Screw up to work in my favour- getting a Super Susan- Pics plse!

raehelenNovember 19, 2007


Kitchen guy was here last week doing final measure (again) for granite counters. (Hopefully to be installed this week- fingers crossed). When I asked if he had had any luck finding the innards for my Lazy Susan cabinet- he said he'd look again- Anyhow- LSS- when I phoned a few days later to check again- he still hadn't found it, and was going to go shopping locally for another one- so I said, "Well... since you haven't got it anyways... how about building me two wooden bases on turntables, cuz the LS I have in the other corner (very pretty looking chrome shelves with centre pole)isn't able to hold heavy things without tipping? I knew I meant a Super Susan, but figured he wouldn't be familiar with the term, so I tried to explain what I wanted.

He said sure- he didn't see why not, and figured it would be easy to make. When I said the only drawback would be that the top shelf wouldn't be adjustable- he said "why not?", thinking that there would be holes like in all the other cabinets- turns out there're not (as I foresaw), so I have two questions:

1) Could anyone please post pics of the insides of their Super Susans- for clarification- that means a Lazy Susan with a wooden base on a turn table, not shelves suspended from a centre pole. I would like as many versions as possible please- as my KG hasn't made them before. Do they utilize more interior space? My chrome LS is back 4" from edge of front door- seems like there is some wasted space there?

2) I'm guessing that the best thing is to figure out the tallest item I would put in there- Breadmaker, food processor, etc. and place the top shelf high enough to get those in on the bottom.

3) OK- one more question- what do you store in yours, ie what's the best use of this large space (36" SS), versus using drawers (I will have two 3 drawer bases - one on either side)and a 18" wide pantry close by. I am thinking less-often used appliances on the bottom (I will also have a 42" wide appliance garage on the counter close to it- another thing to be made) This corner will the inside corner of my main food prep area one side will be a 66" long peninsula, the other counter goes for 15' (but includes sink too).

Thanks, and I see light at the end of the tunnel... I think...


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I can show you the configuration I have. I had to go and check to see if my shelf is adjustable and it is. So thanks for asking because now I have some taller things I'll put in there after I move the shelf.

There is additional space in the corners that could also be used for vases, etc. Hope this helps.

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Here's a picture of the one we put in the kitchen in our last house. It wasn't easily adjustable as the braces screwed in - they weren't just pegs. I stored pots & pans, mixing bowls and a few pottery serving pieces on it, but it could have held much heavier things (small appliances) with no problems. I stored big cutting boards on the edges - there was just enough room between the turntable and the cabinet wall to prop a couple thin items up vertically. I also stored my splatter screen there.

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenCraft Super Susan 36

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Thanks- those are great!

Please keep the pics coming- the more variations I see the better. Plus the voyeur in me loves seeing the inside of people's cupboards!


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DH made 2 for my mom that look just like natesgramma's...I don't have pictures, but they wouldn't look much different than hers. My mom loves them...Nothing falling down beside or behind like with other options, and she can load it with whatever she'd like.

I just had to say, though, that the title to your post looks like a good start to developing a Kitchenremodelopoly game! ;-D

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