Has anyone heard of Clearstone to protect marble - 15 yr warranty

lexmomof3November 19, 2012

It appears to be a new product in the US but has been sold elsewhere in the world. I'm wondering if it's really what it claims to be (15 yr guarantee against staining and etching) and if it's safe. I wonder why it has been sold in other parts of the world for 14 yrs but only now available in the US. I'm having a hard time researching this product because it's so new and the only info that comes up is from the manufactures website. I haven't seen anything on price but did see that it can only be applied by a qualified technician. I'm guessing it pricey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clearstone

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From everything I've read about marble, the products that prevent etching make the stone look plasticy and fake. It would have to be an awfully thick coating to prevent etching. I would want to see a decent sized sample of sealed stone in order to see and touch for myself.

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ask if it's the same product as "hydroshield". I've seen that and it's not at all conspicuous and provides excellent protection. it was about $12-15 per sq. ft. so not cheap.

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Hi from Clearstone Australia yes it has taken some time to get over to the USA with our product, the research and development has been slow and expansive however it is now here in the USA , and it works, you can have a look at the Australian web site www.innovativecomposites.com.au for more info also have a look at www.marblecarerestoration.com it shows a kitchen top in West Palm Beach FL which was coated in May this year, Clients are very happy with the out come, and now all they need do to keep this looking good is clean it with a damp soft cloth, and furniture polish now and than.

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I would ask to contact the people in West Palm to see how it affected the texture. I used a sealant that protects against stains but not etches. It has a lifetime warranty. I did two thanksgivings - one for 17 and one for 31 and had no stains - plenty of spills - but no stains. And we served a pomegranite cosmo for the drink.

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Yes clearstone is a credible coating for calcite based stones such as marble,limestone,travertine etc.
The coating itself can be mechanically polished or honed.
It has a good warranty as well.
I have never been big on coatings as a stone refinisher we always like to attain natural polishes and matte finishes.
We have gotten to know the folks at clearstone and they are very reputable.The picture is a st laurent gold marble tabletop that was coated with clearstone.There are pros and cons to any type of coating. This coating is expensive and not for everyone but It will find a place in the american market.
Stu Rosen

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I have never had much of a stain problem with my marble counter top--and it is Thassos. It etches like crazy, though. Cranberry glop left overnight after Thanksgiving left a new etch, but no stain. The marble was sealed with 3 coats of Hydrex in early November--first sealant used in 6 years. Cost about $60 in materials.

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Hi Staining and Acid Etching two total different things, it is hard to Stain Marble, Limestone, etc, it is easy to etch them and that is what we protect against best, we had a Motel try 25 different sealers on their marble coffee tables not one worked, they are now coated with Clearstone.

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Every stone has its own composition and structure.
Some stones are very porous in nature some arent.
When these type of stones are polished they are more resistant to staining than when they are honed.

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So has anyone tried this product yet? The only thing holding me back from doing a Calcutta or statuary counter top has been the etching. Hopefully this product does what it claims.

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Yes clear stone is available on most of stone and marble stores. It makes your stone more shinning and increase its life.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble Restoration

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Sophie Wheeler

You might as well get laminate as coat marble with plastic. It diminishes the depth of the stone and reduces it's tactile appeal. Seriously, the Formica laminate version is about equal to real marble with a plastic coating. And about a dozen times cheaper.

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^^Yes, that.

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hollysprings and greenhaven:

Have either of you seen and felt Clearstone in person?

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No, sir, I have not. That shine would turn me off in a New York minute, but I freely admit to that being a personal preference. If I put in marble I want the patina. To spend the cost of marble and installation then the cost of the sealer on top of that it would be very difficult to justify the expense for a look I would hate.

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I've seen a piece. Treated 50/50. The marble WAS "duller" in depth, but it wasn't etched like the other half, which was a heck of a lot "duller" than where it started out honed. My fabricator was considering dealing with it but doesn't do enough marble to justify. The location where I live wouldn't support the extra costs it brings to the table either. Maybe somewhere with more money, like NYC or LAX would be able to keep busy applying the stuff, but not here.

And no, I didn't like it. Even compared to the etched marble, I didn't like it. I'd rather have etched real marble than something that looked "just not quite right". IMHO.

For those who can't deal with marble's patina, truly, just don't get marble. If you still want the look, there are plenty of other surfaces that will give you the look without the headaches.

Formica 180FX

Traditional Kitchen Countertops by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers ProSource Memphis

Cambria Torquay.

Transitional Tile by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers ProSource Memphis

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I wasn't planning on Clearstone when we purchased our marble tops but I happened upon one of the two or three fabricators in my state at a local tile store.
I had it applied to my small marble laundry room countertop. LWO is correct, the marble appears duller, the veining less vivid. It still looks like marble though, not one of the faux marbles. What I didn't like is that it made my very white marble dingy looking, giving it a slightly gray haze. I'd rather have etching than the discolored look. It may be fine on a different colored marble but I'd advice a large "test piece" as it is expensive to have applied & most likely expensive to have it removed.

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Live wire, if you know something that looks like marble, I'd so love to hear what it is so I can stop searching already. I've looked at everything I can and not found anything yet. There are no quartz or marbles I've seen that can be so white. I do not want Formica, laminate, etc. If you have another option that's nice and white with subtle movement in it, please let me know. Thanks

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Sophie Wheeler

Hanstone Tranquility

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sorry but the fake marble looks fake. I actually am one of those that likes her marble shiny- THE SHINER the BETTER.. High polished look.

I hate the look of patina, yes it's wear and tear but to me it looks dirty and sloppy.

I'm hoping since this thread this product is available nationwide and I can purchase it protect my shiny marble :)

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I had Clearstone installed on our new quartzite tops about a year ago. I did extensive research and thought we had found a good product. The Clearstone dealer led us to believe the product was worth the money as it was the best on the market he has seen in his so many years of business. When asked what the only flaw, I was told the price. We paid +$50 dollars a foot to have something scratches very easily. The installer came out post 6 months to clean up scratches because I complained.

The installer came out (to buff the tops) and the tops looked better, but after 2-3 months of use the scratching is coming back. As part of the sales pitch by both Clearstone USA website and the installer/vendor, scratching was played down. There are small scratches and large scratches. The clearcoat application makes the tops looks less stoney and more plastic like. The scratching makes them look like cheap plastic counters. My kitchen was a high end kitchen remodel (>$100,000). I am thankful we did not put Clearstone on every counter (only islands). We opted for a manufactured stone around the perimeter. The Clearstone on our quartzite looks so bad, that I plan on having new counters reinstalled without the Clearstone.

I don't understand how someone can market a product that prevents etching but scratches easily.

Stay away from this product as it easily scratches and does not look good when it has scratches on it.

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Hi crusader10,

Is possible for you to post some photos about scratches ?

I really like to see it. I am looking for solutions for Calcutta black for my countertop now. I almost sold about clearstone until i saw your posting.
Please share thanks

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To Crusader10

Something is a miss with your story to start with if you had Quartzite installed as your tops why would you want it coated Quartzite in its pure form is harder than glass , and has no problem with etching and staining, also it is very rare and expansive, so why than are you going to remove it and put something else in its place, why not remove the Clearstone and repolish the tops.We don't hide the fact that Clearstone scratcher's and chips it dose the same as marble , however it is much easier to repair than marble and cheaper, we have returned to kitchens here in Australia where the marble was coated 6 years earlier and re sanded and repairied any chips and deep scratcher's , and it looks new again the clients could not had been happier, it takes a lot to scratch it however it will happen , i have seen stainless steel tops with a lot of scratching.
Im sorry you had so much trouble with your top i would like to see it can you post a photo.

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Mikileica - I did the Clearstone on my laundry room countertop as a test run for my kitchen counters, white Danby Imperial marble with a 2" Ogee edge. The Clearstone gave the white marble a slight grayish cast which is very noticeable with the whiter Ogee edge. Clearstone was not applied to the vertical surface of the edge as Clearstone can only be applied to horizontal surfaces. I much prefer the look of my natural white marble to the marble with the Clearstone. For me, it is all about the color change. I'm not familiar with Calcutta Black but if it is not white, you might not notice a color change.
My laundry room top is bulletproof with no significant scratching. There is another GW member, Duffydawg, who recently had Clearstone applied to his white marble & is happy with the result. You might reach out to him for his first hand experience. Google "Clearstone duffydawg gardenweb" & you should be able to find his post.
As far as Crusader10's post, Clearstone can be removed. It was one of my first questions when I was considering it. Not an inexpensive process but likely cheaper than countertop replacement.

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