Warming drawer at waist level? Do you like it?

Momto3kiddosNovember 30, 2012

I had always assumed my warming drawer would go under my double ovens until my appliance salesperson suggested otherwise. She said if it was higher, we could serve right out of it. Now I am planning to put it just under my chest high microwave. Do you have a setup like this? Do you l Ike it? The only thing I am concerned about is hot warming drawer sides that would be a danger when trying to serve out of it.

My husband thinks I am nuts to be so excited about the possibility of a warming drawer. And, with the new location, I am having dreams of cooking a fabulous dinner before going to church and returning home with a few friends and serving dinner right away straight from the drawer. I am also imagining the nights we are out with kids activities and I can plate up everyone's dinner and keep it in there until everyone arrives home. So much for TKO, I am TWDO. :)

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My waist high warming drawer is great. It is not large enough, however, to plate up four plates. I can keep two vegie dishes, a meat platter warm but four plates would be crowded. Plus the plates would be too warm to serve directly to hands or a table. The warm sides have never been an issue.

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Mine is under my 30" oven stack. I use it quite a bit simply because I need/want it. I read many times here that people who put theirs under the ovens didn't use it often because the location was not very user-friendly and that those who put theirs up higher used it more often. My WD was a last minute add-on after my cabs were almost completed. It was easy to swap the drawer under my ovens for a WD so I went for it.

I wouldn't worry about the hot sides any more than I'd worry about the hot oven door when open. Like Dretutz, I can't out 4 dinner plates side by side in mine. Mine, a KA, came with rails and racks like those found in ovens so I think I could use the racks to put two plates on top and two on the bottom. Instead, I always store the food in the bowls, tray, etc in which I either cooked the food or would serve the it instead of plating and warming.

Side note, I don't store food in it for serving for more than about 70-90 mins or so. I find that food that needs moist storage gets soggy and food that needs dry storage gets too dry after a certain period of time. (Mine has a switch for moist or dry storage.)

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Mine is under the counter and a utensil drawer in my island -- part of a 3 drawer stack. It isn't waist high, but high enough that it is easy to use and the placement is between my cooking zone and my table. That works well too. I know I would be one who would wind up not using one if it was under a double oven stack.

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