Single vs Double Vessel Farmhouse Sink

building_a_houseNovember 7, 2012

Which do you prefer and why?

The wife is torn. Trying to help her out.

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We got the double vessel cast iron sink. It had this illustration about how it becomse a single vessel sink for cleaning larger items if you just fill up both sides enough. We hate it and it's been 6 years, we wish that we had gotten the single vessel one it would have a lot more versatile. It is NOT easy to clean anything big, it's a huge pain, there's really no benefit to having the two smaller sides at all. Soaking things is impossible. I can't really pinpoint all the reasons why we hate it at this moment, but we both hate it enough so that someday I'll spend the money to get the single vessel one I'm sure.

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It depends on how you use sinks. I have had both and prefer double bowls, but I'm in the minority. I like having a side to dry dishes in, instead of having a drying rack out on counter. I also like being able to have something daring in one side, and still be able to wash hands, fill a glass, etc.

For this remodel, I am planning on another double. I'm likely going to get the smart divide though, which seems to be the best of both.

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I just got a 30" single bowl as my only sink. The only time I've thought it might be nice to have the double again is when I've got the sink full of water and I'd like to scrape a dish into the disposal. Otherwise I love it and no regrets. If I had a larger kitchen with a gd in a prep sink I'd have no issues at all and it's really just a matter of doing things a little differently.

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I couldn't imagine not having a double until I found GW. I read from so many how they loved their single bowl sinks - who would have thought? We recently remodeled our kitchen and chose a single 30" farmhouse sink. I love to be able to fit everything in it. We also put in a prep sink. I think this is the best combo of all. One for dirty dishes and one for washing veggies, etc. If I didn't have the prep sink I might have gone with a double.

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