Anyone use Watts Premier 53115 water filter?

CT_NewbieNovember 3, 2013

Hi! We need an undercounter water filter that can be split between a Rohl's tri-flow faucet and an icemaker? Our water test was essentially fine but the taste at the new house isn't as good as other tap water I'm used to so we think filtering out some of the chlorine might help.

We were considering the Watts Premier 53115 and liked that it had 3 stages of filtration but it said something about filtering out Fluoride. We have young kids and want the added fluoride.

Does anyone have experience with the Watts? If so, please share? What do you think of the water taste?

Also, does the plumber have whatever is needed on hand to connect the ice maker and faucet to the filter, even if the hoses are different sizes? I emailed the plumber and so far he hasn't emailed me back that there was something I needed to buy.

I posted this in plumbing but didn't get any replies. Guess they are more concerned with Reverse Osmosis in that forum

Thank you!

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I don't have any input on the Watts, but I did put a full flow water filter to my sink faucet and to the subzero ice maker. I am very happy with the unit, and am drinking tap water at home for the first time since I moved in at the end of 2002!

You'll want to check out what exactly it filters out. I've linked the product for you.

I've also included a photo of what it looks like under my sink. There's a copper wire that goes to the fridge, and a regular tube going to the sink faucet.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3M Full Flow Drinking Water System

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I couldn't find anything when I googled that model number. If not RO, I suspect it is like the the Costco Model: 500380 I bought for my main sink, we like the water very much. I thought only RO took out fluoride, you may wish to call Watts and ask.

I put a separate in-line filter (also from Costco) on the line to the ice maker, and a third, full flow, Filtrete filter Model # 3US-PS01 on the prep sink so I wouldn't need a dedicated faucet and extra granite hole there. I know that all sounds complicated, but I did explore the running of lines around my kitchen and decided that this was the best option and would do it that way again.

I would not expect the plumber to have what is needed on hand, it is likely to be cheaper and more efficient for you to have extra supplies in advance and return unnecessary ones. I expected a plumber to have the necessary line to connect my range top to the propane outlet - and then spent over an hour in my car going to to get one on the other side of town while he (over) charged me for other work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Premier 3 stage

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Well, first off, fluoride is in no way beneficial, and should be removed from the water. It is not beneficial for children or your teeth, and you get more than enough throughout the day in all of the food products you eat. And should be removed from the water at all costs, and is actually being removed from many public water sources because it is so toxic. There aren't many devices on the market that can remove it, but reverse osmosis will. They will also remove all of the chlorine in the water, along with anything else harmful, and everything in the water. They can also be hooked up to your refrigerator.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aquasafe Systems

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Thank you all very much!

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