Alternate position for warming drawer--Give me your advice!

KevinMPNovember 8, 2012

Excuse the double post. For those of you who were keeping up with my remodel last month (, I was supposed to have a warming drawer in the wall unit. But when it came time to install it, I didn't like how it looked. Basically, I thought it stuck out too far, even if I replaced the stainless steel front with the maple drawer front--like an inch.

So my contractor and I came up with a new idea: install it opposite the wall unit through the backside of the blind corner cabinet that abuts the peninsula. If I were to do this, I would also take the opportunity to put a cabinet door underneath it so that I could access the blind cabinet from the other side, and I would also buy false door fronts for the remainder of the backside of the peninsula to finish it all off.

What do you think?

Here's the blind cabinet (to the immediate left of the dishwasher side of the peninsula.

And here's the backside of the peninsula which faces the wall unit.

This is what the warming drawer looks like. (Excuse the water spots from my raincoat, which is hanging on the coatrack above it.) It's a brand new Thermador 24" that I got on ebay for a steal (I offered a $200 bid) because it's about 5 years old and was leftover in a warehouse).

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Are you saying you would put the warming drawer on the side of the peninsula that faces the table, not the kitchen?

If so, don't bother with a warming drawer at will most likely never use it for anything more than paper cup or paper plate storage!

A couple of years ago, there were threads on both the Kitchens and Appliances Forums asking if people used their warming drawers...

Overwhelmingly, people fell into one of two camps:

(1) Yes...and...their warming drawers were located either next to or across a shallow aisle from their cooktop or range

(2) No...and...their warming drawers were located more than a couple of steps away from their cooktop or range - usually in an oven stack and often under double ovens.

What we took away from this is that IF your warming drawer is near the cooktop or range, it's easy to get to and it's used a lot.

IF your warming drawer is too far away or too much of a hassle to get to (too low as well as too far away), it's not used much, if at all.

My recommendation is don't do it! It's up to you, though.

Good luck!

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"Are you saying you would put the warming drawer on the side of the peninsula that faces the wall unit, not the kitchen?"

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I would definitely use it because ovens on pro-style ranges are small, and where I'd be putting it (across from the wall unit on the back side of the peninsula towards the opening in the dining room) provides easy access to the peninsula, which I often use to serve food as well as the dining room in the adjacent area.

It's just that for $200, I wouldn't mind eating it and not installing it, or just sucking it up and putting it in the wall unit where it belongs (I have, after all, paid for an outlet to be put in the wall behind the drawer already).

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I am in the camp with a drawer near my oven & I use it. But I think I would use it even if I had to walk to it, so that part doesn't concern me. What I noticed was that the space seems small - if you pull the drawer out, will you have room to be standing in front of it to lift out whatever is in there?
And it is right across a doorway - is there any traffic when you're preparing meals? I find I need a lot of space, whatever is in there is usually hot, I need potholders & wouldn't want anyone near me. The drawer has to pull out most of the way to safely pull things out. I wouldn't want to be standing to the side of it.
So I might vote no, also.
(nice kitchen!!)

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Love your kitchen - it looks really nice so far.

Does your oven have a warming feature - maybe you could use the second oven for warming for the times you really need it.

If you have room on the other side and like the look - go for it - but realize it may not be totally functional. You can think of it as a serving buffet - keep foods warm closer to the table.

I wanted a warming drawer but could not find a good spot for it - I wanted cabinets even more.

Or you could post again on eBay!

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Whatever you decide with the drawer, I agree not to put it in the wall unit wall. That's perfect as is.

Do like the idea of having doors on the peninsula for accessing the blind cab space. You have the thing... seems a shame not to use it. But, will it block the doorway entirely when open?

Only you know if you 'need' it or not I guess.

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