Pullout kitchen faucet for Kohler 45" Stages sink?

PollyGNovember 13, 2012

We are searching for a faucet for my Kohler 45" Stages sink. We would like one faucet. Can the current owners share the pros and cons on the mounting location? Should it be the center of the bowl or the entire sink?

We prefer a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet. How do I know it will reach both ends of the Stages sink? The specs mentioned "spout reach." Most of them are 9", but I cannot find how "long" the faucet is after it is pulled out. What is the number I should be looking for to find this information?


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Can't help you, but laurainlincoln's kitchen is one of my favorites. She has a Kohler 45" and she used 2 faucets, I am sure she won't mind me telling you how lovely her kitchen is! Here is a link to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: laurainlincoln's finished kitchen

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I have this same question. I liked the 2 faucets but was thinking of getting a cold/insta-hot water dispenser faucet and one regular faucet. Not sure which main faucet to get and where to place it. Any input?

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I've had the Stages 45 for 18 months with a Delta Leland stainless faucet. I'm very happy with the faucet which is centered on the deep area of the sink. The pull-down easily reaches the entire width of the sink and is especially useful for rinsing cleanser from the shallow area. I put the faucet on spray and carefully aim it to rinse.

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I think the hose lengths of most faucets are listed in the specs on plumbing supply websites. I'll link the site I used for many, many months of research. Click on the faucet you like and check the specs. If the hose length isn't listed, try asking a question in the Q/A section at the bottom of the product page. I always got great answers when I did that. HTH!

Here is a link that might be useful: Faucetfdirect

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