PSA and Mini-vent about Ikea Adel White Cover Panels

bellajourneyNovember 12, 2011

Attention all future Adel White kitchen owners! Hopefully you already know this, but in case you don't - There are special Adel White Perfekt cover panels! Please make sure that Ikea sells you the right ones.

I have been so disappointed that our cover panels do Not match our Adel White cabinets very well. They are much whiter and glossier - so much so that we were considering trying to paint them or making our own cover panels. I googled the part numbers just now and discovered that the kitchen specialist at Ikea ordered us WHITE cover panels (that match Lindingo and Stat), not the specific Adel White cover panels, which are Off White. On the bright side, we did not install them yet, and now we can get a proper match without attempting to paint our own cover panels. (It just means yet another trip to Ikea and wasted time and gas. Uggggggggh!)

Okay, vent and PSA over! Carry on! :)

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Thank you bellajourney for sharing! This forum is the best with so many helpful members. Does Ikea sell 36" tall Adel White cabinets and crown molding to match? I really like that they are supposed to match BM Cloud White which is a nice off-white and I like that they have the shaker look in the drawer and the door with the recessed panel. I have not looked at them yet but your post is making me think maybe I should have.

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Thanks so much for sharing this Bellajourney. We are planning Adel off-white cabinets and we live a long way from the Ikea store. Just sorry you guys had to learn the hard way but it knowing this saves us from a major PITA.

I wanna see photos!

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I also want to see photos! I love the look of the Adel Off-white cabinets and I love seeing kitchens utilizing Ikea and looking so nice. Are you installing the kitchen yourself?

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lynn2006: You're more than welcome! I'm hoping that our experience can help prevent others from going through the same thing. Best wishes with your kitchen!

I looked at Ikea's online kitchen catalogue, and it doesn't look like they have 36" tall cabinets, but they do have 39 1/8". You might be able to cut them down, but you would need custom doors then. (Here's the catalogue, wall cabinets are on pages 80 and 81: )

I don't think that Ikea makes a traditional style crown for Adel White, but some people use the deco strip as a crown. (I just stumbled upon this photo where they used 2 deco strips - clever! ). We're going to make our own mini crown.

Although I read that Ben Moore's Cloud White was a perfect match, when I got a swatch, it wasn't a perfect match for our cabinets (the swatch seemed whiter). I did a little more research and read that the Adel White color can vary (!!). So, I went through an entire Ben Moore fan deck and a Mythic fan deck, and what seemed closest to me, for our cabinets, was Mythic's "Parrafin" (OW-6-2). We have two little cans of it downstairs waiting to be used. I'll keep you posted!

Oh, and yes, we are installing the kitchen ourselves. Well, DH is doing all of the work. I'm in charge of shopping and design (works for me! lol).

desert_gal_nv: My pleasure! Best of luck with your kitchen! How exciting that you are using Adel White too! :) And, as you and lynn2006 requested, here are some photos of our kitchen in progress! (We still have a lot to do before it's a finished product. It's on the small side, but we're doing the best we can to make the most of the space we have. DH is working on getting the "L" part of the kitchen functional first. The fridge wall cabinetry is still in the design tweaking stage.)

And some closer cabinet shots for you:

No flash:

With flash (I like its subtle sheen):

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bella, it looks great! Keep us posted, and when we eventually get there, I'll do the same.

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desert_gal_nv: Thanks! I definitely will keep you all posted, and I look forward to hearing about your kitchen!

To update my PSA, the Deco Strip and Plinth (toe kick) come in a specific off-white color too to match Adel White. (Yup, you guessed it, we got these in the wrong color too. They gave us the "white" instead. All of the white pieces are now packed up in the car waiting to go back to the store tomorrow.) is a fabulous website for anyone building an Ikea kitchen. I think that the kind people on there will review your parts list before you place your order (which is something that we obviously should have taken advantage of, but didn't.) I bet they would have caught the error with our order!

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Bellajourney, I love the cabinets and I like that they are slightly darker than BM Cloud White which is a nice white but I was hoping not to have a color lighter. I still need to price these cabinets. I have to find out how much it is to remove the soffit in my kitchen. Without the Soffit, I could put the taller cabinets with a a tiny bit of crown molding since my ceilings are 8 feet tall. If I have to keep the soffit, I would to cover it with crown molding. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished with your new range hood!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellajourney's kitchen pictures of Ikea Adel White- WIP still

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I am so sorry, I was reading two of your posts with two windows open and I clicked to copy and maybe I did not and I had another white kitchen I was admiring that I was going to send myself an email. on! your other post only had your link and the pictures were not posted. Unless it was above earlier. My kitchen is only 10 X 14 in an interior townhouse in expensive Northern NJ so I have only so much room to have a pretty kitchen but I am trying my best.

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Bellajourney, I just got another installation pricing and I am shocked that removal of my cabinets, installation of the tiles and new lamp fixture and installation of cabinets and crown molding could be a more more than the cabinets themselves. Now I am not sure what to do but I just wanted to tell you that the cabinets are beautiful and a great deal and your hand husband will add some crown molding and your kitchen will look beautiful. I wish I was handy and had a handy husband or boyfriend. I may need to save more money after another busy season coming up before I continue my project. I may look into Ikea also.

Thanks again for sharing. All of us can't wait to see more work-in-progress pictures and then the final reveal picture.

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lynn2006: Oh how I wish we could have removed our soffits! Our ceilings are only 8' tall too, but the soffits have plumbing and electric right up against the bottom of it. The cost to reroute them was not in the budget.

Our kitchen is 10 x 18, including the nook area, so I know how it is to deal with a smaller space. (If it was just a foot or two deeper we would have had So many more options!) No worries about the link - I enjoyed seeing such a beautiful kitchen (wish it Was mine, ha ha)!

Oh no, I'm sorry that the quotes are coming in so high! I hope that some better prices come in soon. We searched for years before finding our fixer upper house, and the renovations have been going on for over a year and a half and counting. If you end up needing to wait a bit, it will just make you enjoy your beautiful kitchen that much more when it is done (as well giving you time to research all kinds of fun kitchen ideas in the meantime). :)

Thanks again for all of your kinds words. I will be sure to keep the updates coming! :)

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Bellajourney, Thanks for understanding and caring. I am confused and not sure what to do but the installation costs at one place are 3X the cost of the cabinets and at the other place if you include the counter, they are almost 3X the cost also. Home Depot's installation price without considering the counter is 1.3X the cost of the cabinets and with considering the counters is 1.75X the cost of the cabinets. This is with NO recessed lighting and just changing the fixture out. Removing the soffit is causing problems despite nothing under it since it requires a permit which is not even included in the above cost and some construction on my popcorn ceiling. The cabinets that I really love are most likely going to cost me $40,000 with the B grade granite counters and installing the tiles and removing the soffit for a 10 X 14 kitchen smaller than your kitchen. The other place with cabinets that I was not in love with but liked would be $31,000 and the Home Depot, $24,000 before the permit plus no lights under the cabinets until a later date and before making the changes that the installer suggested which may add a few more thousand to the price. I was not in love with the cabinets and would need to not have use of my kitchen cabinets. I am wondering if I should hire an electrician to do my lighting in my kitchen that is bothering me and install the tiles buying two more boxes to go under the cabinets so I can save money after my busy season and revisit the project to get what that will make me happy with more drawers and then at least I will not have the tiles and electrical in the price. Maybe I do not need to go under the cabinets with the tiles at a later date either. I hate my floor so much and I don't want to settle on something if it will not make me happy. Also I would love to see what you are doing with the crown molding your husband is adding. I wish you lived near me since I would hire your husband as he looks very handy.

Now I am wondering if I need a cabinet over the sink since I love having a clock there and the light in the ceiling.

By the way, I have all my appliances that were expensive and are stainless steel and are fairly new so the prices do not include any appliances which I am sure would add at least another $8,000 to the price. Thanks goodness I do not have to buy new appliances.

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Excuse me for budding in, but IKEA's [Akurum] wall cabinets come in both 36" and 39" heights. You then order whichever doors you wish. The boxes come in white or birch effect. There is what is called a deco strip that you can put on top of the cabinets or the bottom for light rail. Since Adel is a pretty popular door style, I imagine they have the matching deco strip. We did custom doors with our IKEA boxes, but even if we didn't, I would have used regular crown, as I wanted something a little bit taller than what IKEA has.

I have both 36" and 39" high wall cabinets.

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> but IKEA's [Akurum] wall cabinets come in both 36" and 39" heights.

Are you sure you don't mean 30 and 39, shelayne?

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Any more pictures of Ikea Adel White cabinets? What is the style and rail width on the doors?

Are they 30" & 39". I am ready to price out cabinets again and just go for it this time. My problem is I am not handy and I will have to pay someone to put the cabinets together and install them so I am trying to compare with other cabinets.

I had fallen in love with the Shiloh Polar White Inset but the doors are framed and the styles would be in 4 cabinets and it seems the price with installation was becoming a lot. I just love the color of the Polar white.

I now feel I want frameless if possible with no style in the middle of my 39" cabinets and full overlay.

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