Keep second guessing layout and this big of a fridge and freezer

ccdipNovember 8, 2012

We have a really big kitchen and are creating a very open floorplan. We entertain alot have two small children and I like to cook. We eat pretty much no processed food so that is why I want a large fridge and freezer. Planning on using the frigidaire pro freezer/fridge with trim set. wolf 48" range and doing a big vent hood over.

Any and all suggestions/criticisms welcome. Thanks so much in advance!

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I think it looks great. Very similar to the layout I have and I absolutely love the workflow of it. It lets family access fridge and snacking area without being in the cooking and prep zone. I'm assuming the side counter area is for coffee and light snack making? You might consider adding a small bar sink there if so.

We also have the large all fridge and all freezer like you are contemplating. Best thing ever ... man I hated having to go into the garage freezer in our pre-remodel days. Would never go back. And the fridge produce drawers are enormous. You will love the big fridge and freezer for sure.

The only real change I'd suggest is moving the sink off-center in the island. I'd put the dw at the end cabinet by the door and sink right beside it, to give you a larger and more useful prep space to the right of sink. In my experience, the 24" to the left of the sink is plenty of space for the cleanup zone, and I much prefer the extra space for the prep zone.

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Thanks taggie,
i think doing the hood like this or similar will balance out the massive size of the refrigerator and freezer. I just keep second guessing myself:)
i wish i could offset the sink but i'm a symetrical freak and it would bother me way to much to have it off centered.
i have that much room now on either side of my sink and it works out fine for food prep.

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I think the Frigidaire all f/f is a great choice ! I wish I had room for the freezer in my kitchen but we're still getting the fridge. I posted in a different thread how many times I've 'stopped in' to our local place that has the pair on display, just so I can open the door and oogle it. Glad to see Taggie post that the produce bins are big. That was my one concern. Love it and I'm guessing by the AJ Madison reviews that you will love them, too!

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If the size of them is freaking you out you could panel them/do the built in look. That way you ensure the stove and hood are the focal point in the room.

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You will love the fridge/freezer units. Best thing I did in my new kitchen. There are only two of us , although we cook and entertain a lot and they are perfect. I hope more manufactureres start making these perfectly sized 30" units. Mine are Elux and I couldn't be happier after 1 year.

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thanks everyone. i left a 48" wide aisle between fridge and island. is 48" ample room?

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With that size kitchen, and given your habits, I'd want a prep sink. Somewhere on the run between the fridge and the stove, I think.

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I think you will adjust very quickly to the size. I know I did in the last house when we went with a 48" fridge/freezer. I think it the plan looks very nice.

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I'm with bee above, you will quickly adjust to the size. I don't think you NEED to go overwhelmingly large with a mantle surround unless you really love that look in its own right.

You will also have the windows framing your range and hood, and they will draw the eye to your range wall naturally. Good luck and enjoy your reno and great new kitchen!!

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I am looking at a similar layout and fridge/freezer layout. One thing I'm considering is switching the usual freezer left, fridge right to the other way around. Basically freezer on the right, fridge on left. Freezer hinge on right, fridge hinge on left.

That way from cooking, you don't have to pull the fridge door towards the interior of the work area, but would face the open fridge from the left.

Seems unconventional, but also could eliminate clearance issues to the island.

Has anyone done something like that?

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bob4321, I thought the exact same as you and was very concerned about the direction of opening in the floor planning stage. We looked into switching them but it wasn't something that could be done with our models.

In hindsight I'm very glad as it would have been a waste of time and money because in real use it's truly a complete and total non-issue and something I never ever notice in practice.

My advice would be to at least try them as is before trying to rig something up. I'd wager almost anything that once they're installed you'll be fine with them too. It does seem surprising I know, but it's really true.

ccdip, I realize I forgot to answer a question above -- yes 48" is plenty sufficient. We have 44" between our f/f and island and it works perfectly.

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Taggie, was the f/f you installed a 30" fridge with 18" freezer? You are probably correct in that it's something I'm worrying about for no reason.

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The opening direction is a non-issue I agree with that. I was worried at first about our fridge dooe opening the "wrong" way but it never bothers me and I don't even think about it now that it is installed. These units do not allow you to swap door openings unfortunatley.

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We too will be having a layout very close to yours (someday). I'm a stickler about symmetry too so I totally understand where you're coming from about the sink being in the middle. Having the entire kitchen in symmetry and only the sink off center seemed off. The more I thought about it though we finally moved it off-center like Taggie suggested with the DW on the end with the sink next to it.

Your eye will naturally fall to the back wall with it's perfect symmetry of windows and vent hood. The sink is in a sense out of sight since it's on the flat surface and only takes up about 6 square feet of flat space. Your eye mostly goes to the vertical surfaces of the room (windows, cabinets, vent hoods) and secondary to the flat surfaces (cooktops, counters). The only thing that will be noticed much will be the skinny stem of the faucet. Even a goose neck is small in comparison to everything else that is going on in the kitchen.

I will have almost a 10' wide island, with a 24" DW, 36" sink, 18" pull-out trash, and a 36" base drawers. I can't tell if you have a pull-out for your trash on either side but perhaps you do. Bottom line, I would move the sink and make sure I had a pull-out trash.

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GW is an amazing place thanks for all the help!!! My dishwasher is to the right of the sink because all of our dishes are in that vicinity. Just don't think I want to walk accross the kitchen to put up daily dishes...hate doing them enough as it is.
My trash is 24" to the left of the sink set up like this so I can keep all the trashbag boxes right there next to the trash.
Think I'm going to add another sink to the right of the fridge.

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