Sharb-inspired Pantry Done!

buehlNovember 4, 2008

We finally finished our DIY Sharb-inspired pantry! (Sorry folks, no chandelier!)

Here are the pics....

Come visit my pantry...

The door opens...

The left side...

The left side has 15" deep shelves and holds, top-to-bottom, cereals, snacks & drinks, gluten-free foods, cookbooks & appliance manuals, two bins--one for yams & one for white potatoes, and toaster oven & coffeemaker on the floor. (Small appliance shelf now holds cookbooks. Toaster Oven & coffee maker are now on the floor.)

The right side...

The right side has 12" deep shelves and holds, top-to-bottom, paper towels, baking/cooking supplies (next 3 shelves), small appliances, more baking supplies. The floor has a stool & paper plates & plastic cups. My extra oven racks are leaning against the far right wall. Eventually, we will be mounting our broom & dustpan there. (Don't know where the extra oven racks will go.)

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Very very nice!

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Looks great! Super organized, but not in a bizarre showroom 12 Pelligrinos and 8 Tabasco Sauces kind of way.

OT Don't you love Pamela's Baking Mix? I had almost given up the thought of ever eating fluffy pancakes again.

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Very nice! I love the idea of putting potatoes in the dish pans. My pantry cabinets are getting put in on Saturday. I can't wait to start organizing it!! I think I'll use one of the shelves for cookbooks. I also love your door. Where did you get it?

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Really nice, buehl! Since I don't know who (or what?) Sharb is, I will just call it my buehl inpried pantry! : )

I also love the idea of using the colorful plastic tubs for potatoes, etc. If there is a bad potato in the bin, it won't ooze all over when it gets icky. And selecting sizes would be so much easier than out of the bag, as well.

Good job!


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WOW! What a great use of space! We are thinking of converting a coat closet to a pantry and your pantry has given me some great ideas. Thank for posting.

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Great pantry! I used to have those tupperware canisters in orange!!! Showing our age hahahahahaha!

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VERY nice! Love the door and the beadboard. My Mom had those Tupperware containers in harvest gold!

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LOL Cheri127! They may be old but I've had those canisters since my first kitchen (and I'm not going to admit when that was!)

Thanks everyone! It took us awhile...we did it DIY and we're not only rather inexperienced, but we both work full time & have so many kids' activities!

The pantry door is from Feather River Doors, their interior door "Theme Collection" ( I special ordered it from Home Depot.

BusyBMe...I was thinking of getting those baskets you see on sites like Rev-A-Shelf, but I just couldn't see spending so much $$$ on them. As I was doing dishes one day in our no-kitchen stage using the basins in the upstairs bathtub, I realized they would be perfect for potatoes! And, like you pointed out, they'd be easy to clean!

Sharb is a GWer who has this wonderful kitchen & pantry, Her pantry even has a chandelier! She's in the FKB.

Laxsupermom...yes, not just pancakes but waffles and decent brownies as well! I use a modification of Pamela's brownie mix and they taste almost as good as my locally famous gluten-laden brownies! I live out in the "sticks" and it's tough to get gluten-free foods nearby, but at least a couple of the local grocery stores carry a few Pamela & Gluten-free Pantry products.

Painting is next on the agenda, then installing the trash foot pedal and the soft-close dampers on the doors.

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That's lovely. I had thought about a Sharb-esque pantry door for my pantry, but my pantry is always looking jumbled, and even with a frosted door, I was concerned people could see just how messy my pantry is. So I have a solid door.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sharb's kitchen, I have linked it below. I don't think she has posted here in a while, but I remember when she first posted her pics, it generated tons of Kitchens Forum buzz. Oh, that backsplash! Those chandeliers! The gargantuan island! The burgundy range and hood! The custom inset cabinetry! And of course, the pantry with its own chandelier (natch).

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharb's Kitchen

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Ohmigosh, I love that pantry door! I never thought of a glass door like that, and now, I am thinking of putting one on my pantry, now that I have seen yours. Where did you buy that door? Does it need to be custom made? Is it expensive?

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Juliet3, I bought the door from Home Depot, special ordered. It's from Feather River Doors (Interior --> Theme Collection). Back in January I paid $249 for the 24" door plus $15 for the satin nickel hardware. It's the "PrimeAdvangage" finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feather River Doors

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Love it! Very pretty w/ the beadboard and brackets for the shelves. The left side alone holds more than my current horrible pantry. Congrats and great job!


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Thats bigger than our hospital room was!!!! i'm moving in tomorrow!!!

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LOL! It's actually only about 41" along the left wall (15" shelves) and 51" along the wall w/the 12" shelves!

It's really a "step-in" pantry, not a "walk-in" pantry!

It's smaller than our old pantry, but the old pantry had 18" deep shelves in a 3' deep x 6' long area that was always so disorganized. Things were always getting lost in there! The disorganization and "lost" problems I think were due in large part to the deep shelves and wasted space in front. I like this much better! The smaller size will force me to only store reasonable amounts of stuff in it and put the rest in the larger overflow pantry in the basement. I don't think there's enough room for anything to get lost in this one!

BTW...Originally, the current cookbook shelf was supposed to be for small appliances as well, but when I started putting things away in the kitchen I realized I had completely forgotten about providing a place for cookbooks!!!

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I love the pantry and that great door!

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My pantry will be here on Saturday and I can't wait to start organizing it! Your pantry gives me such great ideas. I am so undecided about the door though. Part of me just HAS to have that cool door, but the reasonable part of me keeps reminding me that I planned on putting a message center on the inside of the door so that won't work. I am afraid the reasonable side of me is winning.

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Love it! Great beadboard and shelves. I need a pantry lke that to help keep me organized.

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Looks great!! I'm jealous- a step-in or corner pantry was the one thing that I wanted but didn't get in my kitchen.

Also glad to see that the pantry worked out so well for you in the end. As I recall, your pantry was a victim of your KD's measuring disability and you had a bit of arm twisting- I mean replanning- to get to still be able to fit it in. It may be smaller than you originally planned, but it looks like a LOT fits in there!

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Thanks everyone!

Yes, Alku05, our pantry was a victim of the measurement issues! We lost 7" on the shorter wall and also lost the Message Center cabinets we had planned against the other end. Now we have a smaller Pantry and a Message Center niche rather than a real Message Center!

Ccombs1...our Message Center niche is recessed into the side wall of our pantry...perhaps you could do something like this? (Hooks for keys will be below the calendar but above the phone.)

Right now we're debating using regular paint inside the niche or chalkboard paint,. I don't suppose there's "white board" paint????

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I'll look when I get home and see if there isn't some place I can put a message center besides inside the pantry door. I REALLY want that door!! Too late for a niche although that would have been the ideal solution.

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Buehl, there's no such thing as white board paint, but you could cut-to-size a white board, or even glass and mount it in the niche. Then you could use white board markers on it.

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Alju beat me to the punch- I was going to suggest the same things. However, it also gives you the opportunity to go shopping, or antique hunting for one of those old-fashioned blackboards- I have one with a headless lady (head got knocked off somehow while in storage)- so I'm now looking too.

What a fancy schmanzy pantry- the beadboard is what does it- don't even need a chandelier! :>)

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I was afraid of that Alku05! We need to be able to hang the calendar and put in key hooks, so it needs to be something that you can drill holes in/hang something on w/o destroying it. I know there are some flexible, thin white boards out there. I wonder if you can buy a roll of it.....? Chalkboard paint may be cheaper & easier!

Thanks Raehelen...the pantry is one of my splurges...I really don't need all the beadboard & corbels, but I really like it and it makes me smile every time I look at it! Heck, every once in a while I still do a little twirl in the kitchen b/c I'm so happy with it...and I still frequently tell my DH & kids how much I love my kitchen (they just roll their eyes!) I'm thinking that a nice old-fashioned blackboard just may be the way to go...even if I have to find someplace else for the calendar! I'll have to look around and do some more thinking!

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Well, I had to have it. I went to Home Depot yesterday and ordered the same pantry door. I just love it!!


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LOL! I have quite a few things in my kitchen that I first saw and "just had to have" as well! The Pantry itself and the pantry door are actually two of them!

Good luck Cindy!

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Buehl, one of the things I love about your kitchen is that there is plenty of room to do that twirl! Even though my kitchen is on the small side, it does have a nice space for dancing as well. Quite necessary, in my book!

Re: white board material -- after I graduated college 100+ years ago, my new roommate and I bought a large piece of whiteboard material and mounted it on our living room wall. It came unframed and was cut to size. I think we got it at Home Depot (or maybe it was the former Hechinger's...I'm dating myself here!). I can't remember how we hung it on the wall -- I think we just screwed it in, and it didn't look real pretty. Who knows, with enough googling, you might find a clever way to do it.

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Wow, I'm so jealous. It stores so much, and in an attractive way.

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Pantry Plans:

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An organized pantry is such a joy! I'm inspired to go reorganize mine.

I haven't used it, but I've seen flexible "whiteboard" material sold in rolls at online marker board sites. I imagine it goes on like wallpaper.

We opted to use magnetic markerboard in our dropzone (cubbies, coathooks, message center, etc.). It's a silver/aluminum color, hangs on screws in the wall, and I put a row of magnetic hooks (from the Container Store) at the bottom for keys.

A neat idea for a calendar: the week over week magnetic marker panels (online & some office supply stores); the just completed week is wiped clean & repositioned out in the future.

Here is a link that might be useful: Week over week marker panels

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I also have those Tupperware canisters but my set only came with four.

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It's been so very long ago....but it's possible there was a 5th one that I bought at the time...but I can't say for sure!

[I store regular flour in the biggest, then bread flour, granulated sugar, confectioner's sugar, and, in the smallest, brown sugar. I do have to say, though, that since I was diagnosed w/Celiac Disease that the bread flour is hardly used anymore.]

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Just read the thread "The expanding facelift -- estimate". I thought I'd post a picture of the "final" look of the pantry door:

And the Niche recessed into its end:

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Here's an "expanded" view:

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Here's a pic of the slightly reorganized 12" deep shelves:

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Hi Buehl, I just decided to check out the kitchen forum today, not really looking because I'm remodeling. I ran across this and at first thought it was my pantry!
It is a compliment that you liked my pantry enough to do one like it. Yours looks great!
It's been a couple of years and I still enjoy my pantry, chandelier and all.

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I fell in love w/your pantry (and the rest of your kitchen & DR, for that matter!) the first time I saw it!

We only have 8' ceilings and my DH is 6'5" so a chandelier was out of the question! (We couldn't even put one in our Foyer for the same reason.)

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thought that we should reread and think about this pantry...thanks especially for the drawings of your plans, Buehl.

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I love this pantry.

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Updated view:

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I love your pantry and I was wondering where you got the corner vertical support bracket because I am having a problem planning my small space pantry.

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For anyone reading this thread late, I'm sure I've seen white board paint lately. I think it was in Lowes, but it could have been Home Depot.

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A few more construction details, if you please:

What type and thickness of shelf material did you use? Happy with the sag, or lack thereof?

How thick are the supports along the wall and along the ends?

Are the 12" shelves joined to the 15" shelves somehow in the corner?

I have about 2" more on the short wall, and 42" more on the long wall. Are you still happy with your mix of shelf spacings and widths after 4 years, or would you suggest any changes?


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I love that pantry door also. I saw one on another website a few weeks back and had my contractor order it for my pantry. He wanted it prehung so fortunately the company where he was getting the windows carried it Prehung. I personally don't think this looks country, didn't cross my mind.
However, our house well not really be a modern look and we'll have a smattering of antiques in the house so either way it well fit in.
Great looking pantrys! Gives me ideas for mine.

    Bookmark   January 1, 2015 at 7:51PM
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