Marble backsplash experts, questions so it goes smootly!

homebuyer23November 14, 2013

Finally chose a backsplash (yay!).

Its a satin finish Hampton Carrara subway from the Tile Shop.

I want to be clear with my GC as to any specific instructions he needs to know.

Yes he's installed plenty of tile, and marble I'm sure. He prob knows what he's doing but as we all know, GW's often know more.

I mostly want to know what is the best type of grout for a satin finish marble tile? Sanded/non sanded/ something else...? The guy at The Tile Shop said sanded, but I wonder if that could scratch marble??

How do I have him seal it properly...what product is best and when should it get applied?

HOw do I avoid the inevitable crack in the grout where the tile touches the counter? I think I have read it is recommended to use a certain type of caulk there instead of grout...? Is that a common practice or something I'm going to have to hammer home that I want and give an explanation why I know more about this than him, which always annoys him....tough, I know, but Im just so sick of having these conversations!!

Spacing - I think I want the tiles as close together as possible...should I? Do I need to specify that? Most marble I see usually has thin grout lines.

Anything else I need to know so that this final step of the project goes smoothly?


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Fori is not pleased

About the crack between planes that needs to be caulked and not grouted: you'd THINK they'd know, and some do, but many don't, or pretend they don't. So do clarify that ahead of time, maybe even with the product you want used (like if there is a caulk that matches the grout or matches the counter).

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Won't claim to be an expert, but we did put in a marble backsplash, and have done a number of other tile projects.

Usually sanded grout is used with thicker grout lines. 1/8" can have either, wider should be sanded, narrower should be un-sanded. We used 1/16th grout lines on our subways with un-sanded grout. Very hard to push sanded grout into narrow gaps.

The exposed surface of the tile (not the edges) of the tile needs to be sealed before grouting so the grout doesn't stick to it. You want it to stick to the edges though. Ours was sealed after it was on the wall, before grouting. We sealed ours again, along with the grout, after installation.

No grout in the seam between the backsplash and counter. Always caulk between two surfaces at different planes.

You can also check out the Bathrooms forum here, since they do a lot of tiling, or the John Bridge tile forums.

We always love pictures here. Please post when your backsplash is finished.

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