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onekeysgirlNovember 3, 2013

Embarking on new home project, this forum has been a wealth of information just reading other's posts. I am now in dire need of fresh eyes and thoughts on my pending kitchen . After waiting 6 years for permits, you'd think I'd have this all figured out by now, but, nope, not yet! I have this picture in my head, courtesy of countless kitchen & bath magazines, that I'm realizing may be both unrealistic and totally out of my budget!

About us... family of 3, 8 year old boy and a cat. Only one of us cooks (unless you call PB&J cooking). We eat in most meals and I cook from scratch. Love to entertain anywhere from 5-25, knowing this will happen more frequently with the space the new house has to offer.

About the project... this will be my forever house. Ground level. Concrete walls up, roof, doors and windows by Jan. (translation: I have to get my act together or I may be stuck with unchangeable things soon!)

Must haves... large one level island with generous seating, gas range with 2 ovens/ griddle, two refrigerators (either 2 basic 33" single door/ bottom freezer in kitchen or 1 36" french door in kitchen with back-up fridge in pantry) and 2 dishwashers. I REALLY like symmetry and clean lines, although not modern in style.

Things that are fixed... the wall placements and lengths, the gas, the water for sink on island although I have side to side wiggle room for actual placement, and the 2 windows- they can be shrunk in width if needed to allow room for proper range hood size.

Things that are variable... the door to pantry, the pantry layout, the laundry room layout, even the wall between the laundry and pantry. Possibility of recessing refrigerators into pantry/ laundry room wall. I'm open to any ideas to best use the space. I'm not interested in wet bar now, plumbing will be in wall for future use.

The floor plan I'm posting is architect's drawing (not by a KD). It was used for rough plumbing/ gas in ground slab/ walls. The dimensions are on the plan- there's an overall of kitchen and surrounding areas and a close up of the kitchen and pantry. Plus I'm posting my two favorite "inspiration" pictures.

My budget... splurge item will be a gas range, at this point a five star 48" all gas or smeg 48" dual fuel. Budget to some, splurge to me. 2 ovens a must and I don't want real estate/ expense of wall ovens. Stainless 48" hood, non-designer refrigeration (size and function more important than name), mid-level DWers, single bowl 36" sink, undecided on farmhouse or undermount. Don't care if MW is in kitchen or pantry, just don't want to look at it. Maybe a drawer unit?

In my mind...(left to right) the range wall layout is pantry 18, ref 33, drawers 33, range 48, drawers 33, ref 33, pantry 18. I don't need the pantry space (with walk in) but know there needs to be something btw wall and refrig so this at least gives a place for pots and pans and serving pieces on roll trays. and the island is trash 18, sink 36, DW, DW, drawer 24 (roughly 10.5' by 4')

Seems like I've written a novel. I hope this gives adequate information to get a few replies. Any and all help greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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Overall house plan... couldn't figure out how to put multiple pics in one post. Also realized I didn't address the wall height. 9' on range wall with open ceiling in all kitchen/ living room areas (to approx 22' in middle) So 96" cabinet height to capitalize on the high ceilings Also planning on putting a dining table in front of angled 9' sliding doors with hutch or server in area labelled wet bar.

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Inspiration Number 1 The windows, the range as feature wall, the dual refrigerators. Large island with sink although I'd like seating not another bank of cabinets on back side. What's not to love?! (the price??)

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Inspiration Number 2...not quite as perfectly perfect as number 1, but striking to me all the same. The large island with the leg posts, the awesome range hood. Pretty simple but classy looking.

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That's going to be very handsome, Onekeysgirl. I really like that first one especially.

I notice that there is no room for working implements in the island, i.e., knives and other hand tools, bowls, cutting boards, etc. Do you feel you know where you will do your daily meal prep? A nonissue if that's on the back wall and the island will only be for cleanup.

In any case, since you are a family of 3, needing one DW, one refrigerator all day long most days, with occasional brief bursts of feeding crowds, I'd suggest making absolutely sure your kitchen is designed to work wonderfully every day, with priority of placement given to serving that primary requirement. Then add in the entertainment extras so they work well too, but with no sacrifice of everyday function.

Your thought of moving extras not needed for daily use to the pantry sounds excellent, as much as possible.

If you intend to prep on the island, the obvious place would seem to be on the pantry and refrigerator side of the sink, meaning that that DW would become the "extra," shiftng elsewhere, perhaps to the back wall with a matching front panel? Or, perhaps an area within the pantry could become an ancillary (party) cleanup center. Mess could be shifted in there completely out of sight.

FWIW, in these days of extravagance of possessions, I've become big in general on the idea of improving function, where needed, by NOT insisting on storing all of them in the kitchen -- to avoid both unnecessary clutter and the inefficient spread resulting from need for extra storage.

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Good information, Rosie. Thank you. I have definitely been focused on the "form" not the "function". I've been picturing the room, not working within it.

I know it does sound gluttonous to want 2 of everything. To try to justify, we live in a quasi-remote area so I definitely hit the "big city" to stock up, hence needing two fridge/freezers, plus weekly produce from CSA. And with one sink front and center, two dishwashers are intended to be a place to stash and clean everything including pots and pans so there's not much out in the open.

I do like the idea of putting a DW on other side; unfortunately, the only water on the range wall is a pot filler so I don't know how easily a drain could be added for DW. Taking away pantries on ends of run, I could have about 49" of base cab to work with, split 24 for DW and a 24 drawer next to range.

On the island there is room for a 24 or 27" base cab, preferably drawers, at end after side by side DWers. This could be knives on top and every day dishes below, leaving the range wall flanking drawers for baking dishes, pots and pans and food storage containers with cooking utensils in top drawers. Small appliances in pantry.

I feel my prep will be split between island and next to range. Non cooked items on the island (salads, school lunches, pre-prep not for immediate cooking) and by the range for items to be cooked right then. Right now it all happens in a 2x3 corner btw sink and range so I've vowed to not have "corners" in this kitchen!! I'm determined to have the space emote serenity, not frantic, crowded clutter!

The pantry is to house items not for daily use and food. (and the microwave apparently, which is fine, I try not to use it for much but others in family insist there be one). With no basement or garage, this room will definitely be utilized fully.

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