada Smoke Glass and Stone Water Jet Mosaic

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One more's mixed materials - glass and marble. The leaf shapes are in glass - really pretty and reflective. I was lucky AT had it in stock when I was looking. Sometimes with their stuff you have to special order - it just depends on the timing. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dusty's kitchen

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You only needed 2 pieces? That's wonderful! You helped me earlier while I was looking into the Chrysanthemum Calacatta Gold With Mother of Pearl(13-3/8" x 16-1/2" interlocking sheet) Perlamarmi series. I did not realize it wasn't in sheet form. I was thinking 4 sheets to make a square.

Thanks for the good news! (Still in very early pre-planning stage, but it's good to know) I am also glad to hear that Artistic tile was really helpful to you!

Do you think an installer from what ever tile store we use to purchase the remainder of the tile would be good to install, or should we look for someone more skilled?


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Drewem, the guy that did my tile is awesome - he used to make his own cabinetry and now works for the head contractor that did our kitchen. He is really skilled at cabinetry, tile, etc. I showed him a transom on that I liked and he just recreated one just like it by eye. Maybe call Artistic Tile and see what they recommend? I originally bought one "20x20" piece from a local store...when we realized it wouldn't work (what an odd shape - I think the water jet was originally designed for flooring?!) I called my local store and asked why I was sold a "20x20" piece that was by no means a square. I'm not sure who picked up the tab (local store or AT), but because the sample had "20x20" written on it, I was not charged for the second piece. The second piece came within days :-) I would also explain to AT the size square you are trying to make and ask them how many pieces will be needed. With two for my size above the range, I had enough to make the square and a pretty little trivet.

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Thank you so much! I found a local showroom that carries this line and I saw it in person yesterday. It really is beautiful! He did explain to me that it could be difficult to make a square because it is in pieces. He said it can be done but material will be wasted. When you say you bought two, what makes up one piece? In the link it shows an almost circular piece with a squarish piece, is that one piece?
I was also excited because on Houzz I had seen a basketweave backsplash. I searched online for it but came up with nothing, well this showroom has that line and many others. I am attaching a link to the basketweave backsplash. I am planning on only having a decorative frame and then using subway tiles as my field tile. I will have to take a look at the subways you used. Do you know who carries those?

Here is a link that might be useful: Basketweave backsplash

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Thanks Dusty! :)

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You're welcome :-) Mommy2nk - yup, that odd shaped circular-star with the side thing is one piece - comes in a square box. So my guy figured out how to use the second piece to fill in the missing parts of the puzzle to make a square. The leftovers - turned into a pretty trivet! And I love my surprise "wasted" trivet - I leave it out on the counter all the time. So really I feel there was not much waste :-)
The field tile - it was just listed as "Gabriella warm white 3x6" - not sure who made it but it's a great knock-off against the more expensive hand-made undulated field tile. I got it through my local Artistic Tile dealer, and they got the field tile through Wayne Tile, in Wayne NJ (not sure where you are located?)
That basket-weave is very pretty btw!

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